Nov 9, 2010

Gist Out

In "Gist Out," Philip R. Klein wrote on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from two sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse - that Drug Impact Court Judge Larry Gist will lose his job - if he has not already. And his long time assistant and coordinator will be (or already has been) will be given the option to retire or leave.

According to our sources, who demand anonymity, Judge Gist learned of the impending dismissal as he was recovering in a hospital from a fall.
Comparing congestive heart disease to "a fall" is disingenuous and constitutes exploitation of a sad event.

Out of respect to Judge Gist, I'll revisit this after a statement is made by a credible source.  Philip, his bias from petty personal agendas, and his pack of anonymous sources are not believable, but the truth is common knowledge throughout Jefferson County. 

Likewise, there is no truth whatsoever in this bizarre conspiracy theory:
As well, Gist learned that his clerk would be dismissed or retired. Behind the decision was Jefferson County Judge Layne Walker - who according to sources - was upset at the Judge's demands for an IAD investigation and the overturning of a sentence for a Port Arthur man.

According to sources, Officer Beaulieu and Officer Heilman of the Beaumont Police Department may have signed a confession that they lied in a sworn affidavit to the court as well as the accusations of money missing from a drug bust. Both Beaulieu and Heilman are still on the job - as a grand jury has been hearing testimony regarding the case and a special prosecutor has been assigned from Brazoria County Texas.
Shane Phelps serves as First Assistant District Attorney in Brazos County, not Brazoria County. Imagine that, a self-proclaimed political consultant can't even keep up with the players.

If not true, the deliberate implication that Officers Beaulieu and Heilman "signed a confession that they lied in a sworn affidavit" is defamatory speech and actionable under civil law. 

Channel 4 KBTV is complicit in this defamation. In a televised commentary, Klein claimed the officers would be indicted on Thursday, October 27, 2010:   
Philip R. Klein: We broke a story last week where two, they had to get a uh, uhhhhhh, special prosecutor from out of the area to come in and indict two Beaumont Police officers, which will happen either Thursday this week or the Thursday next week. They, uh, I just don't know how to explain to you Mike - you're from outside the area but you're getting oriented to it.
None of this happened and now PRK raises the possibility that the officers will be no-billed, due to pressure from the Jefferson County District Attorney:
Sources also tell the Review that pressure from District Attorney Tom Maness to the special prosecutor to wait until after last weeks elections - has now spread to the grand jury being pushed to no bill the officers.
To be revisited. Furthermore, Tom Maness has no influence in this case, regardless of Philip's wild and fictitious claims.  The Jefferson County District Attorney's office was recused from the case, so show me the money, Mr, Klein.
In the background, Gist, who was one of the people behind the scene that was outraged at the conduct of Brad Beaulieu and Eric Heilman received the call from a third party informing him of the pending termination. Further, that serious concerns are now given by supporters of Gist to call in the Federal Government in a complaint against Judge Layne Walker.
By my count, Klein has claimed that Judge Layne Walker has been the subject of federal complaints, lawsuits, and investigations five times in the past three years. Here's my favorite, but none of these ever happened.


Anonymous said...

Philip Kliar strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Oh but guess what anonymous!?! This story is not a lie and it is time for action and action is going to happen. :)

Anonymous said...

Larry may be stepping down, but it's not because he was fired by Layne over a difference of opinion.

I thought everyone knew the story but Klein either made up his own version or his "sources" just set Klein up.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess when you claim one side of a story- (ie: that the officers will be sent to grand jury and found to be in fault) then claim the other side of the story (that they will now be no billed) then I guess he can never be wrong. Maybe that is why he does not keep his old posts on his site. He knows he contradicts himself continuously.

Philip Kliar said...

Maybe Philip ought to make up some better sources

Anonymous said...

Layne Walker and John Stevens made the decision regarding Judge Gist's court clerk together. Also, Judge Walker is the Judge who appointed the special prosecutor for the Beaulieu/Heilman case. Klein is a liar and an IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

Philip R. Kliar has a certain ring.