Nov 7, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits™

Deer season tidbits. Time to go....
Mike Getz - We got a tip that he is running for City Council. Either Beaulieu's seat or at large. We will see. The man is a hero. And can you imagine the pressure he would bring to council? Tea Party people are happy this morning.
I got a tip that Philip just made this up. We will see. The man is an idiot.
Numbers - Like we said - it came down to election day and the democrats stayed home.
Like Philip also said: "So if you believe our numbers - the Democrats came out in the last three days and really made a difference in the vote."  Close, but no banana for Mr. Klein.
Trial Time - Dr. Thomas has to be at the black educators conference somewhere in the United States - so the courts....get this....move IT UP! The hearing will be Monday. Who is the judge? Oh...boy we can't miss the black educators convention can we?
I'd pay money to see "we" attend a black educators convention. Wouldn't you?
65 - The number of seats switched to GOP. We said 53-56. Thank God we were wrong.
From Republicans made a net gain of 64 seats from Democrats and retook control of the chamber which they lost in the 2006 midterm elections.
Funny - A Galveston County race was won by a GOPER that spent nothing more than ..... the filing fee? No signs no nothing. Wow.
Wow. And which race was that?
Election Night Coverage - All three did pretty good. KFDM's dynamic duo tried to keep a straight face - that was fun to watch.
Spoken by someone who knows nothing about the media, according to an exclusive interview by an anonymous source who demanded anonymity.
Press Club - No speaking invitation to the Review guy. "If he speaks nobody will cover it or come." Too bad. We had some nice words to say.
Klein still has a hard time keeping his stories straight. From a few weeks ago: "The Review is considering an invitation to speak to the Press Club."  
Kill Deer - Here we go...let's kill deer! The cost to the hunter? Now well over $75 for a permit? Wow!
The cost of resident hunting license is $25.00 and no special permits are required to hunt Whitetail Deer. Either Philip made this up, or Philip was required to buy three licenses since he takes up that much space in a deer stand.

I'm reminded of a story Klein once told on his now-defunct KOLE radio show, where he described his deer hunt using a .50 caliber sniper rifle.  I'm sure Klein made that up, too.


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Philip is black through tomorrow evening at which time he'll be white again.

Anonymous said...

According to an anonymous source, Philip will be Latino on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

His father died in Houston

Anonymous said...

So what does that have to do with politics in Southeast Texas? Shouldn't this be on his facebook page?

Anonymous said...

Cut PK a break on this one guys. Show a little class.

Gus Pillsbury said...

I agree. This subject is closed.