Nov 14, 2010

Nitwit Tidbits™

I intended to give Philip R. Klein a pass in the past week out of respect to his father's death. After Philip exploited the illness of Judge Larry Gist as collateral damage in his personal and one-sided feud with Judge Layne Walker, I changed my mind. 

See here, here, and here.  Also, see the special notice at the end of this article.

Here are the real facts:
  • Judge Gist is suffering from congestive heart disease, not a fall as Klein originally claimed.

  • Judge Gist was never fired as Klein originally claimed.

  • Philip R. Klein did not save Judge Gist's job as Klein now claims.

  • Both Judges Layne Walker and John Stevens jointly oversee the Drug Impact Court, yet Klein never mentioned Judge Stevens.

  • Judges Walker and Stevens helped with Judge Gist's docket to keep the court operating. This is commonplace in circumstances such as this, regardless of Klein's claims.

  • Judge Gist returned to Jefferson County through the efforts of Judge Bob Wortham, who sent his own plane to  Colorado to pick up Judge Gist.

  • The court coordinator for Judge Gist was terminated, but not because of the reasons stated in Klein's fictitious account.  Neither did Klein never comment on Susan Beck's connection to the Beaumont Police Department.

  • Klein has not offered any evidence whatsoever that these officers lied, falsified court documents, and stole drug money. Nor were they indicted a month ago as Klein stated on his weakly Channel 4 commentary.  These are defamatory statements, since our judicial system operates under the assumption that all are innocent until proven guilty.

  • KBTV Channel 4 is complicit in this defamation, who issued no disclaimer to Klein's slanderous statements. Neither were Klein's statements challenged by morning anchor Mike McNeil. Klein's unsubstantiated claims do not constitute credible evidence.

  • Officer Brad Beaulieu is the son of Larry Beaulieu, who manages Channel 6 KFDM, the area's top TV station and Channel 4 KBTV's primary competitor. Channel 4's news director, Angel San Juan,  has editorial control over content and is a former employee of Channel 6.  
At the same time, Philip R. Klein exploited the passing of his father in a transparent ploy for sympathy. His long-winded  "editorial" and the comments in his Nitwit Tidbits™ this week are more about Philip R. Klein than Fred Klein. 

It's indicative of Klein's personality disorder that as a public figure, he would include these personal observations about his family on a "controversial political blog" (his words) and not expect comment.  
Editors Note : There is no way to express my thanks to the readers that I know - and don't know personally that have written to myself this week regarding the death of my father, Fred Klein. I stopped counting sometime Tuesday.
Presumably, Philip ran out of fingers and toes to count, since his father's obituary generated only three comments as of this morning.
Gator Bye Bye - Rumors seem to be true? It seems Gators other half has bailed out of the Enterprise and is moving up north? Will the Gator pack the gator bag and go too? We will find out in the next week we are told.
Rather than "bailing out,"  Kris Worrell made a career move to become editor of a newspaper near her home town. Ironically, Philip illegally posted an internal memo from Hearst, which contradicted his own claim. He also missed this jewel:
Please join Bill and me in expressing our very best wishes to Kris and her family as they begin an exciting, if undoubtedly chillier, next chapter in their lives."
The person referenced here is Bill Offill. In May 2010, Bill was appointed Publisher of the Beaumont Enterprise after serving as Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at the Houston Chronicle. In September 2010, Klein claimed:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Beaumont Enterprise slashed pay 20% to their employees and the new sales guru has left the Enterprise and gone back to Houston, according to sources inside the paper.

Sources tell the Review that "a mass exodus" can be anticipated over the next two weeks as the editors in Houston and in New York now contemplate moving the Enterprise under the wing of the Houston Chronicle sometime by the end of the year, again. according to sources inside the paper.
For the record, employee salaries weren't cut, a mass exodus "over the next two weeks," didn't occur, and Bill Offill is still in place. While we're not at the end of the year yet, I strongly suspect that the Beaumont Enterprise will still be operating after January 1, 2011. To be revisited.
The King Spoke - he wants more classrooms - right after the hotel and confernce center? You have to be kidding us!
Philip has yet to comment on the controversial decision by Judge Donald Floyd, who refused to enforce a restraining order preventing the Beaumont ISD from moving forward with its plans to build a hotel and convention center near the new athletic complex.  Apparently Philip supported Judge Floyd's decision.
No Charges - Orange PD escapes a big political bullet. Well...maybe not yet. It seems the civil lawyers are circling. We will see.
I wonder if Philip has personally solicited business from this family with claims of a cover-up and how he can expose the corruption in the Orange Police Department, or is this Klein's standard operating procedure for murder-suicides only?
KFDM - Now is upset with us for exposing the story of the court clerk for Gist getting fired? They are getting calls? Good.
Philip just made this up. After spending some time in past weeks reading the KFDM Community Forum, the station considers Klein an ankle-biter.  On a related issue, how's that FCC investigation into Larry Beaulieu coming along, Philip?
Garth House - The Garth House has their 20th Anniversery this year. Maybe it is time to participate for all of you that might have a few bucks left over? A great cause.
Perhaps Philip will donate all of that money collected through his non-existent charity, The Gadfly 2001 Trust, Inc (AKA The Gadfly Foundation), under the guise of Jacob's House.  Philip called this a charity; I call it fraud.
BISD Sued Again - Non payment of funds for the bond construction. Imagine that.
Philip just made it up. Imagine that. Read the real story here.
Gist - We are told he is doing better. A great family. Wonderful.
From a source inside the Gist family: "Phil Klein is a liar."  While I try hard to avoid quoting "anonymous sources who demand anonymity," I couldn't resist this one. 

Special Notice:

As of now, the Operation Kleinwatch Facebook page is no longer open to the public. I'm concerned that those readers who defied Philip R. Klein don't fully understand the implications of going after the devil with a rusty fork. 

In this latest case, Philip again pirated more Facebook content from Lindsey Brackin, a reader of Operation Kleinwatch. As in the last instance, he included Lindsey's photo:
Quote Of The Week -  This was sent to us by a reader that was upset. Our only comment - let it go - she is very young and not real mature - this was her comment on the death of our editors father :  

Lindsey Marie Brackin Probably from embarrassment... too soon?
November 8 at 3:42pm
Typically, Klein missed the greater truth in Lindsey's statement. Most responsible parents try hard to teach their children that lying, stalking, bullying, self-aggrandizement, intimidation, and psychotic behavior are not morally and ethically acceptable.

Special message to Lindsey:
Welcome to the conspiracy! We meet monthly at 1825 Calder. Email me for the secret handshake and password.


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