Nov 10, 2010

Target Next

As promised yesterday, here's an update on Klein's claim that Judge Larry Gist was fired by Judge Layne Walker, according to statements given to Channel 6 KFDM:
"I've been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, which isn't good," Judge Gist told KFDM News during a telephone conversation Tuesday night from his room at Baptist. "But the good news is that it's treatable with medicine. I expect to spend a few more days at Baptist. Then within a couple of weeks I'll be back on the bench. That's the plan."

252nd Court Judge Layne Walker told KFDM News he and Criminal District Court Judge John Stevens will help fill the void created by Judge Gist's absence by handling some of his cases until he returns to court.

"The docket will move forward," said Judge Walker. "Lord hopes he can come back and continue. Until he reaches that point we'll help with the day to day functions. His health is the primary concern. He would want the court to run in his absence to ensure justice is carried out."
In his latest article, Klein detailed another conspiracy involving the Jefferson County Republican Party (JCRP) Executive Committee and the Southeast Texas Tea Party:
The SET Political Review has learned that the JCRP Executive Committee, along with Tea Party activist, have targeted the City of Beaumont city council races this spring.

"Our next target will be the City of Beaumont City Council. We have four people that have told us they want to run for the offices and clean up the city council," said our source.

The targets are those city council persons that have voted for all of the crazy spending in ditches in downtown as well as have supported the city of Beaumont Police Chief. According tot he sources the city of Beaumont police department needs new leadership. As well, the Tea Party members and the GOP have grown increasing concerned with current Mayor Becky Ames and her tax and spend polices on quality of life issues in Beaumont.

"Ames is on the table. We have a great well known candidate that is not scared to engage the community regarding BISD and how it has hurt Beaumont. We need a leader - not simply someone that tries to manage our lives and give us parks to play in. Beaumont has really high unemployment and businesses have been over taxed. It is time to change that," said the source.
In recent weeks, Philip has become the self-appointed spokesperson for the Southeast Texas Tea Party and the JCRP Executive Committee.  While municipal elections in Texas are nonpartisan, the Beaumont City Council already has four Republicans. 

Regardless of what Philip says, I don't believe the JCRP Executive Committee is talking trash about four of its elected officials. Longtime readers may remember this 2008 comment from Philip, attributed to "anonymous sources within the Jefferson County GOP":
Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold...Arnold we are told is getting a fundraiser together with some local democrats;
In reality, Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold ran unopposed in the primary. Since he was unopposed in the General Election, he won reelection by default.  Neither did Arnold hold a fundraiser with local Democrats.

Typically, Philip R. Klein missed the most pressing issue: with four Republicans and three Democrats, who will be appointed to fulfill Councilmember (and Republican) Nancy Beaulieu's term when she assumes her new duties as JP after the first of the year?

Special Statement:  The reader and master of satire who invented "Philip R. Kliar" deserves a special meritorious mention. Have you considered blogging and ridiculing idiots on the public stage as an enjoyable hobby?

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