Nov 11, 2010

Moronic One-Word Titles

The title of Philip R. Klein's latest posting "Lies" is quite appropriate, since he was caught in a blatant falsehood concerning Judge Larry Gist. See here and here for the back story,

In his new version, Philip substantially changed his story and is now claiming credit for saving Judge Gist's job:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this morning that TV Station KFDM was lied to regarding the status of Judge Larry Gist.

Or did KFDM put a spin piece on the entire situation?

According to six sources, including a source very close to the judge himself - until the Review broke the story early this week - the presiding judges position was going to me removed by the criminal courts with the approval of the county judges office.

Furthermore, the judge was to be informed of the decision upon his return post hospital stay, however, due to the amount of phone calls and media attention the decision was reversed.
Occam's razor suggests that Philip is an idiot, rather than an elaborate conspiracy between the local media, the Beaumont Police Department, the Jefferson County Judiciary, the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, a special prosecutor from Brazos County, Operation Kleinwatch, and the Bavarian Illuminati.

In this paragraph, Philip R. Klein manipulated the real truth to further his own personal agenda against Judge Layne Walker:
[The court coordinator] began the task of arraigning to have the judge flown back on a private jet because she was told that he could not survive a commercial jet flight. The coordinator got in her car and drove the 19 hours to Colorado to make the arraignments for a doctor and a private jet to get him back to Southeast Texas.
Factcheck: Judge Bob Wortham flew Judge Gist back to Jefferson County in his personal plane.  Oops, I think Philip missed again.

Judge Gist's coordinator was indeed dismissed, but not under the circumstances that Klein claims. Since this termination is an HR issue between an employee and employer, I'll not comment except to say: Philip lies.

Here's a question for Philip: is there a connection between the Beaumont Police Department and this employee?  If so, doesn't this disprove your conspiracy theory?

Philip made this offer to disgruntled county employees:
Message to county employees - CALL US - WE WILL LISTEN and we WILL KEEP YOU SAFE AND TELL YOUR STORY.
I'm reminded of the purported whistle blower who informed Philip R. Klein that Judge Gillam was allegedly having sex on his desk in his office. After Judge Gillam sued Klein for defamation and produced security videotapes that disproved PRK's bizarre story, Philip gave up his purported source to save himself.

As part of the settlement, Philip was forced to print this retraction on June 8, 2008.
Questions have been raised on a story the Review covered this past year in March. So the Review made the decision to take another look at the original story and do some follow ups.

In March of 2007, sources called the Review telling us there was an incident of an encounter between a Judge and somebody – and an employee that may have been witness to the event and slammed a glass door and broke it. The Review published the story and it appeared on this website in March and again in April of this past year. It was further discussed on the Political Review Radio show on KOLE Radio.

Since that time, the Review has conducted a full and complete investigation into the claims. We have discovered numerous inaccuracies from witnesses and at least one of the original sources to the story has been found to have been lying to the Review.
As well, this witness may have had a political agenda towards the judge in an attempt to run for the Judge’s office. The Review has had an opportunity to view the surveillance videotape which leads support to Judge Gillam’s side of the story.

Evidence that we now have obtained indicates that the Review must side with Judge Gilliam and his denial of the incident. Seemingly, Judge Gillam is a victim in an attempt to smear him in the court of public opinion and that is not fair to him, his family, supporters and any other public person that may choose to serve their community. In the Review’s opinion, Judge Gillam is innocent of the accusations against him.

Judge Gillam is due an apology from those that attempted to smear his name by using this web site and the media in general in an attempt to garner office.
As I pointed out at the time, an ethical journalist would have investigated the story before printing hearsay as fact.  Philip never personally apologized for this. Had Gillam not sued Klein for defamation, PRK would never have retracted that story.

I'm also reminded of another incident where Klein claimed:
They have kept it very quiet from the media. But now they are ready to talk. And as one of the first media groups, being a blog, two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department are speaking with the Review.

The Fire Department and the City have reached an impasse according to the sources and it looks like their fight is headed to mediation. At stake? Two main issues - being money and a program called "boot strap" or as some in the fire department call "black strap."
This prompted a response from the Port Arthur Firefighters Association posted on the front page of their website (emphasis is mine):
Building Bridges Not Burning Them
Updated On: Jun 22, 2008 (14:15:00) 

On Tuesday June 17, 2008, a blog from the Southeast Texas Political Review website, written by Phillip Klein, was circulated around City Hall.  The blog alleged that two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department had come forward to speak on matters concerning the ongoing contract negotiations between Local 397 and the City.  The blog is completely unfounded, baseless, and without merit.

None of the information or statements in his blog is true or correct.  Local 397 and the City have not reached complete impasse, however a date for mediation has been set.  Neither side in the negotiation process has ever mentioned the implementation of a "Boot-Strap" program, nor has the City offered in any of its proposals anything less than four percent for wages.  Furthermore, the City Council has not provided any input into the negotiating process indicating an agenda that preferred the hiring of minorities over any other qualified individuals.

Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Local 397 and the City of Port Arthur are working together to achieve a complete contract with language that is acceptable to both parties.  Negotiations thus far have been positive and have contained constructive dialogue.  Local 397 is optimistic that a complete contractual agreement will be obtained prior to reaching complete impasse.

It is the position of Local 397 that Mr. Klein's blog is a complete fabrication.  No member of our organization would ever participate in such an irresponsible act as to offer such erroneous "insight" into the bargaining process.  Local 397 also rejects the tone and language used in Mr. Klein's blog and considers it sensational and inflammatory in nature.  This blog in no way represents the views or opinions of Local 397.

Only authorized statements or media releases provided by the principle officers of Local 397 represent the positions, viewpoints, or opinions of the Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Klein's blog, "The Fight Is On", is an egregious use of media charged with falsehoods that can only distract from the truth.  It is our hope that the irresponsible actions of this individual can be overlooked and that both parties in the bargaining process will continue to move forward.  
As it turned out, the firefighters and the city reached an agreement less than two weeks later, and none of the issues that Klein mentioned played a part in the negotiations.

I'm still waiting for Philip's thrice-promised follow-up article to his claim concerning a purported announcement from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. According to PRK, the ATF is "investigating" the Regional Planning Commission for the arson of the First Baptist Church in Kountze to cover up evidence of fraud.

That never happened. Neither did most of these events concerning Judge Larry Gist, at least not in the way that Klein describes.


Klein posted this story about the Beaumont ISD today, after I published the article immediately below, entitled "What? No Comment?" His posting has no substance, but as noted in my origianl article, Klein failed to mention this decision (from an article on the Southeast Texas Record):
Judge Floyd said since no contract has been signed and there was only possible discussions between the district and contractors, then he could not issue the restraining order at this time.
Also as noted, an official request for qualifications seems evidence of intent and constitutes more than "possible discussions," at least in my opinion.

In his response to my article, Klein did not reference Judge Floyd, who signed PRK's improper subpoena for information regarding the Google accounts of Sam The Eagle and me.


One of the anonymous servers I use to house images on Operation Kleinwatch ( is apparently having problems. Rather than relocating the images to another server and recoding the pages, I'll leave the images as they are for the time being.

If the server is down permanently, I'll fix in a few days. In the meantime, I apologize for not meeting the high standards originally set by the Southeast Texas Political Review (snicker).


Philip R. Kliar said...

I'm confused. I thought Philip got an email from the court coordinator thanking him for saving her job.

Anonymous said...

He claimed Gist was suffering from a fall too. Don't you know Philip lies?

Anonymous said...

I'm all confused. Is klein klaiming that the court coordinator drove all the way to Colorado to arraign Judge Larry Gist?

Anonymous said...

Klein claimed a massive lawsuit, a federal investigation, and an execution against Layne Walker about a year ago. He made that up too.

Anonymous said...

Phil doesn't knows how stupid he looks when he makes up crap like this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's going after your FB friends again, Gus. What an asshole.

Lindsey said...

Philip Klein can dish it out but can't seem to take gallows-humor...