Dec 29, 2010

Breaking News: Off The Air (Again)?

Over the past several months, Philip R. Klein wrote:
    • Bill Leger got on the air and said ON AIR that Beaulieu was leaving the set until after the election to insure that there was no conflict of interest in the election. That got tongues wagging - and we have learned that the law may have been breached. According to two lawyers we spoke with over the last week - an FCC investigation has been launched regarding Larry staying on the air past his wife's filing back in January.
      • To simply review - her son is under investigation by a special prosecutor and her husbands TV station has an open investigation regarding his sitting on the news desk up until 15 days ago. Nancy has some high up friends at the DA's office that may try and push back any announcement of indictments until after the election - but the FCC is set to announce their investigation - to which they cannot control it. 

      • Media Needs - FOX 4 is KILLING the others over breaking stories. What is up with that?

      • Popular - Sources tell us at FOX4 that our segment is so popular every Wednesday that people are tuning in at the Jefferson County Court House on the new cable system put in for TV. Huh?

      • Popular 2 - We hear that we are so popular that some politicos are so mad that they are going to demand a boycott of FOX4. Uh....they are watching? Right? Makes no sense other than a bunch of mean bad ugly democrats. Okay - that was overboard. Just p[**]d.

      • KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus. 
    From the Beaumont Enterprise blog, The Bayou:
    Our tribute to the soon-to-be defunct Fox4 morning zoo. Wonder what else over there will soon be “defunct” — might be the whole darn station (hint: there were more than a half-dozen layoffs TODAY, including a noted on-air personality who’s name does NOT rhyme with Peldra Mingham or Mangle Fan Ron). Pink slips with your eggnog. Happy holidays!
    Perhaps the name of the "noted on-air personality" roughly rhymes with "Slime?"


    Anonymous said...

    How come Phil didn't mention this? I been wondering why he hasn't been on there in a few weeks.

    Anonymous said...

    saw Kline on the 4 p.m. news(?) yesterday 12/29/10

    Anonymous said...

    Gus is back