Jan 2, 2011

2010 In Review

I originally intended to list Philip R. Klein's Top 10 Lies of 2010 as the first article of the new year. After looking through his  postings, I found isolating just the top 10 lies to be an almost impossible task.

Instead, here's a review (pun intended) of the low points of 2010. This list is not comprehensive, but my personal favorites.

The Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission

Most of Philip's postings in December were devoted to a contrived, but elaborate conspiracy involving the SETRPC.
The announcement that the ATF is looking to the First Baptist Church Fire in Kountze Texas - whereas two members of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission are suspects in starting the fire trying to burn up documents that could be traced to federal money being misspent or taken personally by one Jefferson County Elected official  and one Hardin County Official.
In his most ambitious project ever, Philip weaved a number of leaked documents from the SETRPC into an elaborate conspiracy. I've had a hard time following his logic, since many of the documents actually contradict  his prior statements. In other cases, Klein clearly invented his own circumstances to frame the documents according to his wingnut conspiracy theory.

If Klein's allegations are indeed true, then the numerous investigations he's purportedly documented by the federal government would have yielded something more than statements written in bad grammar from anonymous sources. 

Specific to this arson, a former employee of the church was investigated, but no charges were ever made. Find documented facts on the story here

2010 Jefferson County Elections

Editors Note : Each primary or election for the past 17 years, the Southeast Texas Political Review produces and publishes its predictions. We hover at around 80% correct.
This comes from the same idiot who predicted that Fred Thompson would win the 2008 Presidential race. In the 2010 elections, Philip hit a new low with only 29 percent correct. Read the full story here.

Judge Larry Gist

Philip exploited a personal tragedy to further his one-sided feud with Judge Layne Walker:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from two sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse - that Drug Impact Court Judge Larry Gist will lose his job - if he has not already. And his long time assistant and coordinator will be (or already has been) will be given the option to retire or leave.

According to our sources, who demand anonymity, Judge Gist learned of the impending dismissal as he was recovering in a hospital from a fall...behind the decision was Jefferson County Judge Layne Walker - who according to sources - was upset at the Judge's demands for an IAD investigation and the overturning of a sentence for a Port Arthur man.

Further, that serious concerns are now given by supporters of Gist to call in the Federal Government in a complaint against Judge Layne Walker.
The only truth in this claim is that Judge Gist's court coordinator was terminated, not because of a vendetta by Judge Layne Walker, but because of HR-related factors. Neither was Judge Gist's job ever in jeopardy, a federal complaint was never filed, and Judge Gist is suffering from congestive heart disease not a fall.

Philip R. Klein and the Race for County Judge
Read more in Symptom Five (A Series).

Port Arthur Rotary Club Speech

In September, Philip spoke before the Port Arthur Rotary Club on his favorite subject, Philip R. Klein. Among the points in his speech:
  • PRK claimed that Angel San Juan called just before the meeting to personally thank Philip for exposing the Curtis Guillory incident, since Channel 4 couldn’t report the story because of pressure from their sponsors. With this statement, Klein publicly acknowledged that Fox 4 KBTV biases its own newscasts, based on its advertising roster.  

  • With a straight face, Klein claimed the mission of the Southeast Texas Political Review is to "report the truth." Since the SETPR doesn’t have sponsors, PRK can report the truth.

  • People call Philip regularly with offers to buy the Southeast Texas Political Review for millions of dollars.

  • Typically, Philip claimed that Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in history . 

  • The Port Arthur unemployment rate is 20 percent, but Klein later told the club to invite him back in a year when the rate would rise to 14.9 percent.

  • Philip claimed to be the front man for President George H.W. Bush during his re-election campaign. 

  • He told an anecdote about meeting "The Man" while riding on a “cart” with his children. In this case, cart meant an elevator when Klein couldn't remember the correct term for the device that moves people between floors in a multi-story building. “Remember that, Caroline?”

  • Klein claimed to have been on Air Force One several times.

  • Since losing President George H.W. Bush's reelection campaign, Klein claimed that he has assisted in several other campaigns as consultant. He didn't identify the campaigns, probably because if true, his candidates lost those elections, too. Perhaps Bugs Coe and Carl Griffith?

  • He claimed that he continues to talk to President George H.W. Bush regularly, even though there is an unsubstantiated rumor concerning Bush's appearance during the Spindletop Centennial. When asked about Philip R. Klein, the former president purportedly said, "Philip who?"

  • Philip also claimed that he talks to Karl Rove at least once a week.

  • PRK told the Rotary Club that he has to sit in the back of restaurants, because people engage him wherever he goes. I suspect the real reason is because the host or hostess placed him near the kitchen to keep him out of sight, and it's easier for Klein to see who's throwing the empty bottles. 

  • The fat detective also claimed he was personally trained by both the FBI and CIA.

  • As a business consultant, Klein claimed that he helped an unnamed national business from going bankrupt. This may be true; I suspect he spent a lot of money during the recession on food from Kroger, HEB, and Dairy Queen.
PRK talked so much that the club had to cut him off when they ran out of time. Because Klein rattled on and on, there was no time for Q&A, where members could question Philip. After his speech, however, Philip got a standing ovation from one person. Roughly (my estimate) 10 to 15 other people offered lackluster applause.

Other Speeches

Philip received an invitation from the Golden Triangle Republican Women:
Golden Triangle Women's Association Speech - The boss will be speaking on to the GTRW on March 1st - wait - this just in - there is a bi-laws change issue (according to the new president who spoke to the boss yesterday) - so the invite has been recanted and he will not be speaking on March 1st. There was no reschedule. Giggle. No guts no glory.
After the group rescinded (not recanted) their invitation, Philip posted his speech anyway. Typically, the speech was about Philip R. Klein. Here's the main point of the speech:
What I want to say and what I will say will be the same thing. You see when you get me - you get me. I am who I am am and I say what I say - and I get what I get. It is that simple.
Philip also claimed to have been a guest lecturer at the University of Houston:
This past week I had the opportunity to speak to three classes at the University of Houston. The topic - "Bloggers And How They Affect The Political Process." They were a great group of young people that really were interested in politics. Most where kids with huge ambitions and a not so good knowledge of the political process. However, they wanted to learn and they wanted to hear from someone in the political system that has been there and done that - on their level - meaning the internet.
After several people tried to verify this with U of H officials, Klein abruptly pulled the editorial three days after posting and never mentioned the issue again. Read about the entire incident in Five Questions and a Pack of Lies.  

The Beaulieu Family

More mud-throwing, aimed at Nancy Beaulieu and her family:
Beaulieu - a RINO Republican - has draw sympathy over the last two weeks after some bad news was facing her and family members. To simply review - her son is under investigation by a special prosecutor and her husbands TV station has an open investigation regarding his sitting on the news desk up until 15 days ago. Nancy has some high up friends at the DA's office that may try and push back any announcement of indictments until after the election - but the FCC is set to announce their investigation - to which they cannot control it.
The FCC investigation was bald-faced lie. Neither did the DA's office "push back any announcements of indictments until after the election," as later developments proved. This didn't stop Philip from making this statement on Channel 4 KBTV:
We broke a story last week where two, they had to get a uh, uhhhhhh, special prosecutor from out of the area to come in and indict two Beaumont Police officers, which will happen either Thursday this week or the Thursday next week. 
None of this ever happened.

Jefferson County 2011 Budget

In April, Philip R. Klein claimed:
Budget Numbers - We hear pre numbers are? Get this - they want to spend MORE MONEY THIS NEXT YEAR IN THE COUNTY. The number? 146 million? Get that! Wow! Thank you Easter Bunny!
Klein's fabricated this claim, since Commissioners were already grappling with a projected shortfall in revenue. Philip finally figured this out three months later when he claimed the county was bankrupt:
Jefferson County Texas is bankrupt. And the real number is going to be $21.5 million. But don't say anything.
We told you. We told you. We told you. We told you. And we told you. And it has begun - the excuses for why government cannot cut back. Meaning - get your frigging check books out - residents of Jefferson County and Business are now witnessing the FINAL ACT of Jefferson County and its financial health.
Well - the Review has learned that the smart old guys that watch your money on commissioners court have come up with a plan. And it was what we told you months ago they were going to do. So here is the plan for you in the media that want to write your page six story - or your blurb story after the weather.

The Plan :
  • Cut into the "Rainy Day Fund" - take almost all of it.
  • Increase Fees and Taxes
  • Get rid of political foes and neuter their staffs.
The shortfall actually turned out to be about $6 million. As it turned out, Jefferson County Commissioners made cuts in programs and services (example: the County Library) and staffing (example: nine deputy constables) for a budget totaling $107 million. This is $39 million less than Klein's prediction and $14 million less than last year's budget.  Jefferson County Commissioners cut expenses by 11.7 percent. The tax rate remained constant at 36.5 percent and no fees were increased.

Senator Robert Nichols
Oh boy. We all knew Port Arthur did not want the big biker rally. And frankly we do not understand why a biker rally would come to Port Arthur? Kind of silly huh? But the story has taken a bad turn this week when Austin political forces got an earful from State Senator Robert Nichols.

The short story? According to organizers, Senator Nichols did a motorcycle ride down to the rally this past week in Port Arthur. He crossed the bridge and came to the gate (s) where the event was held. He was wearing his nice leathers and had a cool jacket on due to the rain he came through. He was stopped by a police officer at the gate - one from reportedly chambers county. The officer - not knowing who the senator was - asked him if he had a weapon on him. He replied to the officer that he could not ask him that question - to which the officer said - no I can't but I don't have to let you in and "we don't like your kind around here."

Sources in Austin tell the Review that the senator has opened warfare on the City of Port Arthur. He has staff looking over issues that "cover Port Arthur." Meaning - it is going to be a rough time for those Port Arthur Delegates that will be going to Port Arthur Day in Austin this next year. If you know what we are saying.
Another bald-faced lie. Sate Senator Nichols hasn't been in Port Arthur for years. On  the day of this bike rally, he was at his lake house. Philip made it all up.

Mark Derouen v. Robert Reid

In reality, Judge Walker took Robert Reid off the ballot, after Reid admitted that some signatures were improperly collected in his petition for a place on the ballot. Klein claimed that the Texas Ethics Commission was investigating a complaint and typically, that Reid would file a lawsuit:
Reid hires legal counsel and prepares a lawsuit and appeal in the 9th - which by all indications will throw Walker out on his ear and embarrass Derouen and his attorney's. Sources tell the Review that an appeal is being tendered to the 9th court of appeals and a complaint has been drafted against Judge Walker (like he cares)- away from candidate Reid.
None of that happened.

Another Investigation:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told that an investigation is ongoing regarding a county employee that was caught in Dallas County Texas this past month on a red light camera.
As it turned out, the employee was on county business and driving a county-owned car.  The employee paid the ticket and there was never an investigation.

Racist Statement of the Year:
You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.

We know we live in a county...where the black community is changing history in front of the publics [sic] nose by lying and cheating.
No comment necessary.

Klein V. Google

See this article. We await a decision on whether Judge Floyd from the Texas Supreme Court. Klein filed his original 202 petition in August 2009. . 

Carrol Thomas Stadium
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from a City of Beaumont source and an internal source at the BISD - that the new Carroll Thomas stadium may have serious structural problems and may be sinking into the ground.

Ah yes.....folks.....we said a total of $2.5 million. And that as our source said is a drop in the bucket.
The real cost, according to the Beaumont Enterprise:
In fact, it might even be cheaper than the $275,000 unhappy school board members allocated for the job on June 17, Ed Caillouette, Parsons program director, said.
Philip just made it up.


In recognition of his skill as a bully, the Stark Foundation hired Philip R. Klein to intimidate Facebook patrons. Read the whole story here.

Beaumont Underground (The Trog Blog) 

Klein made this claim numerous times through the year:
On Friday Afternoons we try and read Trog from where we left off the week before. We must say that we are blamed for almost 50% of the posts on site. Smart readers get it that this is a chance for those in the media to dump on this site. We thought about dropping it - but you know.....it really shows.....so we will leave the connection to it. As you can assume - we DO NOT write on Trog unless we post it here also and place a watermark in the paragraph. So keep reading. And Enjoy - thanks to Trog for allowing me to post.
The operator of the blog, known only as Trog, tracked Klein's IP addresses on these signed comments and cross-referenced them with a number of unsigned lewd and libelous postings. These generally involved the genitalia of a local female TV personality and racist comments. Trog exposed Klein in an article here.

Afterwards, Klein wrote a purported affidavit where he claimed to have a secret IP address that spoofed his IP address - this is gibberish. Read more here.

The Search for Patrick McDermott:

On March 30, 2010, Klein announced that he had ended his search for the missing lighting technician who was 48 years old when he disappeared on June 30, 2005, from a fishing charter boat off San Pedro, California: 
Investigators have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDermott is alive. We have received both documentation and voice imprints from McDermott and from a "lawyer" that states he represents him. Mr. McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be "hounded" any longer by investigators or the media. In return for our agreement to end our search - McDermott and his lawyer have sent our firm "proof of life." As we are now in the process of confirming the information provided to us this week - we will hold our investigation. If we find truth to what we have been provided - we will announce such. 

This firms intentions, if the information is found true, will produce such to his family first, the US Coast Guard second, and lastly we will produce to the public in the form of a upcoming book : THE HUNT FOR PATRICK KIM MCDERMOTT - THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MAN.
From Associated Content:
I don't know who Klein works for or if he has taken this investigation on of his own accord, but reports last year had indicated McDermott was wanted for questioning in Texas in connection with the issue of his life insurance policy. Now the website is saying that McDermott "is not and has not been accused of a crime. He simply is wanted for questioning regarding his disappearance."

For my part, I'm just guessing, but I'd say they have bupkis. Why bother to come out with the story before confirming that the "evidence" you are satisfied with is the real thing?
During this time, Patrick McDermott's former wife, Yvette Nipar, filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department alleging that Philip was stalking her. I'm looking forward to getting a first edition of Philip's forthcoming book.

Another Investigation
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this afternoon that the Jefferson County Commissioners, especially elected member Eddie Arnold may have violated the Fair Labor Standards act and that serious consideration is being given to filing a federal lawsuit against the county for the violation (s). An investigation has been called.
That never happened.

Jeff Brannick
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that incoming county judge Jeff Branick may step into office post the primary elections "as early as April of 2010" according to sources very close to the commissioners court.

Well - the conventional wisdom of the power structure in Jefferson County is that when Walker steps down, his number 2 and now candidate for Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick would be the shoe in for the replacement - or at least someone that would be in retirement or headed that way would take over and let the two candidates - Branick and former congressman Nick Lampson fight it out and take over at the end of the term.
That never happened either.  This is still to be determined:
Jefferson County Judge Elect Jeff Branick will consider appointing current sitting commissioner Mark Domingue to an "Assistant to the County Judges" position this January.
SET Political Review

Numbers For The Review - The crack staff at our web site holder have forwarded us the final stats for the Review this past year. There were 343,928 direct hits on our front page, with 3,291,117 page views for all pages...Never - ever - did we dream it would ever be this big.

Wow - what a good week again for the Review. Another record page view week. The biggest in our history over 17 year history. We thank all of you for reading and now on to Tidbits!

You people at home that read this site - all 20,000 per week - get ready.
Snicker. No comment necessary.

Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of a meeting over the weekend by two different high powered groups - being represented by some of the biggest names in business in Southeast Texas to affect change in the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
That never happened either.

The Rhonda Dugas Conspiracy
And the filing fee was $1,500. Right? And that is a campaign expenditure? Right? And so.......what? Where is that as a listing on her campaign expenditure report and ....the bigger question - is where did the money come from? So we called a source at the democratic office who tells us it was a "cashiers check" for $1,500 filed.

Support - [Rhonda Dugas] has the support of the Walker clan that wants Carolyn Guidry out. They know that if they put a forth person in the race it may just break the vote enough to .......have two of the challengers win the race.

And Finally - Stillllllll......no.......campaign contribution report on Rhonda Dugas. Now she is over 12 days late - which is a clear violation of State Ethics law. You can read all about and watch it on your local TV news....oh...never mind. What the built they have aborted.

However, when you are in politics - you have to play by the rules. So - we here at the Review will file our complaint post checking the status of her campaign contribution report (s) at 5 p.m. And we will post it.
Klein never produced any evidence whatsoever that "the Walker clan" Rhonda's filing fee. Furthermore, a quick look at the campaign filings showed that Rhonda submitted all of her required campaign reports in a timely matter. Klein never filed a complaint.

KFDM - the News Leader was ninth (in the top ten not bad). We are starting to think a metered market might show differences in the "book."
KFDM - Keep your ears open next week. Here come the changes. Watch for a mass exodus.
Speaking Of - God help us - the banks own KFDM and management is going to be replaced and restructured? Ouch? And layoffs are coming.
KFDM is going to lose out in the news race. Both KBTV and KBMT are coming on strong. Blame Uncle Larry, blame corporate, Channel 6 is not the same old " News Leader.."
None of those mass layoffs ever happened, although Fox 4 KBTV, also known as Klein TV, laid off six employees from the station's news operation. Decide for yourself which station is in trouble.

Tom Maness
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County District Attorney Thomas Maness has filed for an office that - according to the Texas Legislature - does not exist. Meaning - he filing illegally and should be dropped from the race effective immediately.
Actually, Klein was referencing a document where someone in the County Clerk's office mispelled the Jefferson County District Attorney's name. The investigation that Klein promised in subsequent postings never happened. 

In a related story:

Klein endorsed Cornelius Williams
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned through five sources close to Cornelius Williams, you know, THE Cornelius Williams US Attorney - that he is in the final stages of deciding to run against the corrupt Jefferson County District Attorney TOM MANESS?

A source very close to Williams tells the Review : "I think it is time to flush the toilet bowl called Jefferson County and bring in a honest man into the District Attorney's office in Jefferson County."

Another source tells the Review that Williams is "as honest as Judge John Stevens" and is a man of "integrity."

We are speechless. Simply speechless. Where do we give money and what can we do to help?
As it turned out, there were numerous problems with the Williams' candidacy. From The Examiner:
Candidate for Jefferson County District Attorney Cornelius Williams Jr., who is a former prosecutor in the U.S. Virgin Islands, has refused to answer questions about why he has a probationary law license from the State Bar of Texas, telling a local television station the matter wasn't "germane" to the election.

"And it is not germane to the campaign," Williams told KFDM-TV6.

Information obtained by The Examiner from public records at the Jefferson County Elections Division revealed Williams had a November 2008 General Election mail ballot sent to him in "Patient Room 1303" at Memorial Hermann Hospital's Prevention and Recovery Center, located at 3043 Gessner Road in Houston, on Oct. 22, 2008.

"Known around the nation as 'The PaRC,' Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center located in Houston, Texas," states the center's Web site. "We have a 28-year history of successfully treating drug addicts, alcoholics and their families by helping them understand and manage the disease of addiction."
Klein never withdrew his endorsement.

Another bald-faced lie
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that courthouse security will be tightened in anticipation of crowds at the Jefferson County Commissioners Court as a public hearing is held on the budget. The meeting is to be held on Wednesday (tomorrow) and sources at the courthouse have told the Review that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has had a request by commissioners for extra security in the room and in the hallway.
Jefferson County Commissioners never scheduled a public hearing on the budget at the time Klein indicated. After the date passed, PRK never commented on why no one showed up for a meeting that never happened. 

Judge Lupe Flores
So get this - a county court at law judge is going to run for re-election. So he gets some supporters to .... well write him a letter of support. So they do! And guess what? Well they violate election laws by using the seal of the County in an election ad that makes the letter look official. Don't believe us? Okay - here it is! An investigation has been called.
State campaign law specifically states:
Only officeholders may use the state seal in political advertising.
Although Klein accused Judge Flores of a Class A misdemeanor, no investigation ever happened.

David Bellow
We were then referred to the Texas National Guard PR Department who told us that : "We are aware of the situation down there. It is creating a stir," which the source demanded anonymity...he could face a court marshal. Meaning jail time and maybe a dishonorable discharge.

David Below may have lied to the military regarding his current status as a "full time student" which may land him in jail - or better yet to the front lines in Iraq within "the next two weeks."  "We are aware of the situation down there. It is creating a stir," which the source demanded anonymity.
The Command Sergeant Major in David's National Guard unit wrote a letter soundly debunking Klein's lie.

David was later elected to the State Republican Executive Committee. Philip remains a liar to this day.

LL Melton Family YMCA

Philip R. Klein made this claim:
There is a movement inside city hall for the City of Beaumont to PURCHASE THE LL MILTON YMCA! Oh yes there is....and it has the votes? So now NANNY GOVERNMENT is going to get into the frigging YMCA business.
That never happened. In October, the Melton Y filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, but PRK missed that.

Eddie Arnold
Eddie's Mess - We just love it when you hit a politico in the tummy and he/she reacts. It is better than that - Eddie on the offensive which we love. So here is the story - Eddie sends an email to the GOP Chairman Shane Howard. And Howard, not thinking, sends the email (which is political in nature and has nothing to do with county business on a county computer on county time) as instructed to the JCRP and GTRW members. Two things happen - first we get a copy of the email from ten people laughing telling us to keep the heat on him.
Meaning that Klein isn't included on the JCRP mailing list.

Patrick Swain
PIR Launched - We sent our PIR to Patrick Swain. Paddie has yet to send the information. Tick Tock. It is only a test of time.
Speaking of time, Klein has never produced any documents related to his open records request.

Hatch Act Violations
Shook Up - We have been talking to the AG's office regarding the Hatch Act. Seemingly there are three that should resign today in order to comply with the law. We are digging a little deeper right now and will have a story next week. We have made the decision to expose the violations and leave it up to the media to follow up on.

So we called Washington DC - and asked the question at the United States Attorneys office. "The Hatch act clearly states that if federal funds are being used by a government agency any employee is precluded from running for office unless they take a leave or quit," said the spokesperson.

See here for the full story.

Funny posting
FROM: Philip R. Klein, Editor
TO: Philip R. Klein, Editor
DATE: March 5, 2010
RE: Newsroom announcements

Philip R. Klein has been promoted to Spellcheck Supervisor. Philip, who has been a great contributor to our daily news operation, will now oversee our spelling operations to ensure that we meet our daily quota of misspelled words and mangled grammar.

Philip R. Klein has assumed new duties as Research Editor, shifting his primary focus from finding unsubstantiated rumors to manufacturing our own content on a regular basis.

Philip R. Klein has joined our editorial staff as Assistant Editor of Editorials, where he will strengthen our efforts at providing fresh gibberish and nonsense under the guise of our biweekly "edtitorials."

We are also in the processing of hiring a new reporter. Our leading candidate is Philip R. Klein, who has extensive experience operating Dairy Queens in Nederland and has coordinated an international search for Patrick McDermott.
Keith Hawkes
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that Jefferson County Assistant Auditor Keith Hawkes may drop out of the race for County Treasure [sic].

According to sources that contacted the Review late this afternoon - Hawkes was upset about an article written by the Review this past week in stating that Hawkes background will be known for his relationship with County Auditor Patrick Swain.
Philip just made this up, too.

Vidor Fire Department
The OCESD / Vidor Fire department union simply wants the best man for the job. They do not believe that the chief is as qualified or holds the qualifications necessary to do the job. So they have consulted legal counsel and will file a suit. 
That never happened, either.

Jesse Haynes
Resignation - We are hearing that "The Mad Hatter" as she is now being called - Ms. Haynes - may resign her position. The heat is on inside BISD. She has gone too far.
The only person calling names is Philip R. Klein, since "Mad Hatter" is another of Klein's signatures; he made the same claim against County Commissioner Mark Domingue on September 11, 2009, and others before that. Jessie never resigned.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Gus! An excellent recap. I predict that this time next year you will be writing about the lawsuits against those idiots at FOX 4 and Angel San Juan will be cursing the day he met Philip Klein.

Lindsey said...

Wow... there's just sooo much.. horse manure from Klein. It really is mind boggling. And yet, despite the fact that all of this has been brought to light and he has effectively been made to look like a dunce, it seems that his ego has grown even larger. I wouldn't have said it was possible a year ago...

A job well done as usual Gus! I have an e-mail coming your way on the SETRPC, because unlike other people, I really HAVE had conversation with ATF agents. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Klein completely lied about Bellow. Not only has he completed a masters degree from a fully accredited university, but his battalion just awarded him as the Battalion soldier of the year for the second year in a row and they are sending him to Officer training! klein said Bellow was done and here Bellow is in an elected position with much more influence in politics than Klein will ever have!

Lindsey said...

Celebrating Bellow over Klein is like getting excited about Hamburger helper because all you've had is Ramen noodles... they both suck.

Anonymous said...

I like Ramen noodles

Anonymous said...

I think Philip has put on at least 30 pounds in the past year.

Anonymous said...

His appetite is as huge as his ego.

Anonymous said...

Angel, Give me back my pie!!

Anonymous said...

While Phil was dozing, Hardin and Chambers counties launched vigorous campaigns to overtake Jefferson as "the most corrupt county in Texas."

Anonymous said...

Sam the Eagle points out that a respected monitor credits Phil's website with an average 92 hits a day. Phil boasts 600,000 logged on last year. But at the rate of 92 per day, I calculate it would take almost 18 years to reach such an astronomical number. Who should we believe?

Lindsey said...

hmmm, indeed anon Jan 6, 5:30 pm...

I'm confused why the fat sonofabitch still thinks anyone cares what kind of crappy music he listens to. That ego keeps getting bigger and bigger...