Jan 16, 2011

Week 2 in Review

Nitwit Tidbits™
Credit - The Review breaks the story - everyone that wrote or spoke about the story on the BISD note to students abut MLK day credited the Review....except the Gator and KFDM. Funny stuff. If you look at the JPG - it is ours. Funny.
PRK claims credit for this KFDM story. See below.
Hogan's Kid - OCSO's PIO Chad Hogan's boy was hurt in an auto accident. The Review's thoughts and prayers to the Hogan family as well as the family of the young man that died.
From KFDM.com
Jonathan Williams - Cop that is suing for his job. Some say he has a case?
Shrewd analysis from a self-described political consultant. 
Speaking Of Lawsuits - Wow!!! Sixteen Million? Uh...message to cops? The people are not happy? Wow!
Message to Philip? You're an idiot? Wow!
Done With Crime - Port Neches has it going on. It seems they are done with all of the crime and are forming neighborhood watch groups. We applaud Port Neches. The Manager and Council. They have it going on.
If Philip ever had it going on, it got up and went.
KBH - Big News...well not so much. Seems that KBH is leaving office (if you didn't know that you are not connected). Dewhurst is the front runner. We will see.
Now you too can be as politically connected as Philip R. Klein:

PRK avoided misspelling Kay Bailey Hutchison's name by referencing her initials.

Melody Speaks - We are really starting to wonder. Again - Chappel makes it a race thing saying she is calling the DOJ about representation issues regarding redistricting. Really Mel? Really?
Philip once sued Melody Chappell for representing the PAISD trustees when they sued PRK for defamation.
Funny Story Out of Houston - A faith based organization in Houston has been ordered to stop feeding the homeless? Why? They need a permit? Government! You have to love it!!!
Jeffrey Dahmer didn't have a permit for feeding the homeless, either.
Item Last - No word from the Supreme Court this week. But we understand it might hit next week in the case Klein v. Google et. al. - who knows...but we are going to DC with it either way.
A legal question for Philip R. Klein: since the case before the Texas Supreme Court concerns our mandamus of Judge Donald Floyd,  In Re John Does 1 and 2, how can Philip appeal Floyd's decision in Klein et. al. v. Google et. al, since it supports Klein's petition?

Or did Philip's "team of attorneys" miss that?

Howdy Doody

Philip and his sources
Like a scene from Howdy Doody - Peter Morrison has once again become the laughing stock of Texas - and he made some threats that some in Texas have now made the decision to spend some money and look into Morrison himself.

"It was only a matter of time. Morrison thinks he is a player - he is just some Howdy Doody with a web site," said one legislator from Austin to the Review.

Now he is spreading his venom through the republican ranks and threatening folks in the Legislature. And that has gotten some big names pretty mad - and they are going to come after him.
"Howdy Doody with a website!"  Is this a description of Philip R. Klein?

PRK's opportunistic attack on Pete Morrison corroborates my point that Klein isn't a real conservative, but rather a fat man with an ego problem. 

Philip called Pete Morrison out (PRK's offensive and vulgar language has been edited):
And as for your threat of March 6, 2012 - why don't you run for office. You threaten it all the time. So run big boy. But you won't because you know there are places....like this one.....that know all about you and will cut your political [edit] off before you can say boo.
Actually, Morrison previously held an elected office as a trustee of the Lumberton ISD. Klein often imitates a political consultant on TV.

Offensive Flyer
The Southeast Texas Political Review has been given what is being deemed an "offensive" flyer depicting police, fire and the military marching in the Martin Luther King Parade this Monday as "militaristic."
Philip posted his article a few hours after KFDM posted this story:
BISD School Board Trustee Tom Neild told KFDM a parent from Regina Howell dropped off the flyer at his office and was upset about it.

Neild wants to know who wrote the flyer and its intent. He said, "it states as if we're anti these groups, but it's the reverse, we're proud and supportive."
Employees Talk

In this article, Philip recounts an alleged meeting of the SETRPC:
On the demand of anonymity for fear of losing their jobs - five employees of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission have contacted the Review and have met with us over the past 48 hours after a "general employees meeting" was had this week. In that meeting, executive director Shaun Davis disparaged the Review and FOX - 4 TV.
Halfway through Klein's posting, the original meeting becomes two:
After the initial two meetings - we advised our sourced that if anyone wanted to speak with us they could. We heard from three more.
Readers will note five of Klein's signature grammatical trainwrecks in this statement from one of Klein's purported sources:
We all did nothing wrong. It is the executive board members with Shaun that have done this. He made me very angry and I personally know one employee that has spoke to a lawyer..." said the source.
Klein's posting was an imagined response to Part Eight of his expose on the SETRPC:

Part 8 - The Alliance Dips Again

And now as we promised something to make all of you go to your toilets and throw up. It is back to Hardin County AGAIN. And back to our old friends at the Hardin County Alliance. You know - disaster relief? You wanted to see corruption - well here we go again.
I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who posted this as a headline. What's wrong with this picture:

Has anyone noticed that Philip is cherry-picking the documents by not posting the follow-ups? Where have we seen that before?


The Southeast Texas Political Review has been informed that due to our posting of Cody Guedry's pre-sentencing report, his sentencing hearing has been postponed. As well, accusations are flying that the Southeast Texas Political Review has violated criminal laws by posting it.
Actually, the sentencing hearing had already been postponed when Klein posted Guedry's pre-sentencing report.

According to popular rumor, Judge Stevens heard about Klein's posting and demanded that Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness prosecute Klein for violating the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Since this is a civil offense and not a criminal offense, Maness declined to prosecute.

Klein's poor sense of self is obvious here:
This past week, the Review received an envelope with the document in it. The review posted the document this past week. FOX - 4 interviewed the Review after verifying from the probation department that "a" report had been issued.
Philip R. Klein, AKA "the Review."
"The Review is a target of these guys," said a caller today from the Courthouse. "They are furious that you are getting these documents and making them public. You have **** off the mainstream guys that run this county," said one caller.
Philip's bottom line:
The bottom line - Cody Guedry is going to get what Cody gets.
More shrewd political analysis from a self-described political consultant.

One Room
It is back slapping time! And all of the players will get together this week at a local hotel to celebrate the great things that the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission has......well......done for the good citizens of Southeast Texas.

"I think everyone is very nervous right now. Really we are very nervous. Any minute we expect federal investigators to walk through the front door. We came in from the weekend and there were documents shredded. There were bags everywhere Mr. Klein. They have covered up. There are a group of us honest employees that know about a lot of the secrets. Like Mr. Davis's family member that got a job in the commission which is against the rules. We have known for a long time what goes on in here. All we need is someone to come talk to us. We are not going to jail for these people," said a source inside the commission.
The Review is entertaining the opportunity to go with a camera crew to the event to put the mike in front of the players and get them to answer questions on the record as they walk into the event. FOX 4 has made the offer for the Review to be there with a mike and to ask questions and get people on the record. We are thinking about it - and are getting legal questions answered.
This scenario of shredded documents never happened; neither did Philip's ambush.


Anonymous said...

KBTV's lawyers must have warned "CYA" because Mikey makes an all-encompassing disclaimer: "His opinions are not those of this channel nor do they represent the views of staff or management."
Is that timely enough to stay out of court?

Anonymous said...

Is it me or do those people in Sam the Eagle's latest report look familiar? That guy kills me. I almost spilled my coffee I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

PRK appears increasingly frustrated that nobody will take him seriously as "media" or a reporter for Fox 4. Will somebody tell that goose that that is what happens when you have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

His actions are completely in keeping in a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Anonymous said...

it is funny that Klein acts conservative but he bashes a leader of Conservative values, Peter Morrison. Like you said, it shows that Klein is not conservative at all and just a nut.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone take this blowhard seriously! I stopped watching channel 4 months ago when they started making this bozo a prima donna.

Anonymous said...

Funny that Fil Kliar thinks KFDM stole information from him. Maybe if he knew that some employees of KFDM are also Regina Howell parents he could figure it out.

Anonymous said...

PRK is going to have to be on an actual television station and an actual new broadcast rather than Fox4's sitcom/"can you believe this" feature show at 4 and 9. Any credibility Fox4 had was douched when they actually let a moron like Klein speak on the air.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will be before
Philip takes credit for the "lamestream media" comment that he has been using. It looks like Palin has been reading Kleins rag and stole his word. Or maybe our own village idiot has stolen from Alaska's state idiot..

Anonymous said...

I believe klein himself is posting. The bull about the shredded files at SETRPC? Employees shred clients' personal information to protect them when they work with one of the agencies for things such as managing social services. This is a normal business practice. Piles of shredded paper are donated to the Humane Society from SETPRC for dog bedding. Also, on the hiring issue mentioned- State budget cuts have taken many hard working people's jobs there over the past two years. Shame on Klein. I will ban his rants, and so should you. He appears to thrive on being dispicable. Disorder? Yep. Ban him.