Jan 23, 2011

Week 3 in Review

On Philip's KBTV Channel 4 appearance

During his weakly appearance, Philip repeated his claim that there "is a consideration ongoing that is being talked about behind the scenes that" Dr. Carrol Thomas is retiring and that Dr. Willis Mackey would be considered for his replacement. In the real world, Dr. Thomas received another four percent raise this week. See below.

Philip also claimed that the FBI is investigating the BISD, and that over 40 people have been interviewed.  He also claimed that local non-profit organizations were "slush funds" for the BISD.

I suspect the only reason Philip and KBTV Channel 4 aren't sued over these outrageous and unsubstantiated claims is that Philip R. Klein has no credibility.


Philip R, Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review this week:
Sorry we were late today - but criminal activity comes first.
I'm confused - is Philip robbing convenience and liquor stores to make ends meet at Klein and Associates Political Relations?
Fired - The Review found out that with less than 12 hours into office that Judge Nancy Beaulieu fired 19 year clerk Penny Nguyen after telling everyone that she would keep them all. Penny got the axe and Nancy put a cronies in the office. Not a good start. She was the one that reported Judge Gilliam. Beaulieu was the only newly official to let go anyone go.
I suspect that if Nancy Beaulieu intended to put a "cronies" in her office, she would put a "cronies' in the position of Associate Court Administrator, rather than one of two clerks. Likewise, Klein offers no evidence whatsoever that any of this is true. For instance, Klein alleges that Nguyen "reported Judge Gillam," but doesn't explain what she reported.

Perhaps Penny was Klein's "source" in this incident, where Klein was busted for blatantly publishing a malicious and false rumor as fact. Sound familiar?
FBI - Said to be ready to act on the BISD thing. Hold your breath.
Because Philip said the FBI is investigating doesn't make this any more accurate. From 2006:
The Review has learned that the Attorney General and the FBI may be investigating the BISD and indictments will be handed down within the next three months.
Apparently, Philip has been holding his own breath too long.
Thomas - We all know that Thomas is a liar. But he is a high price liar. Seemingly he is the HIGHEST paid official in Texas. And get this - with one more raise he will be paid more than the President of the United States? Do what? Really? The entire school board has to go. Now.
I suspect Philip is simply envious because Dr. Thomas gets paid more for lying to the public. 
We Broke The Story - KFDM - nothing, FOX -4 - nothing, KBMT - got the story and say they "obtained a copy of the letter." Uh.....really from where? Oh....how did you know about it? Oh.....it is way too funny folks. These people in the media just cannot stand it.
Philip is correct - nothing from KBTV Fox 4.

However, KFDM's story is here and KBMT had their story up before Philip. More below.
Speaking Of Which How About Some Headlines On Unemployment :
  •         FOX : Nothing Yet
  •         KBMT : "New Local Unemployment Vary With Towns"
  •         KFDM : "Jobless Rate In BMT-PA Holds Steady From Nov. to Dec.
  •         Enterprise : "Southeast Texas Stays at 11% Jobless In December
And now for the truth - Jefferson County is now the second highest county for unemployment in the state. And adding insult to injury PORT ARTHUR NOW HAS A 17% unemployment rate. Unreported near 21.4%. Beaumont has an unemployment rate close to 10% - with unreported at 13.4%. Now go back and look at the headlines. Our question? Why? Why doesn't the media just call it what it is? Why?
And now for the real truth: PRK is an idiot and functionally illiterate. He can't even get published information correct without manipulating the numbers. In this case, he's referencing the latest report from the Texas Workforce Commission, which includes the annual average for 2010

Jefferson County isn't even in the top 10 in unemployment. Compare (in ascending order of unemployment):
Jefferson 11.1
Reeves 11.3
Cass 11.3
Zapata 11.3
Cameron 11.4
Jasper 11.5
Matagorda 11.5
Hidalgo 11.8
San Augustine 11.7
Newton 12.9
Morris 13.8
Willacy 13.7
Maverick 14.7
Zavala 16.2
Sabine 16.3
Presidio 17.9
Starr 18.0
Philip may mistakenly be referring to the monthly TWC Metro Survey Area (MSA) report. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the Beaumont/Port Arthur MSA is third:
  • McAllen/Edinburgh/Mission: 12.1
  • Brownsville/Harlingen: 11.8
  • Beaumont/Port Arthur: 11.0
The Beaumont/Port Arthur MSA is almost always third in the state, reflective of the nature of our local economy and job market.

Furthermore, a cursory review (pun intended) shows that the labor force grew by more than 5,000 since December 2009 while overall employment has stayed at about 168,000 and unemployment at just under 21,000.  Since the labor force has grown substantially, Philip's premise that Southeast Texas is dying doesn't hold water.

Ironically, the sector with the greatest loss in jobs came through state and local government, which disproves another of Klein's frequent claims. Philip just made it up. 

Carl Parkers Blog Speaks - Carl Parker the semi conservative. A must read on his blog (found on our front page). Here is his points :
  • Use the rainy day fund.
  • Do away with duplicate or unnecessary state agencies
  • Overhaul the criminal justice system.
  • Let the managers manage.
  • The Legislature should search, not only for waste, but for unfair tax breaks.
As for the rest - never mind. He went back to his lib roots like don't touch education. Really? How is it working out so far? Not really that good huh?
If Philip's education is representative of the quality of Texas education in general, our system is a dismal failure and those cuts in education over the past 10 years haven't worked. From The Texas Comptroller's website:
  • Texas was the only state in the nation to cut average per pupil expenditures in fiscal year 2005, resulting in a ranking of #40 nationally; down from #25 in fiscal year 1999.
  • Texas is #49 in verbal SAT scores in the nation (493) and #46 in average math SAT scores (502).
Read Carl Parker's blog here, rather than take Philip's interpretation at face value. Philip is easily confused by multi-syllabic words.
Blog Spread - We have gotten some mail regarding some of the "sites" again spreading rumors about what they know nothing about or even falsehoods again. We would answer the allegations but - how do you answer the allegations that are meaningless? So again - remember if they don't sign their names have an agenda.
Even people who sign their names sometimes have agendas. My agenda is simple: exposing Philip's agenda.

A furious staff member of the BISD called the Review to confirm that the BISD board knew about the letter and report (that we are trying to get as we speak) as the voted to give Dr. Thomas a 4% raise and lied to the public in open session on how great the bond issue was going and how the letter of the law was being followed. According to sources inside the district - investigators from Austin are on their way to Southeast Texas to dig into the books, credit card receipts and purchases of the district both in operations and bond operations.
I'm confused, are those investigators from the FBI or the TEA. 

The Southeast Texas Political Review has obtained a copy of a letter dated January 18, 2011, from the Texas Education Agency to Dr. Carroll Thomas questioning the financial management of the Beaumont Independent School District and the financial management of the bond funds for uses not approved by the taxpayers.
As noted above, KBMT-TV published their story hours before Philip posted this letter.

Philip also makes this claim with no evidence whatsoever:
Furthermore, in closed door meetings at the District with the trustees - Thomas has hatched a plan to get around the problem with TEA by using Hurricane insurance money from a slush fund of settlement money from damage to buildings during Hurricane IKE to build the events center. That too has drawn the attention of the TEA.
The facts belie Klein's inflammatory rhetoric. There is no "slush fund," nor is there a secret plan. The only issue is whether the district plans to use bond money to build Thomas' albatross.  Publishing unsubstantiated falsehoods as fact only muddies up the real debate.

UH, OH...

Firstly, compare the inconsistencies in this article and Klein's Nitwit Tidbits™:
Jefferson County is almost 17% last month in reported and unreported unemployment.
[From Nitwit Tidbits™] Jefferson County is now the second highest county for unemployment in the state. And adding insult to injury PORT ARTHUR NOW HAS A 17% unemployment rate. Unreported near 21.4%. Beaumont has an unemployment rate close to 10% - with unreported at 13.4%.
Klein just made it up (see above).
And now with the layoff of over 1,200 people from the expansion project that has just occurred (didn't here about that huh?).
Probably the reason we didn't "here" about that was that it never happened. Philip made this sweeping pronouncement based on an anonymous source who reached this conclusion after observing parking lots.

Compare Philip's claim with this recent report before the Port Arthur City Council by Motiva representatives:
To date, 36 operators have been hired and the company expects to hire more. Of those, 16.4 percent are from Port Arthur area. Fifty-three people have been employed by Motiva — 30.19 percent from the Port Arthur area.

Currently, there 7,500 people on site. Of those, 3,500 are from the surrounding nine-county area, Joe Thompson, Bechtel Jacobs Program manager, said.

When the project hits its peak in April another 1,800 people are expected to be employed largely in electrical and insulation jobs.

To date, 100 percent of the 320 modules have been delivered. Only eight of those are left to be set in place.

Also left to do is the tie in with the existing facility.

“We are going to see a lot of activity in 2011. We are right on track, but have a lot to do,” , Nick Smallwood, Motiva CEP Project director, said. “We’ve still got cable to pull — so much that it will stretch from here to just about Chicago.”
Philip reprinted this statement from Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick:
"Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick says he's firmly against raising taxes. That's why he's paying close attention to the state's legislature. Texas is facing a $27 billion deficit, and Judge Branick fears lawmakers will transfer down some of the state's expenses to the counties. He says counties are already facing budget problems themselves. He says he and leaders from other Texas counties will fight against such a move, a move he calls indirect taxation."
As a service to his thousand's of readers, Philip translated Judge Branick's straightforward statement from English to Idiot:
What Branick just said was this - "I am getting ready for political cover. Either I am going to have to raise taxes on you and blame it on Austin - or I am cutting the h*** out of the budget and there are going to be massive layoffs at the county level.
Ironically, Philip still doesn't acknowledge the impact of the recent recession on Jefferson County.

As noted above, the facts don't support Klein's wingnut opinions. Jobs in the government sector have actually decreased.

Throughout last year, Philip predicted:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Jefferson County Judge Elect Jeff Branick will appoint current sitting commissioner Mark Domingue to an "Assistant to the County Judges" position this January.
Philip just made it up.


In this article and repeated on Channel 4 KBTV, Philip predicted that Dr. Carrol Thomas would be terminated as BISD Superintendent:
Sources tell the Southeast Texas Political Review that discussions have begun behind closed doors regarding "the future of Dr. Thomas." Sources - three of them confirm - that some on the school board think that by changing leadership on the school board - it will stop the negative attitude that has now spread all the way to Austin.
As it turned out, Dr. Thomas got another 4 percent raise.
Sources go on to tell the Review that the FBI is getting closer in their investigation and possibly has learned about a Non-Profit organization that was being used as a slush fund (imagine that). As well sources tell the Review that billing practices such as billing companies submitting a bill and then that bill being inflated and the money distributed in kick backs to connected people in the name of "consulting fees." According to two sources with knowledge in the investigation - one of the targets may be a school board member or family member.
Like a one-trick pony, Philip dredges up another of his past targets:
And now for the best part of the story? If Thomas were to come to a deal ($1.2 million dollar taxpayer contract buyout) Dr. Willis Mackey - who is having SERIOUS PROBLEMS in the San Antonio area would be considered for the interim job.
Philip just made it up.

The Review's leader, Philip Klein, was to be in attendance at the event with cameras from FOX -4 for the evenings event to present documents to those on the commission board for comment - however - after consideration by legal counsel and a request by a high ranking legal planning commission member - and a local city council person - the Review has made the decision not to attend the Government Sponsored Event.
Philip just made that up, too. 

In this article, Philip made the same unsubstantiated claims from past articles:
If you will recall, Alfred, who is in the middle of the investigation of the burning of the church in Kountze and his association with the Hardin County Alliance, as well as Mayor Bobbie Prince and her association with the same group, will be in attendance.
I think Bo Alfred should sue Philip. This is defamatory speech, not protected by the First Amendment. Philip R. Klein has presented no hard evidence whatsoever to support his claim that Bo Alfred was involved in the arson of the First Baptist Church in Kountze. 

Here are some more lies:
In other events at the commission since the Review exposed the corruption and the Federal Investigation into the Church Burning - a high ranking official from the Planning Commission called the Review and told us that : "We are no longer allowed to look at your web site at our offices. They have blocked it from our computers. So we all race home and read what is going on this week or look at it from our phones and pass it around the office. I think Shaun is feeling the heat. All he did was crank up the anger," he said.
And more lies:
The Review has also learned by an employee at the SETRPC that a "federal agent" has approached them.
"I have been asked not to say anything and I am not. But I have been approached and I have pledged to answer any and all questions," said the source.
Philip's take: 
Well - we know the ATF is investigating and has "created a huge file" on the church burning. And they are following the money. Our guess is that the walls are closing in and now the employees of the RPC have figured out it is a crime not to report a crime. And there are crimes - a bunch of them.
How's that investigation by the FBI into those Hatch Act violations going, Philip? ENT in Southeast Texas.

Vidor ISD is going down. They barley met payroll last month and there is question if they can make it this month. Further, there is serious questions if they can pay bills. And there is serious question if they can run business as usual. We think - they can. Like any major corporation - they are now faced with laying off over 60 people today. Jacking the unemployment rate even higher in Southeast Texas.
Philip's story is ostensibly about Vidor, but after a few paragraphs of similar nonsense, PRK veered completely off the track by reprinting an entire story from Salon about his native state, New Jersey.
And with that - here is a reprint from CBS Philly and Salon - and the story about Camden New Jersey - that could easily be called any town in Southeast Texas:
I bet New Jersey has a spot for a double-wide mobile home waiting for Philip R. Klein.


In this story, Philip shows he has no talent for straight journalism:
According to sources close to the teacher (s) at Memorial High School, long time respected teacher Raymond Polk was in his classroom during a class change. He began to hear banging on the walls around his classroom and went out to investigate. As he exited his door her heard and saw five boys banging on the walls in what has been described as "rapping". Meaning banging on the walls to the tune of a rap. Sources (three) say that they were asked to stop and one of the boys made a racially sensitive comment about the teacher. The teacher then walked up to the student and asked him to repeat it to him again. So - the student did and tried to walk off. The teacher then told the boy that he was going to go to the office and tapped him on his shoulder telling him that he needed to come with him to the office. As soon as the teacher touched the boy on the shoulder - the boy turned around and punched the teacher in the face. The teacher, in defense held the boy in a head lock and took him to the ground. As soon as he hit the ground he told the boy that when he calmed down that he would release him from the head lock and kept telling the boy to calm down. The boy would not calm down and the three other boys that were "rapping" turned and jumped on the teacher hitting him in the face with their fists beginning a one minute beating of the teacher that did not end until another teacher jumped in and took the boys off of the teacher - helped by some other students.
Philip compounded his ignorance with blatant racism:
Happy Martian Luther King Day Doc Brown - and to the students. 
More evidence that Philip is not of this planet.

End of story.


More racism:
The school trustees of the Beaumont ISD who vote in lock step and protect Dr. Thomas in the name of the :"black race" have done exactly what they have accused the "white race" of doing. There is no inclusion unless you agree with them.
Fat, drunk, and ignorant is no way to go through life.


Anonymous said...

A couple of questions:
When did Kliar hear Judge Beaulieu assure the staff that she "would keep them all"?
Did Kliar just out his source Penny Nguyen as "the one that reported Judge Gilliam (sic)"? (And if she's told Kliar "inside information" before I wonder who the source on THIS tidbit might be? Hmmmm
Is it really unusual for a newly (elected) official to let holdover staff go?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a missing persons investigation into Klein's sources?

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I'm sorry but this guy really needs to hit the gym.

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Funny Anon 3:29 would make that sage observation when today's spelling word is "telegenic."

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Wow! Jefferson County ko-rup-shun has spread beyond the boundaries of Hardin and Chambers counties into Liberty County. KBTV reports that a judge has been admonished for wrongly serving as trustee of a trust while he was a county judge. Channel Klein says he was appointed trustee while serving as a JP, adding cryptically "JP's are allowed to ethically serve as trustees, but not justices of the peace."

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Actually the story about Penny Nguyen is true....as much as I hate to admit it.

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