Jan 30, 2011

Week 4 in Review

Here's an interesting story from KBTV Channel 4, posted on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011:
Indictments Possible In Hardin County Alliance Case

Fox 4 contributor and publisher of the Southeast Texas Political Review Philip Klein was the first to publicly raise questions about the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance.

He gaves [sic] us more than 500 pages of documents, including audit reports.

Those reports allege the Alliance's executive director had misappropriated public funds.

Federal dollars that were supposed to help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Rita.

Last month, we spoke to its director Tony Thornton.

He said he borrowed the money and has paid it back.

He also told us the money he spent was not federal dollars, but private donations.

At the time of Hurricane Rita, Thornton was the pastor of First Baptist Church of Kountze.

There have been allegations records from the Recovery Alliance were inside, but Thornton denies those allegations.

Sources tell Fox 4 the case has been delivered to the U.S. Attorney's Office, and indictments could be imminent.

We're told they won't be pertaining to the fire, but involving financial crimes.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney told us the office does not comment on or confirm investigations.
A once-legitimate news operation has lowered their journalistic and ethical standards to those of the Southeast Texas Political Review.  As an example, anonymous sources "gaves" Channel 4 the information that indictments "could be imminent." Sound familiar?

In the past weeks, Philip R. Klein devoted very little space to Tony Thornton. Instead, Philip claimed:
Then, on April 12, 2008, after panic had set in and Federal Investigators were about to begin asking questions - a fire irrupted [sic] at the First Baptist Church of Kountze Texas - in the offices of the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance, Inc., and all documents and history including computers and any and all paperwork was lost.

The fire was ruled arson. And the ATF was called in as well as other federal agencies as they continue to piece together a case against some of the biggest names in Southeast Texas. Sources close to the investigation tell us they "are getting closer everyday." And "it is a matter of time."

Those in the cross hairs - the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and an investigation of every political official in Jefferson and Hardin County that had anything to do with the Alliance.
Klein has distorted the original case beyond all recognition. We'll revisit this when and if any indictments are handed down. More below.


Philip added this story yesterday evening:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that a BISD Employee has been arrested by the FBI at BISD headquarters yesterday. The arrested employee is John Wesley Baptise, Jr. According to records, he was arrested on Federal Robbery Charges.
Most probably, the SET Political Review learned this from KFDM Channel 6, who posted the story several hours before Philip. 

Klein never identified Baptiste's position at the Beaumont ISD, but Channel 6 noted:
FBI Special Agent Anne Figueiras tells KFDM 23-year-old John Wesley Batiste Junior was arrested at the BISD maintenance barn Friday afternoon. Batiste is a maintenance worker for the district.
I'm sure Philip will make a case concerning the "criminals' working for the Beaumont ISD, however I'm sure he'll not mention the convicted sex offender he once employed. If anyone would like to fill in the blanks, leave a comment.

Of special note:
The review attempted to confirm his employment this past Friday, however we were hung up on.

This makes the third arrest of a BISD employee for felony crimes in the past four months.
Apparently, FBI Special Agent Anne Figueiras isn't one of Klein's anonymous sources.  Neither have three employees been arrested for "felony crimes."

More below.


NEDERLAND EDC Meeting - Too funny. Now they say they don't have $5 million in the bank - they only have $2 million in the bank. But true - they only gave out $75,000 in awards - and it does have a $250k operating expense just to run a two person office. Really? This is government waste at its best.

EDC Director -
Made the statement she is one of the most underpaid executives in the EDC system. Our response? SO! Get another job in this 20% unemployment Jefferson County.
Philip has had a longstanding feud with the Nederland Economic Development Committee (NEDC).

Apparently, it's more difficult to get low-interest loans for backyard swimming pools through the NEDC than the U.S. Small Business Administration.
KBMT - Great story this morning on kids suspended for watching a fight. Gezzz.
Philip has bigger priorities:
The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs being sold.
Media Notes - When the US Attorney announces their Alliance indictments - what are they going to do in newsrooms all over Southeast Texas? Are they going to report it? We laid the story on their back doors months ago - Remember? You don't - here is the reminder :

[Photos of local media outlets]

We are wondering what the lead in will be : "KFDM has learned that..... or maybe at the Enterprise "Today it was announced.....,,,, gezz.

In reality, both KFDM and the Beaumont Enterprise has been following this story for the past three years.

As an example, the Beaumont Enterprise reported in 2008:
The U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has turned its attention back to its investigation of the Kountze First Baptist Church fire, agency representatives said Tuesday.

Post-hurricane, the bureau has been getting things back in order in the Beaumont office, which suffered minor leakage, supervisor Larry Sanders said. There was no major structural damage.

"We were very fortunate, very lucky," Sanders said Tuesday afternoon.

In the arson case, agency personnel are attempting to find a motive for the fire and are prepared to be in it for the long haul.

"Sometimes in these arson cases, there is a lot of paperwork to go through and leads to follow," said Bureau Public Information Officer Franceska Perot.

So far officials are following leads and interviewing a variety of individuals and organizations in the area, including people in the Hardin County Disaster Recovery Alliance.

"Every day is a new day," Sanders said previously. "You never know when that one interview will be the one you need."
Likewise, the Beaumont Enterprise reported in April of 2008 that the ATF had seized a computer in the investigation. The computer belonged to FBC secretary Kristy Wade, not anyone associated with the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission:
Investigators on that day took a laptop computer from the home of the church's former secretary, Kristy Wade.

The computer does not belong to Wade, but to the organization she works for, said Larry Sanders, acting supervisor for the bureau's Beaumont field office, which is investigating the April 12 arson.

Sanders replaced Bart Mora, who was the field's resident agent in charge at the time of the fire. Sanders has been briefed on all events concerning the case, according to bureau officials.
For more, see the first item above.
Mad For Not Naming Names - Okay we get that from our readers. But there is a reason and the goal is to start cleaning up Jefferson County and those who run it.
The real reason is that if Philip revealed names, he would be liable for defamation.  
Deshotel - Does not support the Voter ID Bill. Meaning he believes that anyone can vote without having proper ID to vote. Meaning that any person off the street being wanted felons and illegals should be able to simply walk in and give a fake name and vote. Too funny.
Meaning that Philip is an idiot. In reality, State Representative Joe Deshotel opposes changing the current law, which requires voters to register before voting. No one "off the street being wanted felons and illegals" can "simply walk in and give a fake name and vote."

From the Beaumont Enterprise:
The bill, expected to pass the Republican-controlled House in the next few weeks, was fast-tracked by Governor Rick Perry, who declared it an emergency issue.

Starting in 2012, it requires that Texans present a drivers license, Department of Public Safety-issued identification, military ID, passport or license to carry a concealed handgun before they can vote. Disabled or elderly voters over the age of 70 would be exempt from the new requirement and can continue to present a voter registration card.
Note that no cases of widespread voter fraud have been reported in Texas in the past half-century. Philip is using this non-issue to advance his own personal agenda against Joe Deshotel.
McGriff - Cannot get another tat or plastic surgery or handle money. BUT SHE CAN KEEP HER JOB AT BISD!!! Criminals around the CHILDRENS!!! LOVE IT!
While Klein has confused the issue by referencing "felons" working for the BISD, Tamraka McGriff was convicted of misdemeanor. Frmo the Beaumont Enterprise:
Tamraka McGriff, Beaumont ISD's coordinator of transportation, was sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation and must adhere to several specific guidelines after pleading guilty last year to a misdemeanor charge of theft of public funds.

As part of her probation, McGriff must write letters to the school board and Superintendent Carrol Thomas stating that she knew what she was doing when she accepted more than $15,000 in Social Security benefits for her son, money that she was not eligible for.
Guidrey - Still employed at Beaumont PD. Still employed at Beaumont PD. Still employed at Beaumont PD.
Klein - still an idiot. Still an idiot. Still an idiot.
Tax Day - Pay up kids. Daddy needs your money. For those of you checking on us - we paid ours months ago.
I'm curious as to how Philip could pay his taxes months ago, even before the end of the 2010 fiscal year. I'm sure the IRS will have fun reading through Philip's tax returns - how about posting those for us, Philip?


The Southeast Texas Political Review has been given financial records for the Nederland Economic Development Commission - and we are simply shocked by the numbers that we have seen. And folks - this is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of why Southeast Texas is dying. It is about power, it is about control and it is mostly about people that have no idea what they are doing and why they are taking the peoples money and wasting it.
Philip made this claim:
Meaning there were two people or companies that got money from the EDC for 2008-09. They were GO BURGERS being Burger King and Hernandez Office Supply to expand their warehouse. Two! Only TWO! The rest went to government projects (non business) in road expansion and swimming pool rebuild.
Typically, Philip has deceived his readers by mistaking the facts. As one example, there were more than two businesses that received funding from the NEDC, including Allied Plywood & Lumber, Inc., and Sumrall’s Air Conditioning, Inc.

Philip's implies that the NEDC wasted money on "government projects (non business [sic])."  Yet, in the same article, Klein claimed:
Two years ago, the City Council of Nederland voted to take money away from the EDC for infrastructure projects within the city because of their dissatisfaction with the board and how the EDC was being run. They took almost a million dollars to expand Beauxart Garden Road to four lanes which in fact has created a boom in that area of houses and business that feed the city.
Here's what really happened:
Motion made by Billy Neal and seconded by Mike Guidry for the Nederland Economic Development Corporation to share with the City of Nederland all project costs associated with the Beauxart Garden Road improvement project, including road construction, utility relocation, engineering costs and inspection costs in an aggregate maximum amount of not more than one million eight hundred eighty one thousand three hundred thirty five dollars and forty seven/100 ($1,881,335.47), with the cost of said project to be shared by the City of Nederland at 50% of the maximum aggregate cost and the costs to be shared by the Nederland Economic Development Corporation to be at an equal 50% of the disclosed aggregate maximum of $1,881,335.47.
Motion Carried.
  • Ayes: Guidry, Kieschnick, Neal, Phillips, and Rogers.
  • Noes: None.
  • Absent: Debby Griffin and Erik Shaw.
At the beginning of the article, Klein made this claim:
According to financial statements for 2008 - 2009  the EDC was sitting on almost $5,000,000 (MILLION) dollars.
Halfway through the article, Klein changed the numbers:
We move on to 2009-10. Yes - the money comes flowing in from you the taxpayer. And the money pot grows again by over $500k brining [sic] the money pot to $550 million dollars.
This is a wonderful example of Idionomics according to Philip R. Klein:
$5,000,000 + $500,000 = $550,000,000
Remember this when PRK next claims, "We did the math."


Just when you think you have heard it all......
The Review was turned on today on a column in the Port Arthur News written by ace reporter Sherry Kountze. The story? Well Bob Phillips of the Texas Country Reporter fame owns a production company that made a contract with the City of Port Arthur regarding promoting positive PR for the City.

Why? Well like all of the rest of the waste of your tax dollars - it is for pie in the sky liberal theories of people who spend your money on stupid things. Like - promoting a city?
In his interview on Channel 4 this week, Philip argued that this money should be spent on developing new elected leaders:
We need to get better leadership in Port Arthur and that's where I think the money should have gone. To recruit candidates that are willing, from the business community, that are willing to make the tough decisions and say "No." we're not going to spend money like that.
Spending taxpayer money to fund political campaigns is a clear violation of state and federal campaign laws. 

Typically, Mike McNeil missed this during the interview.


This story underscores Klein's manufactured charges and blatant ignorance:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from sources close to the US Attorney in Beaumont Texas that the ATF of Beaumont has forwarded a case against two individuals for prosecution regarding financial mismanagement with the recommendation of prosecution. According to our sources - the indictments will come against two individuals.

The Review - in a phone call to another source confirm that arrest warrants have not been issued - however - there is a possible agreement in the works between the government and a lawyer in Southeast Texas for one of the alleged accused to give testimony in lue [sic] of amenity regarding two individuals in Kountze Texas and one current employee of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission.

We attempted to confirm this information with our ATF source - however they were not available.

The Review further confirmed that the charges WILL NOT be arson - and will only be filed regarding financial mismanagement and racketeering.
Paraphrasing Philip, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has been investigating a case concerning financial mismanagement and racketeering and forwarded these findings to the U.S. Attorney's office.
Philip apparently doesn't know that investigating financial mismanagement and racketeering is not within the BATF's area of jurisdiction.

In lieu of evidence to the contrary, Philip is apparently making most of this up.
The Review has been tipped the two names - however - we choose not to release the names because we do not want to hurt any deals that the one suspect may be willing to give the Government. And we have heard further that "one of the suspects knows all the skeletons."
According to Philip's past claims, the entire SETRPC is under investigation and Bo Alfred is guilty of felony theft.


This is the final in our report on the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission - and to be honest we could write about 30 more weekly reports. And being even more honest - the sickness that surrounds the mind thought of the people who run the commission and those that they "are there to help" is simply a mechanic to give away free money.
Philip castigates the local media for ignoring his story:
And this week - in our final report week - we really show you how it works. You will not read about this in the Beaumont Enterprise, see it on KFDM who touts themselves as the "NEWSLEADER" - you will not see this story on either of the KMBT TV stations - you will hear about it on FOX simply because our editor will speak about it on Wednesday on FOX News at 4. You will not read about it in the Examiner. You will simply never hear about this corruption and free money being thrown around to "businesses" in the know. You will simply never ever hear about this criminal operation.
Presumably, the local media is waiting for real facts to report, rather than mangled math and unsubstantiated accusations.

Regarding the SETRPC, Philip made this claims over the past weeks:
The common theme in the bilking of money and stealing federal cash for personal use is one that is taboo and rarely will anyone investigate. It is the perfect cover story - being running millions through faith based non-profits that do nothing but get some people rich. And if you go after the money - they plead stupidity or you are racist or don't believe in God.

In the last 10 weeks - a poor spelling low tech web site has exposed the biggest criminal operation in Southeast Texas. When they even thought that investigators were coming - they burned a church down in Kountze Texas.

The ATF - and their dedication to their jobs seem to be the only true agency that has shown interest in getting the bottom of the Regional Planning Commission and those names around it.

We have shown you how the executive director breaks his own rules. We have shown you how cronies of political officials got money. Hell, we have shown you how ELECTED POLITICAL OFFICIALS RECEIVED MONEY!. We have shown you how an organized crime ring in Jefferson County Texas operates on your tax dollars. We have shown you how your tax dollars are thrown out the window. We have shown you how faith based organizations are nothing but a clearing house for big money that goes in political cronies pockets and back into political campaigns. We have shown you how Jefferson County operates.
Referring to the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission as an "organized crime ring" is defamatory and not supported by evidence. As pointed out last week, many of the documents that Philip posted in past weeks contradicted his own claims. Even

We'll revisit when those indictments are handed down. 


The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning in an interview with two high ranking legislators in Austin that the number of cut backs on the State and Local levels may reach 20% in total funding. Meaning - almost 20% of those that work for the government are in danger of losing their jobs.
How would a state legislator know that cutbacks in local governments "may reach" 20 percent? This is gibberish and has no factual basis.

For instance, Klein's invented source is also fluent in gibberish:
I think what once was going to be a career - is now not. We just ran out of money and the people are tapped out," said on legislator to the Review today.
While some of you may now not recognize any of Klein's signature grammatical trainwrecks, I'm sure if you think about, you'll find one or two.

Philip just made it up.


Philip wrote:
If you follow the Review you will know a few things - which are : 1) Bo Alfred according to records took money from the Hardin County Alliance while serving as a director, 2) is connected to money given to BISD spokesperson Jessie Haynes and her home that she says was storm damaged but was determined not to be - as well Haynes lied on her application regarding how much money she made working for BISD and the application was rubber stamped, 3) rumors that Federal Agents want to talk with Alfred regarding his knowledge of Alliance funds going to Non-Profits that are run by supporters of Alfred's.
If you follow the Review, you will know that Philip frequently makes things up.


Anonymous said...

A post on beaumontunderground3.blogspot.com
asked of what use are the thick bundles of "investigative reports" handed by PRK to local media (the REAL media compared to KBTV). The answer is simple: he's supplied them with emergency toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Klein did not pay his taxes "months ago". As verified on the Jefferson County Tax Collector website, Bac Tax Service paid Klein's taxes on November 30, 2010. Fifty-eight days ago and not "months ago."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that you never hear PRK's name mentioned in any sentence that doesn't include the word "idiot"? It's almost like those two words are synonomous. Just a personal observation.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch KBTV 4 because of Klein. I think, if they are going to have such a liar on there reporting the "truth", what does that say about their credibility?!? Nope, I refuse to watch em.

Anonymous said...

It's Guedry. Guedry. Guedry. GUEDRY!! If he can get a name right, he'll get about a tenth of an ounce of credibility in my book.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10PM & 7:36AM -

It's impossible to reference "credibility" when referring to filup, even to imply negative or minimal "credibility". Either would infer some foundation for his belief of which there is none.

Some people hold an opinion formed because of a particular ideology; and while the opinion may be unpopular or impractical, their personal reputation lends some credence to the opinion in the minds of sympathizers.

Filup, on the other hand, as evidenced by his writings,is totally devoid of core values, fabricates facts to support his writing, and has been repeatedly proven a liar. He can't even display negative credibility because he makes up the very supposed information he writes about to criticize.

Sadly, everyone but filup recognizes this. Perhaps Dr. Van Pelt could present an expose' on Sam t. Eagle to further clarify.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10PM & 7:36AM -

It's impossible to reference "credibility" when referring to filup, even to imply negative or minimal "credibility". Either would infer some foundation for his belief of which there is none.

Some people hold an opinion formed because of a particular ideology; and while the opinion may be unpopular or impractical, their personal reputation lends some credence to the opinion in the minds of sympathizers.

Filup, on the other hand, as evidenced by his writings,is totally devoid of core values, fabricates facts to support his writing, and has been repeatedly proven a liar. He can't even display negative credibility because he makes up the very supposed information he writes about to criticize.

Sadly, everyone but filup recognizes this. Perhaps Dr. Van Pelt could present an expose' on Sam t. Eagle to further clarify.

Anonymous said...

chek filups latest iditorial
lawsuit update
he admits his 202 is not a reel suit
he now will have his lawyer file suit for 'deformation' due to sams esposing we as prk or we or whatever
oh also google, mcneal, and local attorney, scared to say coon
whatt can we or prk say but wow
who would take on this task
need to retain superfly
this is like suit by klein or prk
never known to identify as klien or we or prk or prkeinc or prkinv or need to get dr lucy to comment

Anonymous said...

Well that explains why no one else sues phillip for his bullshit. YOu can't get blood from a broke turnip.

Anonymous said...

will the real filup, prk, philip r klein, we, etc show up for depos or trial.. we knew one day it would be headed for the 9th, jacksonville or rusk
this is major
sam is going federal for copyrite
fringments by filup, he really messed up and crossed the line using sams work with out written consent of the eagle

Anonymous said...

prk school adviser and whetherman
slipped on snow and ice causing we to stick we foot in we mouth again

Anonymous said...

How dare the media and the fraidy-cat school districts not heed the wisdom of the One Great Omnipotent One! They shall suffer mightily from his scrambled syntax in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Phil, what are "bi-laws" and "irrupted"??? I've searched Webster and simply can't find them. Is there an implication of sexuality to "bi-laws", and "irrupted"? I just dunno.

If only you were actually as magnanimous and intelligent as you think!

Anonymous said...

What is suing somebody for "deformation"? What an Idiot!!

Anonymous said...

If there were signs that Jarred Loughner had mental problems prior to the Tucson shooting, what can we say about this guy? He appears much worse. Isn't this the time to do something about a potentially dangerous person? All of the signs are there. Maybe the County Judge will sign an emergency commital.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't require an IQ test for a CHL, else Phil would have flunked.

Anonymous said...

If you could buy Philip for what he was worth and sell him for what he thought he was worth, you could make a fortune.

Anonymous said...

From anon 2/3 9:42: " He can't even display negative credibility because he makes up the very supposed information he writes about to criticize. Sadly, everyone but filup recognizes this."

Everyone but filup and Faux 4, you mean.........

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we have had those Hardin Co. indictments by now?

Anonymous said...

Poor Phil, there is simply too much on his oversized dinner plate: Not only is he trying to root out "ko-rup-shun" in Jefferson and adjacent counties, he must confront problems in the ranks of those he's counted on for reform. Phil is frustrated with a schism in the tea party and downright furious that the JC GOP Party used its stationery, illegally he suggests, in support of a Beaumont City Council candidate. Is it time for
Klein to appoint himself Supreme Mediator?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Truth written by Kliar, on his response to "an email from family member of a KFDM employee" :

"I am not smart enough to do their jobs. Or talented."

Anonymous said...

If Sam the Eagle has correctly stated racist comments allegedly made by Klein, KBTV should demand he make a formal apology or forever banish him from the studio.

Anonymous said...

Oh Phil...you can't sue for a birth defect... Stupid asshole...suing for deformation.