Feb 23, 2011

Message from a "Scared Little Girl"

From the Southeast Texas Record:
Judge denies Philip Klein's motion to compel Google to produce documents
2/23/2011 11:19 AM By David Yates

Beaumont blogger and political commentator Philip Klein on Tuesday had his motion to compel Google to produce documents denied by a local judge.

Through his companies, Klein sued the Operation Kleinwatch and Sam the Eagle blogs, as well as Google and its subsidiary, blogger.com, on Aug. 26, 2009, in Jefferson County District Court.

In his suit, Klein alleges Operation Kleinwatch and Sam the Eagle have engaged in a pattern of libel and defamation, invasion of privacy and use of copyrighted images.

Klein claims the bloggers defamed him by posting a parody of Dog Fancy magazine in which he was depicted under the caption, "Fat Men Who Love Their Dogs Too Much."

As the Southeast Texas Record previously reported, the Texas Supreme Court stayed the case against the bloggers in June.

Meanwhile, Klein filed a motion to compel Feb. 8, arguing that Google "has not produced any documents," court records show.

"Additionally, plaintiffs seek to compel the production of this information because the websites at issue continue to defame Mr. Phillip Klein," the motion states.

Google filed a response Feb. 21, stating that Klein's motion failed to inform the court that the Texas Supreme Court has stayed the court's order on the motion to quash while the mandamus proceeding is pending in the Texas Supreme Court.

Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, denied the motion Feb. 22.

Beaumont attorney John Morgan represents Klein.

Houston attorney Dennis Lynch represents Google.

Case No. E184-784
We also learned in court yesterday that Philip is having a hard time selling his stories from the Southeast Texas Political Review to other media. Klein alleges this is because Operation Kleinwatch and the Sam The Eagle Political Review have damaged Philip's credibility.

No comment necessary.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that. Phil Klein is complaining that his credibility has been damaged. Maybe PRK should launch another investigation into the Hatch Act.

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA! In your ugly, fat, f*cking face Philip R Klown.

Anonymous said...

In the news conference, Chief Blanton said the violent crime rate increased.. not decreased. There is no basis for KBTV'S story which was suggested by Klein. The math error didn't change the crime rate... it didn't make it lower. They're trying to accuse Blanton of manipulating the numbers to make the city look better. It's obvious that's not the case. In fact, KBTV is trying to make itself look better because it has absolutely no credibility.

PA Officer said...

Thank you. Phil was for the cops, before he was against them.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Gus and Sam! I wonder what his next move is?

Anonymous said...



I think I just pissed my pants!

Phil's credibility!

Oh... that's rich!

Anonymous said...

Port Arthur police stick it to KBTV by rallying behind the chief, mayor, manager and city council. Expect Phil's alleged "reader mail" to showcase more fawning letters self-addressed to "Mr. Klein."

Anonymous said...

prk boosts of breaching security at jefferson county courthouse

ref 1/26/10 james o'keefe and robert flanagan breach security at us senator maryu landrieu office
charged with plotting to tamper with security, entering premises under false pretenses

big boy, no one is above the law, robert flanagan is us attorney bill flanagan's son

looks like prk has done got caught doing something criminal and trying to cover it up as research

Anonymous said...

million dollar security breach
treason - high crimes
attempt to disrupt and overthrow
unsecure corrupt governments of
jefferson county
state of texas
united states of america

all this by pr-we-k and assoc
giggle giggle giggle
wow oh wow

Anonymous said...

where is the cookie jar
read fils latest iditorial
gator bites
seems beaumont enterprise dan sher has outed fil for criminal act
also how does we know if dan has or when dan got hair on his nuts
only angel we got left is at fox

Anonymous said...

filup seems to be posting multiple comments regards the court house security fiasco with his bad spelling and diction on the gator beaumont enterprise since they called him out for criminal act

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I could care less what Dan Sher thinks about what we did.
And he spends 2000 words explaining exactly why he could care less.
Is that part of the narcissistic personality disorder you keep talking about, Gus?

Anonymous said...

massive amounts of petitions being filed in the texas 9th, appeals, supreme courts along with the us apples and supreme pizza courts
claiming immunity due to
investigative battery
investigative robbery
investigative murder
investigative rape
investigative investigations
just think this all started due to jefferson county

Lindsey said...

Ohhhh I'm so scared, I got another heartwarming mention on SETPR. What a childish pig of a man. Why would I sic lawyers on Klein? Isn't he in enough legal trouble without some mouthy "intern" coming after him? Also, Philly Boy, I was not an "intern"- I was a paid employee. I know it's a HUGE task for you to get your facts straight before you post your idiotic rants, but please man, try to get it together. All you're recent readermail post does is make it obvious that you're butt hurt because no one likes you.

Well, no one except for the "sources" you like to make up.

Long Live Gus and Sam!

Anonymous said...

Disneyland is in California, isn't it? It's Disney World that's in Florida.

Forget it. He's on a roll.

Anonymous said...

Klein reads this... proof positive.
He just changed Disneyland to Disney World!!!!!

Groves Guy said...

I like to see Klien get his.After so many years of dhecking into peoples backgrounds to look for things he could use to embarras them with for his own good and the good of his friends, It is good to see this kind of thing happening. Glad I found this site!