Mar 10, 2011

Hey, Philip. C'mon in!

From the KFDM Forum:

Re: A Thread for Dannis (Re: Mr. Klein's postings)
posted at 3/10/2011 8:35 PM CST

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To Mousecatmama: I respect your opinions, especially since you and I agree on many things like ethical behavior. 

My problem is with Philip R. Klein, who consistently distorts the truth or blatantly lies, many times to further his own personal agendas. This is intentionally misleading to the more weak-minded like Dannis and highly unethical for one who considers himself a "citizen journalist." 

His latest editorial concerning Lindsey Brackin is simply perverse. This has nothing to do with politics in Southeast Texas; instead, it's a knee-jerk reaction to criticism by a Neanderthal.

In another age, Klein would have bared his yellowed and missing teeth, beat his blubbery chest, grunted loudly, and perhaps thrown his own feces at Lindsey.

Philip, please join the discussion, I know you're reading this.

To Dannis:   Dannis, you seem to know more about Sam and I than even Philip R. Klein pretends. If you're certain that your preposterous allegations are true, expose our identities. 

Philip has offered a $1,000 dollar reward for our identities in the past, so by all means, collect the money! And you can definitively prove that PRK really does pay his debts on time! We're rooting for you!

But, please don't parrot Klein's silly speculation, since Sam and I have already addressed this many times on our respective blogs. And don't try to weasel out by claiming we might sue you - we won't. We're not litigious, you have no idea who we are, and criticizing public fools anonymously is a basic right and tradition in our republic. 




Anonymous said...

nice try, Gus, but I'd bet that Klein won't go near that discussion.

Instead he'll claim that Channel 6 blocked his comments in a fake letter from a reader to avoid getting his ass handed back to him.

Lindsey already did a pretty good job of that and I think he's embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

[chirp], [chirp], [chirp]