Mar 17, 2011

Klein Gone Wild

From the Southeast Texas Record (emphasis is mine):
Klein Investigations sues city of Beaumont, claims police harassing process servers

Klein Investigations & Consulting is suing the city of Beaumont, claiming police officers are harassing the company's process servers.

Klein Investigations, which is owned by political commentator and local blogger Philip Klein, filed the suit March 14 in Jefferson Court District Court.

In addition to investigative work, the company deals in civil process serving, dishing out lawsuits and subpoenas to area residents.

"On more than one occasion, officers of the Beaumont Police Department have accused process servers of criminal trespass and stalking ... that is, the defendants are trying to impose penal sanctions upon a lawful business within the state of Texas," the suit states.

"The criminal trespass warning demonstrates that there is an actual case or controversy that can be subjected to declaratory judgment."

A criminal trespass warning issued by BPD is attached to the suit. The name of the recipient has been redacted.

On top of declaratory judgment, Klein Investigations is seeking an award of court costs.
Beaumont attorney John Morgan represents the company.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th District Court, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. B189-589

Perhaps Philip will confirm or deny the rumors that his son is the star of this video, posted on the SET Political Review channel  via YouTube (UTUBE in Philip speak):

I've lost track of Philip's lawsuits. Counting this one, there are at least four (I think):

I'm also not sure if Klein is currently seeking any new judgements against disgruntled customers who won't pay for a private investigator that doesn't know the difference between trespassing and serving due process legally.


Anonymous said...

Philip was for the cops before he was agaist them.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Klein pull a gun on someone while serving papers?

Anonymous said...

John Morgan must work cheap.

Anonymous said...

waz prwek serving papers when he trezpast at the kourthouse ann maid vedeo
iz spilling, reidin, ridin, and ritmatic rekired to be procez surver
do we get too karry a big gunn and klaim to be fbi and other feds
we alzo ar goote at lying

Anonymous said...

beumont pd and government need to countersuit and demand a trial by jury with jurors with triple damages for a slapp suit
slamdunk who will win
filup must be bad broke or had his alter ego bruised
bring it on, bad boy
you bit off more than you can chew

Anonymous said...

You cannot issue trespassing notices to TSC Process Servers if they are working in the line of duty.

TSC process servers cannot trespass even if they're working "in the line of duty."

Anonymous said...

Phillip's just pissed because the Beaumont Police won't let him use a handgun to serve paper.

Anonymous said...

Klein v. the world