Mar 21, 2011

Philip R. Klein: A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Philip R.Klein wrote on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
It seems that the State Board of Education wants to know who paid for the world renown singing choir from Ozen High School's trip to Austin this past week. It seems that it was not a school function or competition - get this - it was a political rally sponsored by....yes....the unions?
While the Ozen Choir did indeed perform during the Save Our Schools rally in Austin, the date was March 12, 2011, not "last week" as Philip claims. 

Likewise, this was not a "union rally," as Klein claims, since the sponsoring organization was a coalition called "Save Texas Schools." See for yourself, instead of making up quotes like Philip R. Klein:
"What the union wanted is students of color from a minority school district. Some lady named Haynes I think was here name called and offered the choir and we jumped at the chance to have a fine group of young people help us make our case to the legislature," said a source with the teachers union in Austin.
He just made it up, 

Read about the actual event here and form your own opinion, but this was not a rally "against the government" as Philip claims. Had this been a Tea Party Rally, I'm certain Klein would not have mentioned.

Here's an interesting thought - if Philip is truly concerned about taxpayer money, perhaps he should stop filing silly lawsuits that clog up the courts with motions of "Summery Judgement."  According to Attorney Mark Faggard's sworn deposition: 
"Plaintiff (Klein) was made aware of Defendant's (Faggard) displeasure with services rendered on two (2) occasion when Philip R. Klein advised Defendant that he pulled a gun on someone while attempting to serve a subpoena."
This certainly puts Klein's latest lawsuit against the City of Beaumont into proper perspective, where Klein stated the Beaumont Police Department have accused process servers of criminal trespass and stalking.

Considering that Philip's litigious history spans at least 40 lawsuits and other legal actions, how much time and money has Philip cost the taxpayers of Jefferson County and the State of Texas?

Please support  the bipartisan bill, HB 2973, HB 2974, and SB 1565, which would help limit this abuse of our taxes.

Lindsey's Response:
Originally posted on March 9, 2011.

After Philip R. Klein libeled (note that's libel, not liable) Lindsey Brackin in his latest editorial on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Lindsey responded. Readers can decide for themselves who "got taken to the woodshed," but I suspect Philip will be eating while standing up for at least a week.

I would like to address some issues with the editorial; it is, as usual, filled with inaccuracies. My name is spelled Lindsey, not Lindsay, and it's Brackin, not Bracken. As much as Philip harps on people getting his own name correct, you'd think he could afford the same respect to those he decides to blast. Also, I am not a poor, starving secretary at an insurance agency in Jasper - I don't even work in Jasper and I'm certainly not a secretary. I would think his crack team of investigators could find that out for themselves.

Now, regarding my "first shot" at PRK- I think anyone with an 8th grader's reading comprehension could clearly tell that advocating the supply of free alcohol to Klein was intended as a joke. Thus, I understand why Philip became confused (he may have been drinking, I'm not sure). His claims of "not being a heavy drinker" are not supported by various photos of him drunk and drinking on both Operation Kleinwatch and The Sam The Eagle Political Review (STEPR).

As far as Klein being a cyber bully, I should think he himself has proved this. He even seems proud of it. Hiring someone to friend me on my Facebook to "read up" on me? No, that's not creepy and weird AT ALL. Using valuable "research teams" in Austin to find out vague personal information on me? That just seems like a misappropriation of funds. I'm sure there are many Private Investigator-related-things that he could use that money for, unless of course, he has already ruined his own credibility by picking internet fights with everyone that disagrees with his ill-written stories. He may not be able to understand my posts due to a personal vocabulary shortage, but at least everything I have ever written complies with basic grammar rules.

Then, there's the issue of Philip attacking a police officer's wife, whose image he plastered on his blog and claimed she had been "making fun of" the Review. Ms. H, as I will call her, had never said one derogatory thing about the Review - her only crime was to friend Operation Kleinwatch's Facebook page and to be married to a police officer whom Klein seems to have a personal issue with. Maybe attorneys didn't contact him regarding that particular instance; I assumed they had since the picture was removed within 24 hours, but maybe he just came to his senses. What I do know is that he has a propensity for trying to make life hell for those that he thinks don't like him.

How do I know he didn't keep archives of his posts? He stated so in his own reader mail:
From Kountze Texas : I was just informed of the article.  I must say it was very interesting... I looked all over trying to find parts 1 & 2.  Did I miss a link somewhere?? I'd REALLY like to read them also! Thanks so much!

Answer :   
They are floating around. We don't keep anything. Check the "Way Back Machine" - they sometimes post us.
I have since noticed that he has begun keeping archives of his posts. Good for him! Unfortunately, he still continues to slander Brent Coon, Nancy Beaulieu, Ron Hobbs, Judge Parker, and anyone else that he thinks will help improve his blog's viewership. And the spelling is "libel", not "liable", but that's besides the point.

And, to threaten me and my employer because I posted my opinion of him, when he keeps afloat by posting his opinions of EVERYONE, is the definition of hypocrisy. In order to bring forth any such lawsuit, he himself would have to have clean hands regarding defamation, and any one of his weekly posts shows that he wastes no time in dragging people's reputations through the mud (or at least trying to). What I do on my time with my First Amendment right to free speech is my business; why would one assume my employer would be concerned with how I spend my free time? I actually just posted back-to-back record months in my field of work, so my participation in free public forums obviously hasn't slowed down my work ethic. Thanks for asking.

All the silly name dropping is just that: silly. I know Ms. Delgado and the Makins very well (Mr. Makin, I'm still waiting on my Just Say No to Searches bumper sticker!). This little ploy to make himself look like the caring, educating father figure trying to set some confused girl on the right path is such a load of crap it makes Michael Jackson's father look like a saint. And then to expect that I would thank him for attacking me for FIVE-MONTH-OLD POSTS? The man lives in a fantasy world where he is allowed to trash everyone on the face of the planet, but he expects no retaliation or rebuttal. As I told him personally in a Facebook correspondence, all this post has done is make it obvious that he can dish it out, but he does not have thick enough skin to take his own medicine.

This is not the dictatorship of Klein; this is a free country where people who put themselves in the public spotlight, whether they deserve to be there or not, should expect opposition and criticism and, yes, even satire and gallows humor. Does Joan Rivers run around suing and threatening everyone that makes fun of her?

There are issues I can agree with him on: The Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and the corruption of BISD. But even there I find problems, especially in his anger at how the ATF and Federal government is handling the Kountze Baptist Church fire. If there is evidence that this event is connected to the SETRPC, believe me, the Feds have it, and there is PROBABLY a reason the information is confidential. Unlike some people, they like to gather all their facts before creating a game plan. If the documents he posted were enough to indict people for the church fire, or to even tie them solidly TO the church fire, it would have been done LONG ago.

With the BISD issue, yes, there is something seriously wrong with how Butch Thomas and his board are running the district, but Klein's blatant racism disgusts me. I agree that prejudice plays a role in some of BISD's decisions, but stooping down to that level by commenting "nothing but the best for the childrens!" and such is just as vile as tearing down South Park Middle School- it tears the community apart. He isn't any better than Dr. Thomas, he's just a racist of a different color.

I don't know if his recent loss in court to Operation Kleinwatch and Sam the Eagle is to blame for his current psyche, or if he's going through a rough personal time. Honestly, I don't care. I read his Review for the entertainment factor, not the news factor, and I hope he keeps posting stories so that I can keep commenting on them. It's like a fist fight: you know it's wrong and you need to stop it, but you can't look away.

He is right about one thing, though: I'm not afraid of bullies.
Philip, check your fly: your pants are on fire.


Lindsey B said...

Gus, this is better than Christmas!

Klein strikes again!

Gus Pillsbury said...

Hey, Lindsey!

I just saw his "unscientific poll!" Since Philip doesn't read my site (wink wink nudge nudge), he apparently missed your response here and on the KFDM forums.

On the off chance that PRK might accidentally stop by (wink wink nudge nudge), I've decided to post your response on the tail end of every story here until Philip takes that infantile "editorial" down.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, when you come to bmt, check your rear view often...if you see a big black SUV following, call the BPD and make a stalking complaint.

Lindsey B said...

You are a good man Gus! I don't understand his persistence in bringing up my name since I've said my peace; I guess it must be a slow "news" week.

And Anon 8:52, I am making a note of that in my "Creepsters" notebook that goes in my Stalker Prevention Kit in my car. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't like losing. Most narcissistic people don't.

Anonymous said...

Gus, I thing your story would more aptly be titled: Philip R. Klein: A Waste of Oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Jefferson County, home of the biggest hypocrite in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy, divorce, federal loans(tit), failed marriages, county laughingstock, geez,what a loser!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget deadbeat Dad. Klein was held in contempt for not paying his child support.

Anonymous said...

See hie new editorial for a real laugh...Phillip Klein is the only person I know who reinvents himself every day.

Anonymous said...

If you were Klein, you'd try hard to reinvent yourself. Too bad the new model is as noisy, squeaky and sputtering as the old Phil.

Anonymous said...

Are Bob and Kelli Phillips really taking legal action against Klein for the filth he wrote about her on Beaumont Underground 3?!

Because that would be super sweet.

Anonymous said...

Total scumbag. Fat slob, too.

Anonymous said...

a passing seagull dropped a hint that homeland security officals might be investigating the breach and tresspass at the jefferson county courthouse, this is serious when process servers have greater authority than sworn government employees and immunity too boot

Anonymous said...

Oh my God... it is so sad when someone doesn't know the difference between a FOIA (Freedome of Information Act) request and a PIR.

Good luck on those PIR's Phil... snicker.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Philip has graciously allowed you a response on his website. I suggest you simply give him the link to your response here.

Anonymous said...

Or just ignore him and he'll get whinier and whinier.

Lindsey said...

I don't negotiate with terrorists... I told him if he wants a response, he can either copy it from here or KFDM, or I will copy and paste it for him. It's his call.

Anonymous said...

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