May 25, 2011

Strike Three

Fran an endorsement ad for the Fat and Ugly Men's ShopFor the second time, Philip R. Klein avoided questioning under oath in a court of law.

Our attorney, Jeffrey L. Dorrell, originally scheduled a new evidentiary hearing on his Second Amended Petition for this Friday, May 27, 2010. Philip rendered the hearing moot by filing his Third Amended Petition.

Read a copy of Klein’s filing on his website through this anonymous link.

Because of Klein’s filing, this statement on the Southeast Texas Political Review is a blatant lie:
Discovery begins. We await the 202 Hearing and possible contempt hearing for June 3, 2011. The May 27, 2011 is passed by the bloggers attorney.
Our attorney did not cancel the evidentiary hearing; instead Philip avoided testimony under oath by filing a new petition. With five or six more amended petitions, Philip could easily easily avoid questioning until 2020 or so.

Likewise, there is no contempt hearing scheduled for June 3, 2011. A hearing on Harrison’s motion to quash Philip’s defective service was originally scheduled, but Harrison reset the date until July.

Philip just made it up. Until Klein Enterprises et. al. files a new motion seeking a deposition in this matter, there is no “202 Hearing” scheduled.

As it stands now, it’s Philip’s move.


Anonymous said...

That Philip Klein, he's a sly one...just like a "chicken in the hen house." (giggle)

Anonymous said...

PRK, Ultimate Hypocrite. He claims Neil Harrison dodged a petition but it's OK for him to take more evasive action than a mouse chased by a herd of cats. Go get him Jeff Dorrell!

Anonymous said...

Gus, you and Sam were mentioned in the new SLAPP suit law they passed. Looks like you can sue Klein for costs now!

Anonymous said...

Phil isn't excited about GOP White House candidates. Time to resurrect his certain winner:
"Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race!"