May 13, 2012

Regarding Philip R. Klein and his New Attorneys

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. In my opinion, the unethical behavior detailed below doesn’t reflect well on Reaud & Associates.

May 12, 2012

Mr. George Michael Jamail
Reaud & Associates, P.C.
801 Laurel Street
P.O. Box 26005
Beaumont, Texas 77720-6005

RE: Cause No. E-184,784; PRK Enterprises, Inc. v. Google, Inc.; in the 172nd District Court of Jefferson County, Texas.
Sent by telecopier to 409-813-1325.

Dear Mr. Jamail:

According to Ms. Susan Truss of the 172nd District Court during my telephone conversation with her on May 11, 2012, some time in the last two weeks, someone telephoned the court, claimed to be calling from my office, and changed the hearing I set on my clients’ motion to modify the judgment from 2:00 PM on May 11, 2012, to 8:30 AM on May 11, 2012.

Ms. Truss assures me that she would not have made such a change unless the person requesting it represented that he was affiliated with my firm. Since no one from my office made any such call—and since you were the only attorney to appear at 8:30 AM yesterday—the person who impersonated me for the purpose of thwarting the hearing I set two weeks ago appears to have been you.

Furthermore, after appearing for the 8:30 AM hearing you unilaterally and secretly rescheduled (which obviously could not be held in the absence of the six other pro se parties and attorneys whom you never notified of it), you did not even make a courtesy telephone call to my office to save me the unnecessary trip from Houston to the 172nd District Court in Beaumont for a 2:00 PM hearing—even though you would have realized at that point that notice of the 8:30 AM hearing time had never been filed or served. Thus, it is impossible to conclude that this was a mere oversight. Instead, it appears to have been a deliberate and calculated stalling tactic.

I am almost without words to express my reaction to these revelations, except to say that the ethical bankruptcy manifested by such conduct is matched only by its presumptuousness. It is further pomposified by the fact that no motion to substitute you or your firm as counsel for petitioners has ever been granted (or even filed), no designation of new lead counsel appears of record, and no notice of appearance by you or your firm was filed until three hours after yesterday’s nevernoticed, improperly-rescheduled 8:30 AM hearing (and then only because the court telephoned you and ordered you to do it).

Although a complete legal stranger to these proceedings in every material respect, you simply declared yourself to be “the new sheriff in town” and started changing hearing settings on another attorney’s motion behind his back. If this is an example of carrying out your veiled threat to “do what it is I do” if my clients did not bend to your will, then we are not impressed.

I intend to bring your highly improper actions to the attention of Judge Floyd, although I suspect that his staff members have already done so. Please tell me why I should not also bring them to the attention of the State Bar with a request to discipline you.

Yours very truly,
Jeffrey L. Dorrell
Readers may remember that we changed the date of the original hearing from April 20th to April 27th after Jamail contacted our attorney requesting more time. We rescheduled again from April 27 to May 11 to give Jamail and Reaud time to secure an agreement with Philip R. Klein.

After submitting our demands, Jamail told our attorney that Philip had signed the agreement. Unfortunately, we've yet to see a signed agreement, so our attorney intended to argue our motion for sanctions during the May 11th hearing.

As a result of this highly unethical behavior, our attorney has reset the hearing for June 1 at 9:45.

Here are the pertinent documents:
Any questions?

Here’s a funny anecdote:
after I posted Michael Jamail’s letter to our attorney, Jamail called and complained. According to his statements to Jeffrey, Michael doesn’t have a computer, doesn’t know how to use one, and another attorney had to fax him a copy of my article. Apparently, Michael is more comfortable with technology from the last century.

Apr 26, 2012

Nitwit Tidbits™

Special of the Day: purchase Philip’s new book on eBay for just $5.99. No bids, so no hurry – I’m sure it will be there for a while.

172nd District Court Hearing: The court is still scheduled to hear our Motion to Modify Judgment regarding sanctions tomorrow (Friday, April 27) at 2 pm. However, the outcome of negotiations still in progress may determine whether the hearing actually occurs. Best guess: it won’t happen.

Cop Talk: It seems that there was a drug bust the other night.
In the end - you have a young lady arrested in Jefferson County with drug stuff - that works in a JP court - and will continue to work in the JP court until....
…until she’s been arraigned and proven guilty in a court of law for a misdemeanor paraphernalia charge. Even drug possession charges are fairly common – many people have marijuana busts on their record, yet go on to lead productive lives in society as used car salesmen. Philip’s bias against Jefferson County is showing again.

Full Court Press: Busses, trains, cars and rides from friends from the church - it has begun and the black community in Southeast Texas is fired up and they are organized as they say to "elect the first black sheriff in the history of Jefferson County."
Philip’s racism is showing again. 

Unemployable t was announced this past week - that Coon's will begin the corporate move to Houston in the next three months. Over 50 high paying jobs and support staff will move to Houston. These are executive jobs with big income guys moving. Leaving another part of Jefferson County - this time Beaumont losing 50 citizens.
What an interesting faux pas (snicker). Philip meant “Conn’s.”
We go back to quote to a good friend of the Review - "Jefferson County and its citizens are simply unemployable."As well : "Jefferson County is business unfriendly."
Philip didn’t mention that the company also closed five stores in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Edmond, OK. Although the firm closed stores in Houston, all four Conn’s locations in Beaumont (two), Port Arthur, and Orange are still open for business and showing very good YoY gains. I hope Philip’s idle, irresponsible speculation and idiot conclusions don’t start rumors that may damage their business.  

Nor did Philip mention that Conn’s named a new COO and CFO at the same time, Liquidating those stores contributed to the company’s good profits in the first quarter 2012.  Looking at the facts surrounding the announcement puts Klein’s conclusion jumping in proper perspective.

Note to Philip: why don’t you post some financials from Klein Publishing, PRK Enterprises, Klein Investments, Klein Political Relations, and Klein Investigations. I’d especially like to see the financials from your charity, the Gadfly Foundation. - are you still collecting money “for the children?”

Nightmare on Nederland Avenue: Anyway you look at it - Mandy Rogers White has nothing to do with it… - and her name should be cleared and not be tagged with the suggestion that she is stepping in and blocking anything.
Wrote Philip Rogers Klein.

Political Gods: Well - even we thought that they would wait a little while - but according to well placed sources in the Texas Republican Party - the political Gods have spoken.
And the political gods say that Philip R. Klein is an idiot. Political commentary from someone who predicted that Fred Thompson would win the 2008 Presidential race bears closer scrutiny. As I remember from eleven months ago, PRK predicted that Steve Stockman would be in jail now.

The Spring Moon: it is Spring Fever and the Spring Political Moon has arisen.
What sophomoric drivel!  Philip apparently wrote this hogwash between howling spells.

Apr 22, 2012

PRK: "Sit down and shut up!"

In today’s posting:
  • All apologies
  • This week’s developments
  • An open letter to Wayne Reaud and Associates
  • Another take on a Nitwit Tidbit
  • Fun facts about NPD
Let’s visit each of these items in detail.

All apologies

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for those readers who attended the hearing on Friday, April 20, 2012, in Judge Donald Floyd’s courtroom.

Typically, Philip was a no-show concerning our motion on sanctions.
I’ll detail the circumstances below, but to those who came to throw tomatoes, I’m sincerely sorry. The hearing has been tentatively rescheduled for this Friday, April 27, 2012. The situation is extremely fluid, so I’ll post an update on Thursday evening, April 26.

This week’s developments

Here’s what happened.

On Thursday, April 19, our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, received a letter from Reaud and Associates.
In this letter, Wayne Reaud and his associate claim that Philip R. Klein is now their client. Since Jeffrey did not respond to the letter, George Michael Jamail, as a representative of Wayne Reaud,personally phoned Jeffrey only a few hours before the hearing.

After checking with Google’s attorney David Lynch, Jeffrey agreed to postpone the hearing to give Mr. Reaud’s firm adequate time to prepare. Philip has filed multiple motions to dismiss the suit and named parties.
From these developments, I deduce that Philip has thrown John Morgan, his former attorney, under the bus to distance himself from sanctions and charges of grand perjury for lying under oath.  As previously discussed, Philip concocted all of that gibberish about tracking email and IP addresses.

I feel some sympathy for John Morgan – after faithfully serving as Klein’s attack poodle for several years, he now joins a growing list of attorneys who PRK has kicked to the curb. These attorneys include Mark Faggard, J. Keith Stanley, and Bruce Hoffer.

Based on legal precedence, John Morgan is responsible for the improper notice that led to our motion for sanctions, even though I firmly believe that John did so under Philip’s direction. In some cases, Philip drafted the pleading and Morgan simply affixed his signature in the proper place.

Lessons learned: Don’t trust Philip R. Klein, especially if you’re an attorney, and always check the spelling if your client writes the brief.

P.R. Klein has now retained one of the top law firms in Jefferson County to make all of this go away. Sam and I have side bets as to how many other attorneys will surface that claim to represent Philip Klein. I win everything if the Texas Hammer, Jim Adler, joins the party.

In this letter, Wayne Reaud and his subordinate argue that after reviewing our motion, they determined that “no hearing was necessary at this time.” The letter also references a “radical breakdown in communications” between our attorneys, and argues that the defect in service which forms the basis for this motion could have been cured with a phone call. Not true.

These conclusions are incredibly presumptuous and other statements in the letter reveal their attention to detail. For example:

In any case, Mr. Reaud and/or I will be in Court along with Mr. Klein tomorrow morning.

Since the hearing was scheduled for 2 pm, I’m not sure if they intended to make Philip sit in a corner of the 172nd District Court with a dunce cap throughout the morning until the real hearing began Friday afternoon. 

However, it’s obvious that Philip now wants out of the proceeding he initiated:

Mr. Reaud and I see no reason to continually aggravate the circumstances that seem to have spiraled beyond the control of your clients and Mr. Klein.
For your information, Mr. Reaud and I have counseled Mr. Klein and our understanding is that the majority of misunderstandings which lead to this litigation have either been mooted or tempered to the extent that neither your clients nor Mr. Klein have any real reason to keep aggravating the circumstances.

Wayne Reaud presumably told Philip “to sit down and shut up” in Klein-speak. From Friday’s Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review (SETPR):

We shut [the lawsuit] down because the court and frankly the honesty of the law dictates that Mr. Klein is a public person. A book, TV contracts and this web site now meets the legal standing. The web sites are free to say what they want without any truth to it - and as well as you the public can say anything about Mr. Klein that you wish - truth or no truth. He is now declared legally a public person. That is the law.

I’m not quite sure what Klein meant by “the honesty of the law,” but as noted in our pleadings, Klein first claimed he was a public figure (see Klein v. PAISD) before he claimed he wasn’t (see In Re John Does 1 and 2). He now claims he is. Which way is the wind blowing today?

Readers can decide for themselves what is truth and what is not. Credibility comes not from signing your name, but from the veracity of your facts.

Neither has Klein "shut this suit down." The matter is still before the courts, as this pending hearing and our motion for sanctions clearly show.

Even more ironic, Klein claims he can’t get a fair trial in Jefferson County. From the SETPR:

The two blog sites have protection from the Jefferson County democratic party and the courts. We cannot get a fair trial or a fair hearing. We already know what is going to happen before we go into the courtroom. So - let's go in and all pretend like the Jefferson County Civil Courts are really by the law. And let's let the judges get their shot at me. It is only money - who cares. We know what Judge Floyd is going to do before we walk in.

Typically, Philip is the one now seeking sanctuary with the Jefferson County Democratic Party and the Jefferson County Courts.

For the record, neither Sam or I are associated in any way with the Jefferson County Democratic Party, nor are we enjoying any special protection from the Jefferson County Courts. We have a big lawyer bill as evidence. This is another of Philip’s wild conspiracy theories intended to obfuscate the real issue.

As another example, I’m not Brent Coon, Sam the Eagle is not Michael Harrison, and Brent Hodgeston (sic) doesn’t upload our content.

But for those unfamiliar with the background of this case, Judge Floyd improperly allowed Klein to subpoena Google for our account records. Philip petitioned the court through a motion under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 202.

This statute allows a person to petition a court for an order authorizing depositions for use in an anticipated suit or to investigate a potential claim. In Philip's case, this was merely an end-run around the U.S. Constitution to discover our true identities and as a frivolous SLAPP suit meant to intimidate us into silence. The rule does not provide for subpoenas.

We were not a party to the negotiations, nor did Judge Floyd even read our first objections, filed pro se, before granting Klein’s subpoena. The Ninth Court of Appeals in Beaumont affirmed Judge Floyd’s decision.

It was only after we mandamused Judge Floyd in the Texas Supreme Court that the nine justices, all Republicans and all elected statewide, reversed Judge Floyd’s decision in Jefferson County’s 172nd District Court.
The number of judgments to which Philip has been a grantee also belies Klein’s claim that “he can’t get a fair trial in Jefferson County.” Regular readers will immediately see the irony, since Philip started this proceeding with unfounded allegations to intimidate and silence us. That didn’t work, and Philip now has a tiger by the tail.

On another ancillary note, I also dispute the notion that events have spiraled out of our control. While Philip has indeed lost control of this frivolous action, we have consistently maintained our focus. As evidence, those things I predicted in July of 2011 have come to pass exactly as outlined. Read them here

An open letter to Wayne Reaud

To Wayne Reaud and his associate:

Welcome to the party! I sincerely hope that you can impress upon your new client the importance of ethical behavior. I’ve seen some evidence of that in Philip's recent postings, so your efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated. Thanks!

As a late arrival, your strategy seems to be mitigating Klein's self-inflicted damage. In your associate's call with our attorney, he asked about what it would take to make all of this go away for PRK

I cannot speak for our attorney or Sam the Eagle, but I have two non-negotiable demands:

1) Philip must post direct links to our blogs on the front page of the Southeast Texas Political Review with no comment. These links are to be placed in a special section entitled,”Other Viewpoints."

2) Philip must publicly apologize to our attorney, Jeffrey L. Dorrell, with a posting on the top story page of the Southeast Texas Political Review. Philip has filed two grievances against him with the Texas State Bar and sent a complaint to his firm. While the state bar found that Klein’s claims had no merit and filed them as inquiries, PRK continues to assert that our attorney has lied. He has not, but Philip’s claim is just one of many false statements that Klein made during this proceeding.

As part of this demand, Philip must also write an apology letter to Jeffrey’s firm and to the state bar for wasting their time on these frivolous grievances. Jeffrey's review of Philip’s poorly written, badly researched, and self-published book is not germane to this case. Really, PRK should be ecstatic that someone with a post-graduate degree actually tried to read the book, but that’s just my opinion.

I considered a third demand, which would have required Philip to take a class in journalism ethics at Lamar University. I decided that was a waste of time – I don’t think PRK’s comprehension skills are up to this challenge and from his past performance,  I also suspect he’d drop out after the first week of class.

I truly hope you'll use your influence with Philip to help him separate fact from fiction, and avoid posting rumor and falsehoods to further his own personal agenda. His message deserves to be heard, but not with reckless disregard for the truth of his statements.

In closing, I look forward to your continued help in moderating Philip’s outrageous postings. I appreciate your dedication in taking on this herculean effort.


Gus Pillsbury

Another Take on a Nitwit Tidbit

From Philip’s Nitwit Tidbits this week:

Rumor # 3 - Mr. Klein nor his companies have paid any money to anyone for anything in any lawsuit. One of Mr. Klein's companies did settle a lawsuit this last year and Mr. Klein was paid around $50k rising out of a media suit. Anything other is simply silly again.

This doesn’t ring true.

Although Klein claims to have been paid “around $50K” last year in settlement of claims he asserted in a “media suit,” the only “media suit” involving Klein and terminated in 2011 appears to be Cause No. 1:10-CV-410; Klein v. Crocmedia; in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. 

In that case, the court signed an order on April 20, 2011, taking judicial notice that Crocmedia News, Inc., did not exist at the time of the events that formed the basis for Klein’s complaint. Quoting the court, “...beyond doubt that [Klein] could prove no set of facts in support of his claim that would entitled him to relief.”  The court dismissed all of Klein’s claims against Crocmedia News, Inc.
I'm reminded of Philip's evidentiary hearing in his hearing in our case, where he introduced no evidence.

It’s entirely possible that perhaps Philip signed an agreement with other parties in the suit, but such agreements are almost always done in strict secrecy. If Philip really did receive an award of around $50,000, he probably just shot himself in the foot. I’ll follow up on this with Dylan Howard and let you know.

Fun Facts about NPD

In the past two weeks, Philip claimed that he’s still a conspiracy victim which has grown to include the Jefferson County Democratic Party and court system, that he's making tons of money from his court settlement, selling thousands of books, and that he’s more popular than sliced bread, with millions and millions of people who read his little blog everyday.

Apr 17, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Pants on Fire

Philip R. Klein wrote in his latest article:
Now here is how really stupid the Record is – we never filed a lawsuit – we filed a 202 – which is not a lawsuit. It is a fact finding opportunity to see if there is a case for a lawsuit.
PRK finally got this correct – almost three  years after the fact.

Now here is how really stupid Philip R. Klein is. He now expects readers to believe that he never referenced this petition as a lawsuit.

As just one example, Klein put up a page on his site which ran throughout the proceedings. In the first paragraph, he wrote: :
This past September, PRK Enterprises, Inc., the parent company of the Southeast Texas Political Review, filed a lawsuit against Google, Inc., as well as the owners and operators of, Operation Kleinwatch blog, and Sam The Eagle ( blog. This lawsuit is a cumulative result post investigation and cooperation with the said investigation with the Federal Government regarding these said sites and those to who operate them.
Of course, we now know that the federal government never conducted an investigation and that Philip R. Klein never tracked email or IP addresses – he just made it up.

After we busted Philip for lying under oath and his whole case fell apart like a house of cards, he pulled the link.

Now here is how really stupid Philip R. Klein is. While the link to Philip’s lawsuit page  no longer exists, the page is still there. This is a direct and anonymous link to Philip’s lawsuit page, where readers can see for themselves who the real liar is.

You may want to check this quickly, because I’m sure Philip will pull the page completely as soon as he finds out I’ve busted him again.

Credibility doesn’t come from signing your name, especially if that name is Kleinzilla.

Apr 15, 2012

PRK: Big Update and Lawyers in Love

I have so much ground to cover in this posting that I’ve put up a table of contents to keep track:
  • Sanctions in an unrelated case
  • Our motion on sanctions
  • Philip’s 2nd grievance
  • Jan. 13 full transcript
  • The Media Mikes Interview
  • The Southeast Texas Record Editorial
  • Kleinzilla’s special statement

Sanctions in an unrelated case

Philip R. Klein’s attorney, John S. Morgan, appeared before Judge Layne Walker in the 252nd District court last week. I've posted some of the transcript below, but first, some explanation.

This civil case is not related to Philip and John’s lawsuit against Google, Sam and I, and a number of innocent parties. These parties in our suit were included because of Philip R. Klein's bizarre conspiracy theory regarding our blogs - as such, the allegations are not true.

The particulars of this suit in the 252nd last week are not germane to my blog. For this reason, I’ve not posted the entire transcript to protect those innocents who were dragged into this lawsuit, just as Philip and John dragged other innocents into our lawsuit.

I’ve also redacted any reference to these parties, since the unfounded allegations that Morgan made during the trial are so egregious and inflammatory that they deserve no further mention. I strongly suspect that Philip R. Klein did the investigative work for John Morgan in this proceeding, since it follows PRK’s standard pattern for investigations. 

However, this pattern of deceit, perjury, vague allegations, and unfounded hearsay are common to both cases and the Southeast Texas Political Review.

In our suit, Attorney Brent Coon fought back and nailed Philip to the wall after Klein presented perjurious testimony and pleadings. See my postings here and here for more details. On our behalf, our attorney Jeffrey L. Dorrell filed a mandamus against Judge Donald Floyd, which was eventually decided by the Texas Supreme Court, styled In Re John Does 1 and 2. In the Supreme Court decision, the justices noted that Klein' and Morgan’s evidence was “sketchy” and reversed Judge Floyd’s decision. Read the Texas Supreme Court opinion here.

In the case last week, Judge Walker nobly protected these innocent parties and deserves recognition for a job well done.

Here is the first page of the transcript, where Judge Walker describes this egregious behavior. In this transcript of the Court’s Orders, Judge Walker is referenced as “The Court,” Leah Hayes is the court reporter,  and Pam French and  Ms. Johnson-Todd are opposing counsel.

As noted, Judge Walker referred the matter of Morgan’s grand perjury to Jefferson County District Attorney (DA) Tom Maness for criminal prosecution. According to hearsay and rumor around the courthouse, the DA is already investigating Klein’s testimony and John’s pleadings in our case.

Reiterating, this is hearsay and rumor, and we have no direct knowledge of the details behind the DA’s investigation.  However, this pattern of behavior is obvious – Judge Walker could be referring to almost any article on Philip’s Southeast Texas Political Review.

Judge Walker also ordered Morgan to pay all attorney fees incurred by the opposing counsel within 24 hours:

Philip R. Klein inserted himself when Judge Walker ordered a cell phone belonging to John Morgan seized during the proceedings:

According to rumor, Philip fired off an angry email to Judge Walker, where he threatened to file a grievance if the cell phone was not returned immediately. I’ll have more about Philip’s grievances below, but I wonder what incriminating evidence implicating Philip may be on that phone. 

Our motion for sanctions

This brings us to the hearing in our case, scheduled for this Friday, April 20, 2012, at 2:00 pm in Judge Donald Floyd’s 172nd District Court.

Our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, is seeking sanctions based on perjured filings and testimony in our case.

You can read the documents here:

Our First Amended Motion to Modify the Judgment

As you can see, this motion involves a false certification on a hearing that Morgan and Klein purportedly sent to one of the other innocent parties in our suit.  Our attorney is seeking fees and travel expenses.

The questionable practices here follow the same pattern of behavior that Judge Walker addressed – even though Klein and Morgan contend the respondent was properly noticed, he was not. According to Chapter 37 of the Texas Penal code, falsifying court documents, grand perjury, and tampering with governmental records are frowned upon in a court of law.

By the way, you’re invited to the hearing! We’re anxious to see if Judge Floyd follows Judge Walker’s lead and addresses this pattern of behavior. We may have some other surprises for Philip and John in this hearing, too, so bring a friend!

Philip’s 2nd grievance

As promised, Philip R. Klein did indeed file another grievance against our attorney Jeffrey Dorrell over his review of Philip’s book on I posted his book report and commentary here, and followed with an update here.

In this review, Jeffrey compared Philip’s writing skills to those of Lucy Ricardo. As noted, Jeffrey got an A+ for his book report, but Philip got an F.

After sending a complaint to our attorney’s law firm at the wrong address (see update linked above), Philip filed a second grievance against our attorney with the State Bar of Texas. True to the pattern of behavior documented by Judge Walker, Philip Klein alleged that Jeffrey’s critical review of his book constituted stalking and is evidence of Jeffrey’s “concerted effort” to “slander” Philip and “further his stalking agenda.”

The State Bar found that Klein’s complaint was groundless and filed it as an “inquiry.”

Read the decision and Klein’s original complaint here.

Full transcript of Jan. 13 hearing

I’ve published a portion of this transcript before that contained Philip’s testimony. You can read that posting here

As noted, Philip apparently perjured himself in this testimony, since his story continues to evolve. 

Read the full transcript here.

The Media Mikes Interview

A relatively unknown website, Media Mikes, published an interview with Philip concerning his new book, Lost In Space: The Hunt for Philip Klein’s Brain. You can read the interview and all comments here.

The site allows comments, so when readers began questioning some of Philip’s conspiracy theories, he typically responded with gibberish to distract readers from the original questions.

One of my readers posted a link to the discussion (many thanks, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous) in my comments section. After I checked the thread, I posted my own comment.

Gus Pillsbury says:
April 13, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Hi, Philip! Someone posted a link to this discussion on my blog today – I’m sure you’ve seen the blog, since you’ve been actively trying to sue Sam and I for almost three years now.

How’s that grand perjury investigation going? I heard your attorney may be facing a grand perjury charge of his own, based on his performance in a Jefferson County courtroom this week. Of course, all of this is just hearsay and rumor at this point, at least until the grand jury meets.

I had to laugh at some of your responses – quite typical, don’t you think? If only these people knew you like those of us in Southeast Texas know you!

I see you’ve apparently invented some new details about your past experience. If there is interest, I’ll post the case numbers to the PRK Enterprises bankruptcies on those Dairy Queens, the defamation suits filed against you, and other litigation to which you’ve been a party. Oh, and there is the Texas Supreme Court decision concerning In Re John Does 1 and 2, where the justices determined that your evidence was “sketchy.” These background items put your responses in proper perspective.

Anyway, I digress. You wrote:

> What you are witnessing is a classic misinformation
> campaign by those that have an agenda.

What I’m witnessing is a classic attempt at changing the subject.

When questioned about several of your book’s central theses concerning the Coast Guard and DNA reports, you either referenced non-existent investigations or documents not available.

When questioned about the documents, you eventually posted some materials that don’t corroborate your claims.

When questioned about that, you now claim you are the victim of a conspiracy and a misinformation campaign.

Back to the original subjects, these are the questions you seem to be avoiding:

1) How did confirm that the original DNA sample sent from Mexico really belonged to Patrick McDermott? As far as I can tell, you took the word of an unidentified person who called you on the phone. This does not constitute a valid chain of evidence and would never stand up in any court of law.

2) The Coast Guard documents produced all agree that McDermott probably disappeared at sea. You even stated that the Coast Guard investigation was ongoing when all of the documents clearly say the investigation was over. If McDermott did indeed fall, slip, or jumped, there would be no body to confirm his death, hence the Coast Guard’s statement that McDermott was probably lost at sea.

3) While you’ve alleged that the motive behind the disappearance is a small 100K insurance policy, you also stated that no claim was ever made on the policy.
Since these are essential to the central theses of your book, you should have some sort of documentation that backs up your claims. On the other hand, you’ve never been big on actually investigating false rumors before publishing. Remember Klein v. Gillem?

Radar Online posted the original documents from the Coast Guard investigation. You can read them here:

As noted, they determined that “the evidence suggests that [McDermott] was lost at sea.”

Philip, I noticed that you didn’t publish that purported fax from “Cacma D.” Radar Online also published that:

Philip has a rather interesting approach to the English language with frequent misspellings and mangled sentence structures, as you can tell by his postings above. Ironically, the syntax of this fax is quite similar to Philip’s odd syntax, too. Draw your own conclusions.

How’s your little dog doing?

Philip immediately posted this response within 35 minutes:

Philip Klein says:
April 13, 2012 at 4:24 pm

To All :

Good afternoon – I am sad to announce that I have been advised by legal counsel that I must stop participating in this blog. We are in litigation with the pen name Gus Pillsbury and it would not be approprate for me to participate under the rules laid out by our new legal counsel. Thanks for the questions – I will not be monitoring this site nor will I be participating any longer. Thank you again.

Philip R. Klein

My response from yesterday:

Gus Pillsbury says:
April 14, 2012 at 9:07 am

Aw, Philip, come back and play. I hope it wasn’t something I said!

But, this is quite typical, too. One of your standard operating procedures when faced with questions you can’t answer is to take your toys and go home, then blame it on your attorney because you’re in a “lawsuit and can’t comment.” We can talk about it and so can you.

By the way, Philip, we’ll meet your new attorney at the hearing this Friday, Apr 20th. That’s the motion on sanctions we’re seeking against you and your former attorney for making up stuff. Will he be there, too, or do you think he may be in jail on that grand perjury charge?

Special note to Philip: We’re still waiting on those autographed copies of the book. You can send them to us in care of our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell. Be sure and send them to the firm’s home office in Houston and not the satellite office in Laredo.

The Southeast Texas Record

The Southeast Texas Record published this editorial last week on related matters in Klein et al. v. Google. et al.:

King Coon versus Kleinzilla
4/10/2012 2:00 PM

It couldn't happen to two more deserving people.

It's kind of like watching King Kong and Godzilla square off. You don't know who to root for because they're both threatening, but you're hoping the battle lasts long enough for the monsters to destroy each other.

They lose, the world wins and it becomes a more pleasant place for ordinary people to live. Fade to black, roll credits.

What happened in this particular scenario was that Philip Klein went Coon-hunting, and now Brett Coon's hunting Klein. With luck, they'll both may be hunted down.

The problem is, Klein and Coon can dish it out, but neither one can take the reverse.
Klein once invoked the First Amendment to defend himself against a defamation suit relating to posts on his Southeast Texas Political Review blog. In a separate incident, he subsequently sued Google, et al. to ascertain the names of anonymous bloggers he claimed were posting defamatory comments about him.

Back in 2007, when we first launched the Southeast Texas Record, Beaumont attorney Coon, unaccustomed to having his legal gamesmanship scrutinized, began a campaign of harassment against us that included frivolous litigation. Now he's accusing Philip Klein of engaging in the very same kind of activity against him.

Priceless, isn't it?

Last May, Klein petitioned the court to have Coon included in his suit against Google, alleging that someone at Coon's firm had emailed the anonymous bloggers who had so infuriated Klein with negative attacks on the immense but shoddy fortress of his self-esteem.

Recently, Coon filed a motion for sanctions against Klein because of that petition, calling the litigation frivolous. He's seeking $6,000 in attorney's fees and court costs, plus $4,000 for inconvenience and harassment, and $257.45 in out-of-pocket expenses. Every penny of that 45 cents is important.

Klein insists the petition is not frivolous.

We will wait patiently to see how it turns out. We're looking forward to the sequels, featuring alleged victims of frivolous lawsuits filed by King Coon and Kleinzilla.

Comparing Philip to a giant lizard with a reptilian sense of morality is indeed priceless – the staff at the Southeast Texas Record have outdone themselves.

As it turned out, Klein approached Coon and the two parties settled out of court. Read more about that here.  You may have noticed that Philip has purged any mention of Brent Coon from the pages of The Southeast Texas Political review.

Kleinzilla’s special statement

Today, Philip posted this special statement on the Southeast Texas Political Review, where he announced that he’s dropping his lawsuit against Sam the Eagle and me. Sam has his own take and I’ll not presume to speak for Sam. You can read Sam’s commentary here on the Sam the Eagle Political Review.

While Philip is dropping this lawsuit, we are not – we fully intend to pursue the sanctions mentioned above and perhaps more. Join us in Judge Floyd’s courtroom on Friday and see for yourself.

I suspect that with the developments over the past two weeks, PRK thinks he can circumvent these investigations into the perjured testimony and forged documents by pulling the suit. 

Special - From The Editor

Over three years ago - myself and the Southeast Texas Political Review began a legal attempt to uncover the persons responsible for two sites being Operation Kleinwatch and Sam The Eagle. Both sites posted pictures, reposted copyrighted photos and articles - as well as attacked my family, took photos of my home, my back yard and suggested other vile things about not only myself - but my family. All because I have a differing opinion in politics.

The facts of the case are simple. We petitioned the court to allow us to give us the IP addresses of the two from Google. And in fact, Google agreed. Then the two blogspots jumped into the suit and blocked it. Thus started an up and down fight in the district courts to the appeals courts and back and forth for three years.

The blogspots hired a good lawyer. In fact, he is a very smart lawyer that we recognize will keep the suit up and down in the justice system for years to come. Why? Well read on. Jeff Dorrell has done a masterful job. But he too has crossed many lines - of which he will answer for some day - not with the state bar - because they are about as useful as a nail in the road. But a larger power than me or this site. Again - as a lawyer he has done a masterful job and should be patted on the back. He has found a way to keep it in court for years to come.

You learn really quickly if you last name is Klein that there are some things that are going happen - and some things that are not.

There are two reasons today that I announce that we will be dismissing our 202 this week as soon as our lawyers can file the paperwork. And I will list them for you without fear :

1) There is no way that myself, my firm, my family or anything associated with me can get a fair trial in Jefferson County Texas under any judge. No way - no how. With the exception of maybe one - who I hold a firm dear respect for - none of them would ever represent themselves fairly towards me. Whether it is political pressure - or whether it is simply a hate of me for exposing what goes on in Jefferson County - I cannot get a fair shake based upon the law. I am friends with many judges around Texas that laugh at what goes on Jefferson County. The Jefferson County justice system is a joke that is about who you know - and NOT the law. Or the law is bent to shape it to you. All I can say is thank God for the 9th.

2) As much as I don't see myself as a public figure - I may in fact be a public person at this point. The web site is now hitting over 5 million page views a year. I am editorial contributor to FOX local, have contacts with CNN and FOX and other national media companies. I have now written a book. This in itself opens the door to a new legal world for me. And opens the door for the two blogsites to say and do what they want. I understand that.

So with that - the end is here. Thanks to John S. Morgan and other lawyers who worked on this case from Austin to Houston. Abberline Group for the internet advice and monitoring. And most of all my family.

As the Klein's got together Saturday and I told everyone the news they all looked down and said : "Oh boy here we go." And I told them "yes" here we go. We will be attacked by two spineless persons that have more to lose by giving their names than they do by being honest. And I told them that many really really get that in the community. They will continue to attack me, the family and our companies and I am told since I am a public figure I am now fair game. So let it begin.

As for the copywrite issues on images - that will be fought in New York upcoming. We will talk about that in a few months.

Lastly, one other announcement.

The justice system does not work for me - being a citizen with a web blog. In another county or state - it would. Even some other countries. So the way I look at it - if the justice system does not work - it is time to fix the justice system. And I will be a part of that in a movement that has begun in the grassroots in Jefferson County with the black community, the tea party and a few other special interest groups that have had enough of the court system (s) in Jefferson County.

There will be more on that later this year. In the meantime - thank you for reading - and as we said when we announced the lawsuit over the years ago - thank you for your support and readership. I cannot say that enough.

As you can see, Klein’s messiah complex and NPD are showing again, but I’d especially like to address a couple of points.

This blog does not exist because I differ with Philip on politics - in fact, there are times that I agree with him. As I have maintained from the very beginning, this blog exists to document the falsehoods and hearsay rumor stated as fact by Philip Klein. A secondary mission is to satirize his statements and ridicule the village idiot. In the time-honored political tradition of anonymous criticism, this is done under my nom de plume, Gus Pillsbury.

Regarding this statement:

Both sites posted pictures, reposted copyrighted photos and articles - as well as attacked my family, took photos of my home, my back yard and suggested other vile things about not only myself - but my family. All because I have a differing opinion in politics.

As noted at the beginning of this long posting, PRK’s statement is another example of a pattern of deceit and vague allegations not supported by evidence. The real reason that Klein’s petition failed is that he could produce no examples whatsoever that we attacked his family, took pictures of his home, and suggested vile things about him and his family.

There are two instances where I referenced Philip’s family.

In the early days of this blog, I posted a disclaimer that I was not associated in any way with Philip, his family, his many legal entities, or any other organizations with whom he is involved.  I listed these individually including his family members, Jacob’s House, and PRK Enterprises. I did this to underscore my lack of involvement with anyone associated with Philip R. Klein. 

When Caroline Klein entered the public arena with an editorial posted to the Southeast Texas Political Review, I responded with an open letter to Caroline (read it here). Readers can decide for themselves whether I attacked Caroline personally, or whether I simply offered a rebuttal from another perspective. I’ve referenced that letter in several other postings and included as evidence in our pleadings concerning Klein et al. v. Google, et al.

On those “vile things” that Philip referenced, the only example he offered during the proceedings had to do with my satire concerning his “Pet Lover” segment on the MSNBC webcast. It’s linked on the sidebar. I originally posted a parody of Dog Fancy magazine with Philip and his little dog on the cover. The caption: “Fat men who love their dogs too much.” Actually, I introduced this as evidence in my original response to his petition to counter Klein’s vague allegations.

I’ve since updated this parody to reflect Philip’s concern. You can see the updated version in the sidebar. I think I captured PRK’s position fairly, but you can decide for yourself.

Readers can freely comment on the rest of Klein’s special statement in the comments section.

Apr 4, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Mr. Crawfish

Philip R. Klein is a liar
This afternoon, Brent Coon and his attorney, Jason Cansler, agreed to a resolution concerning their motion for sanctions against Philip R. Klein. The hearing originally scheduled for April 5, 2012, has been canceled.

Read the notice of cancellation here.

We’re not allowed to talk about the settlement brokered between Brent and Philip at this point, but we’re quite satisfied with the agreement - even more so since Brent Coon and his associates have nothing to do with our blogs and has been an innocent victim of PRK’s rabid imagination.

Apparently, Philip felt a bit uncomfortable appearing in court, armed with perjurious prior testimony and tampered-with documentary evidence.

While we’re very happy with the terms, I confess that I’m a little disappointed – I was looking forward to an old-fashioned tar and feathering tomorrow, but instead we’ll only see a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

However, the party isn't over just yet - Philip is awaiting a list of demands from our attorney.

Apr 3, 2012

A Special Invitation to my Readers!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I had the wrong time in the original version that I posted last night. Philip and his cutthroat attorney, John Morgan, change the times and dates on these hearings more frequently than they change their underwear, so that we'll get confused and miss the hearing. It almost worked this time, but fortunately, our attorney caught the mistake. Note the correct time is 8:45 am.

Sam the Eagle and I cordially invite you to attend a hearing this  Thursday, April 5, 2012, at 8:45 am in the 172nd District Courtroom of the Hon. Judge Donald Floyd.

Philip R. Klein will testify as to how he allegedly tracked an email purportedly sent from Brent Coon’s law offices.

Here’s your official invitation.

In this motion, Brent Coon and his attorney Jason Cansler are seeking sanctions against Philip R. Klein amounting to approximately $10,000 in attorney fees, costs for inconvenience and harassment, and out of pocket expenses. 

Note the evidence concerning the spurious email which formed the basis for Philip’s Third Amended Petition.

After PRK’s attorney, John Morgan, requested more time to prepare, the original hearing date was moved from March 30, 2012, to this Thursday. This afternoon, Philip and Morgan filed this response.

You’ll see misspellings and mangled grammar throughout the document. Philip wrote this, not his attorney. The logical fallacies, circular reasoning, and lack of legal citations corroborate this. Furthermore, after studying PRK's writing technique for years, I'm absolutely certain that Philip was in meltdown mode when he wrote this piece of garbage.

Typically, Philip has changed his story again:
Mr. Klein never alleged that this email originated from Brent Coon & Associates, but instead he alleged that the act of defamation has been traced to the IP address for Brent Coon and Associates.
From Klein’s Third Amended petition:
The petitioners also seek to depose Shon Hodgeston of the Brent Coon & Associates law firm (B.C. Law Firm), who sent undersigned counsel an email stating that he was working on behalf of the "B.C", the man behind the B.C. Bloggers; and he was reporting to B.C. for direction on this matter. This email has been traced directly to the B.C. Law Firm.
From Klein’s sworn testimony during the January 13, 2012, hearing (transcript is here):
I think Mr. Coon needs to explain why e-mails from Operation Klein Watch are coming out of his facility and why one of his employees is working on the Operation Klein Watch site.
Klein has previously alleged that I am Brent Coon, Sam is Michael Harrison, and Shon Hodgeston (sic) uploads all of our blogs.

None of this is true, nor does Brent Coon and his associates have anything whatsoever to do with Operation Kleinwatch and The Sam The Eagle Political Review. Instead, Philip just made all of this up as you will see during this joyful celebration of Klein's stupidity. We also suspect that Philip may have forged this entire email, so don’t miss this hearing - spectators are welcome!

Sam posted a commentary on the nature of grand perjury and what it could mean. Read that here. I’m not sure what a perjury conviction would ultimately mean to Philip’s license as a private investigator, but I’m pretty sure the State of Texas doesn’t like felons who allegedly pass themselves off as FBI agents.

So, please make your plans to attend and bring a friend! I suspect you may see a few more surprises dropped on Philip during this hearing.

Special note to Philip: You’ll soon receive a bill from Jeffrey L. Dorrell, our attorney. We’re waiting to see whether you’ll be stamping license plates to raise the money, but Jeffrey has always wanted to own a seedy, broken-down private detective office in Nederland. He’s a big fan of Raymond Chandler.

Special note to my readers: Regardless of the rumors at the courthouse, neither Brent Coon nor Brian Sutton are involved in any capacity with our blogs. Reiterating, they have nothing to do with either Operation Kleinwatch or the Sam the Eagle Political Review.

Instead, we’re simply two old men who enjoy picking on bullies and fools who try to push themselves onto the public stage to express their vacuous and obtuse opinions.  We do have an edge on Philip, however - both of us  finished our college education and have real degrees.

Mar 21, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Cheese and Whine

Jeffrey Dorrell, the attorney who represents Sam and I, posted an review on the first release by Klein Publishing, Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files). Note this is the digital Kindle edition.

You can read more about Jeffrey’s book report in the article I published on March 19, 2012.

On March 20, 2012, Philip sent a letter via fax and a hard copy via USPS to Jeffrey’s firm, Escamilla, Poneck, and Cruz, LLC. In this letter, he complained about the book report. You can read all of Klein’s whiny letter here.

Among my favorite parts:

Lesson learned: when sending a complaint letter to an office full of attorneys, always spell “litigants” correctly, else the lawyers will think you’re a fool.

Philip also responded with his own review of Jeffrey's review (grammatical train wrecks are italicized):

To The Readers, March 20, 2012
By Philip R. Klein

This review is from: Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files) (Kindle Edition)

To The Reader : Thank you for considering buy our book. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - but in full disclosure - Mr. Dorrell is an attorney that we have a complaint against with the State Bar of Texas. This is his way of retaliation towards me and our team. As unethical as Mr. Dorrell is - and bringing a legal fight to a forum such as this says more about Mr. Dorrell. Along with Mr. Dorrell is his clients that have also written on this page. Again, we hope that you read the book and we hope that you draw your own conclusions. Thank you for considering to buy our book.

Another lesson learned:
when trying to convince potential readers that you're a credible author of a cheesy book, always use a proper infinitive, use proper punctuation, don't write in sentence fragments, and make sure all subjects and verbs agree, else the consumers will think you're a fool. Jeffrey got an A+ for his book report; Philip got an F.

Special note to Philip R. Klein: Regarding the lie that I've also "written on this page," I have not.

Furthermore, I haven't read the book, since you're apparently too cheap to send two autographed copies to Sam and I. You can send them to our attorney's attention at the same address where you sent your whiny letter, but please be sure and spell Jeffrey's name correctly.

You'll know when I leave my review, because I'll use my pen name, Gus Pillsbury.

On a side note, apparently isn't selling too many of the books, since they're now giving it away:

Any comment, Philip?

Mar 19, 2012

PRK: Book Reports and Lobbyists

Philip R. Klein gushes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

And there is a hero on this board and her name is Swati . And folks - this is what we talk about ALL OF THE TIME - IT STARTS WITH ONE HONEST PERSON.

Like Klein, Farhana Swati has a background in the fast food industry as owner of Swati Smoothies, whose corporate tax account with the State of Texas is not in good standing. She was also co-owner and managing director of Pak-Petro, Inc.

She’s also been romantically linked to former County Judge Carl Griffith, ignobly known as the Father of Ford Park and the only politician who ever appeared on Philip’s now-defunct radio show, heard occasionally in Beaumont on the late KOLE-AM when the wind blew from the south.

In the absence of Klein's full disclosure, this background information puts Philip’s sources on another purported "investigation” into the proper perspective:

Swati - who all of our sources and those close to the investigation tell the Review that she may end up being the hero that exposes and prevents one of the biggest attempted cover ups of a government agency in years.

Philip served as Judge Griffith’s rabid attack poodle for years. PRK wrote this shortly before Griffith pushed his boondoggle onto the citizens of Jefferson County without a popular vote:

Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.

My question to Klein is this: are you acting as a mouthpiece for a certain lobbyist and consultant? If so, is Farhana campaigning for Ronnie Linden’s seat?

Book Report

Philip hasn’t sent an autographed copy of his new book, Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott, to either Sam or I. Our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, always volunteers for the tough jobs, so here's his review of the first offering from Klein Publishing:
1.0 out of 5 stars I Want Three Hours of My Life Back, March 17, 2012
By Jeffrey L. Dorrell (Houston, Texas) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files) (Kindle Edition)

I want the three hours of my life back that I wasted slogging through this drivel before I finally shrieked and threw the book out the window. The tedium of the self-gratulating, first-person narrative is matched only by the author's comic-book reasoning and "evidence" so laughable even Senator Joe McCarthy would have been ashamed to use it.

This book reminded me of an episode of "I Love Lucy" in which Lucy Ricardo, convinced she was a brilliant writer, wrote a mystery novel. Ricky was shocked when a publisher approached Lucy to buy her spectacularly bad work. Lucy preened and gloated for a few days until she learned her book was to be used in a professor's textbook on writing skills--in a chapter entitled, "Don't Let This Happen to You." Like Lucy Ricardo, first-time author Philip Klein is apparently clueless about how jejune his book really is.

Hint No. 1: the publisher dropped it like a steaming horse apple, deleted Klein's contact information from its files, and fled into the Australian Outback. The question is: why didn't I?
Philip, the offer is still open: if you send two personally autographed copies to Jeffrey, Sam and I  promise to frequently mention how bad the book is. Furthermore, we promise to spell your name right.

Mar 17, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Foot in Mouth

On the landing page of the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein wrote:
Maness Opens His Political Mouth On County Security

"Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness told KFDM reporter Lindsey Kovacevich there is evidence the suspect tried and failed to breach courthouse security prior to the shootings. Maness told KFDM that is clear proof of the value of the courthouse security system, which has come under scrutiny in recent years."
Speaking of “political mouths,” Klein has both of his size 16 double-wide Nikes firmly lodged in place.

Before Philip posted this comment, the Beaumont Enterprise wrote:
The man accused in Wednesday's deadly courthouse shooting tried to get inside the courthouse - presumably into a courtroom - on at least two occasions prior to the shooting, Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness said on Friday.

Maness said security cameras show accused gunman Bartholomew Granger arriving at the courthouse before the doors opened, roughly four or five hours before the shootings, which killed one person and injured three others. Cameras also show Granger entering the courthouse and going through a security line.

"If we didn't have any security, he could have brought in a whole arsenal of weapons," Maness said. "That makes it 10 times worse if we didn't have courthouse security… It serves its purpose."
Philip previously commented on the security at the Jefferson County Courthouse:
We believe this courthouse security plan is the most ill deceived plan we have ever seen. In fact, it is embarrassing.
The most embarrassing thing here is that Philip R. Klein could be so insensitive to the safety of courthouse employees and the public.

Mar 15, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Voter Fraud

In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein berates Port Arthur City Councilmember John Beard for expressing his opinion on Facebook.

I looked for the posting, but couldn’t find it. Because of this, I’m not sure if the comments posted by Philip are actually what Councilmember Beard wrote. I’ve previously busted Klein for changing statements and documents.

More importantly, Philip’s hypocrisy is showing again. For someone who purportedly advocates lower taxes, fewer fees, and smaller and less-intrusive government, Philip now supports more laws.

Of course, the state will charge premium fees for voter ID cards with pictures for those citizens who don’t have a drivers license, passport, or concealed handgun license. This is called disenfranchising voters and the Supreme Court rejected poll taxes a long time ago. Fees for voter IDs should be rejected, too.

John Beard, Jr: "It's not a question of citizenship, or location, but one of due process. And I hardly think the so called "shredding of right" was a purely Obama phenomena? But I others your history doesn't go back beyond the last 3, 4 years......Quote figures, and finger point all you like, but where' the hard core "proof" of fraud? "

Philip R. Klein: Huh? What?
As Sam the Eagle and I have frequently pointed out, Philip has a hard time keeping up with big words like “citizenship,” “phenomena,” or “history.”

Let me make this perfectly clear: Since Attorney General Greg Abbott (who wants to be governor in 2014) announced three years ago that an epidemic of voter fraud is sweeping Texas, the AG’s office has prosecuted only 26 cases – all of them Democrats, and all but one a minority.

Surely the state legislature has more important things to consider, like equitably funding our state education system.

John Beard, Jr: "Refugees, political prisoners, criminals and misfits cast out Of England by the King, fleeing religious persecution. A nation founded on immigrants, with a sprinkling of slaves and native Americans.....Yep, dats US!"

Philip Klein: Are you kidding us - an elected official of Jefferson County talks like this?
This question comes from the same person who wrote yesterday: “Rumors ran rampit in the media that a gun had gotten into the courthouse.” John Beard used common slang as a literary device; Philip Klein mangled the English language out of ignorance.

John Beard, Jr: English is not the "official" language. There has been no legislation establishing it as such. As for ID to vote, such measures could be also abused by those wanting to intimidate or suppress voter participation. But if used as a means of registering, verification should be required, but there's the issue of false DL's and other ID cards. As stated, the key is better enforcement of current laws, but that's too politically sensitive to various constituencies."

Philip R. Klein: There are many times we would have something to say - but not this time. We are simply in shock. Real shock folks. We have a sitting city council member that ...... never mind - you fill in the blanks.
Filling in the blanks: Philip R. Klein can’t defend his own position with a valid argument, so he resorted to a fallacy of logic: an appeal to ridicule. Show me a point, Philip

Our point?

1) The United States of America is made of people. Not races, religions or creeds.
This has nothing to do with voter registration, but Philip typically missed the point. The U.S. is made of people of all races, religions, and creeds.  See the next point.

2) To cash a check, buy a beer, to drive, to fly on a plane or to do anything - you must have an ID with a picture.
I flew to Miami a month ago and never showed an ID. I drank a beer while waiting for the return flight home and never showed an ID. I visited the Jefferson County Courthouse last week and never showed an ID.

Airlines, restaurants, and government buildings have figured out ways of accommodating real American citizens without restricting them to single ID cards and as a fundamental constitutional right, so should elections.

The 15th Amendment prohibits voter discrimination, and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was passed to reinforce that amendment.

Cashing checks, buying beer, or flying in airplanes aren’t freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. People who love the Constitution shouldn't equate buying beer with our right to vote.

As our recent lawsuit showed, Philip only supports his own constitutional rights. He apparently believes that others shouldn't have the right to ridicule Philip, and voting should be restricted to fat, white men with multiple divorces and bankruptcies.

Mar 14, 2012

Philip R. Klein on the Courthouse Shooter

Let’s review Philip R. Klein’s multiple postings about the tragedy on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse today. The Southeast Texas Record, the Beaumont Enterprise, KBMT-12, and KFDM-6 all have the real story.

Readers may want to check the Southeast Texas Political Review right now, since I suspect that Philip has often changed his articles in the past after I’ve busted him.

Philip’s has exploited this tragedy for his own vanity and to sensationalize the shooting in the “most corrupt county in Texas.”  His first posting today:

Active Shooter 

These are the facts from officials inside the Jefferson County Courthouse as of this minute.
  1. There is an active shooter in the area of the courthouse.
  2. There are two persons dead.
  3. There are five (possibly more as they to triage and searches) in the area of the courthouse.
Officials are asking that everyone stay away from downtown. Police consider this an active shooting situation at this time as the rule out all possible attackers. Further, all persons inside the courthouse are sheltering in place and are advised not to move.

A command center for EMS and Fire - and police has been established on Milam. EMS Requesting units to the courthouse that are upset and having medical ONLY ISSUES. No others are shot.
In reality, there was only one fatality and three wounded.

I have no idea what Klein meant by “Police consider this an active shooting situation at this time as the rule out all possible attackers.”  Presumably, Philip believed that Beaumont Police were searching for the shooter by interrogating innocent bystanders. During this active shooting, I suspect the BPD found the shooter by following the sound of gunfire.

Next, Philip began a series of so-called updates – these are in the order in which they appeared on the Southeast Texas Political Review (reverse chronological order, with the most recent as the first posting): 

UPDATED: According to law enforcement sources - the shooter has been shot - is critical. His last name is Bartholmeau - and was taken to St. E's hospital. The courthouse area will be locked down for now and employees will be dismissed later this afternoon.
Actually, the last name of the shooter was Granger, and he was wounded slightly by police as he drove away from the courthouse. After taking hostages in a building on Neches street, Granger eventually surrendered without further shooting.

Philip did get part of the name somewhat right – Granger’s first name was Bartholomew.

UPDATE: One law enforcement source tells the Review that the Shooter is down. He is described as a 25 year old male. Trauma alert to St. E's Beaumont. EMS and Fire going on stand down.
Granger was 41 years old and as noted above, he was never down but surrendered to police.

UPDATE: Still considered an active crime scene. Jefferson County Courthouse Shut Down "For the Day." Employees being allowed to go home shortly as soon as area is cleared." All judges secured. The 25 year old male considered "Critical" - possibly the shooter.
In Philip’s last update of the day (the first posted above), employees were not allowed to leave until later in the afternoon. In this second update of the morning, employees were to go home as soon as “the area is cleared.”

UPDATE: A 25 year old male is enroute to St. E's with multi gunshots - one to the head from the area of a warehouse. It is unknown if he was shot by police. The only description is that he is a 25 year old man with multi-gun shots.
Philip’s first update is the only one that references, albeit obliquely, the running gun battle and hostage situation.  However, all of the shootings took place at the courthouse, and the fatality being transported was a 79-year-old female.

Readers can speculate for themselves about the origin of PRK's many mistakes. The only thing he really got right was the location and nature of the incident: a shooter at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

I see four possible explanations for Philip's gibberish: 
  1. Someone fed him a lot of disinformation. 
  2. Philip doesn’t listen very well and missed the salient details.
  3. He didn’t know what the big words meant while pirating content from the web.
  4. He just made the details up.
The shooter never made it inside the courthouse - if so, I suspect the casualty list would have been much higher.

I won’t revisit Philip’s previous comments about the security at the Jefferson County Courthouse (at least in this posting), but in my opinion, Klein owes them a big apology.  I thank the officers of the courthouse security staff, the Beaumont PD, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office for their work today.

LAGNIAPPE: Here’s one of Philip R. Klein’s do-it-yourself videos on how courthouse terrorists can get around the security.

Philip R. Klein: A Brief Musical Interlude

Philip R. Klein wrote (badly) on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Wisdom - Eddins Must Be Sat Now
Gerald Eddins will probably make a great judge - he showed great wisdom by suing Philip in a defamation suit concerning PRK's fictitious story about Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam.

Considering Klein's mastery of the English language, however, here's an appropriate song for Philip.

Mar 12, 2012

Special Notice

While I hardly ever moderate comments (all readers are responsible for their own), I've removed a comment today allegedly left by someone named Brad Bacom.

Instead, I'll post it here with a caveat: this may or may not be the real Brad Bacom:
It amazes me how bold some people are while hiding behind the name "Anonymous". Maybe some people are ashamed of their name. Or maybe they want to make accusations without any evidence or truth so they have to hide their identity and thus not have to stand behind their slurs. That smacks of cowardice.

Brad bacom
I have no way to verify the origin of this comment  and I'm a little skeptical that someone would reference their last name in lower case.

As of 2009, Texas law prohibits impersonating someone else on the internet with the intent to harm, threaten, intimidate, or defraud. Read more about this law here.

One of the fundamental freedoms upon which this country was founded is the right of anonymous criticism without fear of reprisal. This concept is so critical to the nature of our republic that's it's codified in the Bill of Rights as the very First Amendment for a reason.

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed this right in numerous cases, and we've fought our own action in the Texas Supreme Court to preserve this right. Read more about In Re John Does 1 and 2 here.

I'm certainly sensitive to the opinion purportedly expressed by Mr. Bacom.  I've frequently busted Philip for manufacturing quotes from "anonymous sources who wish to remain anonymous."  In other cases, he publishes gossip as fact with a reckless disregard for the truth.

Philip has harassed those who  criticize him under their own names. I've documented several such cases, and in a recent example, he's apparently threatening to sue people who leave negative comments about his poorly written and factually deficient book. Other incidents involve my own readers who left comments under their own name in the past.

Using one's real name doesn't make an argument any more credible. The Federalist Papers provides one such example. A best seller in the last decade, Primary Colors, is another example.

For the best example, though, see the Southeast Texas Political Review. Philip is the idiot who didn't introduce any evidence at his own evidentiary hearing to back up his outlandish claims. 

Since Sam and I have incurred legal costs of approximately $150,000 to preserve your rights to anonymously criticize the town idiot on this blog, please honor the freedoms afforded us by the U.S. Constitution and refrain from using your real names.

However, with freedom comes responsibility when exercising your First Amendment rights. It's entirely okay to say that you think Philip is a liar, but it's illegal to make up something that you know to be false about Philip and post as fact.

The bottom line is that PRK provides so much fodder that one doesn't need to make anything up - when it comes to Philip R. Klein, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. to Philip Klein: It's too late to make nice, Philip. We have a list of demands, which you can find posted on the Sam The Eagle Political Review here.

Mar 7, 2012

Philip R. Klein and Emma Jean Hardy


An open letter to PRK

Dear Philip;

I’ve noticed that you’ve not mentioned this arrest in Port Arthur.

In the past, you’ve splashed these stories concerning sex between students and educators across the pages of the Southeast Texas Political Review as evidence of corruption in Jefferson County.  

Some of us would like to know about the nature of your relationship with Emma Jean Hardy and why you haven’t mentioned this – please explain.

From the Houston Press:
57-Year-Old High School Employee Caught Sexing Student in Van

By John Nova Lomax
Tue., Jan. 10 2012 at 7:01 AM

Port Arthur police say they caught Emma Jean Hardy, a 57-year-old employee of the town's Memorial High School, having sex with a 17-year-old student in a van Sunday night.

According to published reports, a Port Arthur cop investigated a suspicious vehicle parked on the city's très romantique seawall near downtown. On looking inside, he claims to have seen Hardy engaging in sexual activities with the student.

Police say that Hardy was not a teacher at the school, and the school's Web site lists a Jean Hardy as its registrar.

Since the student is of legal age, Hardy is not charged with any form of statutory rape. Instead, she is charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. If convicted, she would not have to register as a sex offender.

The student himself was charged with public lewdness and was released after posting $250 bail.

Now that she's been charged with a crime, Hardy's Facebook page seems a little bit creepy.

It displays a woman obsessed with the sports teams at her high school, as well as the continuing careers of Port Arthur's college and pro athletes, and while there's nothing wrong with that, a young woman laughingly chided the content of her folders thusly:

"You and these Butt shots Mrs. Hardy!! I ? THEM! =)"

"Lol," came the registrar's response.

Elsewhere, Hardy can be seen celebrating with Memorial's players on the field after what looked like big wins. In those pics, the jolly-faced redhead looks like nothing so much as the world's oldest cheerleader ready for a post-game date with the star player.

Hardy also has over 1,200 friends, many of whom seem to be either current students or recent graduates at her school. In short, she seems like a woman who wanted a do-over for her high school years, and if police are correct, that includes the lover's lane make-out sessions.

Mar 3, 2012

Philip and the Hand Jive

What is Philip R. Klein doing with his right hand?

Feb 26, 2012

Under Construction Again!

I'm currently redoing this site, devoted to fact-checking the town idiot, Philip R. Klein and the Southeast Texas Political Review. 

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about PRK's articles and public statements in the comments section while work continues.

Feb 7, 2012

For PRK: Hi Ho, Silver

From the Southeast Texas Record:
Philip Klein's quest to unmask his nemeses ends in defeat

"Who was that masked man?"

Nearly every episode of a long-lived and beloved radio and TV western ended with that question -- and its answer, the name of the title character: "The Lone Ranger."

Of course, "The Lone Ranger" was merely a nom de guerre. No one but Tonto, his faithful Indian companion, knew his real name.

The Lone Ranger was the first of a long line of masked defenders of truth, justice and the American way. The Phantom followed, then Superman, Batman and countless others.

"Why do they conceal their true identities?" "What do they have to hide?" "Are they lawmen or outlaws?"

Those are the questions asked of all costumed crime fighters - the same questions asked of anonymous bloggers, as well.

Why would bloggers want to conceal their true identities? To protect themselves and their loved ones from intimidation, ambush and reprisal is one good reason.

The motives don't really matter because the American legal system has long recognized that our constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech includes anonymous publication.

Local political blogger Philip Klein is an erratic defender of free speech. He's in favor of it for himself, but not for others.

Klein invoked the First Amendment to defend himself against a defamation suit filed by a public official objecting to posts on Klein's Southeast Texas Political Review blog.

Then Klein went to court to try to get the names of bloggers posting anonymously about him, so he could sue them for defamation.

Fortunately for the bloggers, and for the rest of us, the Supreme Court of Texas affirmed a federal law prohibiting the unauthorized identification of internet service subscribers.

Last month, a local judge denied Klein's petition to take depositions in the case.

So, who were those masked men (or women) posting about him? Philip Klein may never know. And that's the way it should be.

Hi ho, Silver!
This editorial is greatly appreciated, but the real hero is our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell.

Although Philip and his counsel, John Morgan, tried to make an end run around the First Amendment with some highly unethical legal maneuvers, Jeffrey eloquently argued our constitutional right to ridicule the town idiot anonymously.

As the editors of the Southeast Texas Record noted, our reasons for remaining anonymous are not germane. And this is a fundamental principal upon which the United States was founded.
PRK is now memorialized in the Southwest Reporter as In Re Does 1&2, 337 S.W.862, 863. He’s footnoted as an idiot whose world view doesn’t extend past his own ego, and who didn't introduce any evidence to back up his outrageous allegations at his own evidentiary hearing.

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Feb 4, 2012

Open Letter to Philip R. Klein

Dear Philip;

You should  add this website to your next lawsuit.  It's hard to argue that you're not a public figure with this kind of exposure.



Jan 30, 2012

We Beat Philip R. Klein!

After two-and-a-half years, Judge Donald Floyd of the 172nd District Court denied Philip R. Klein's 202 petition that would have authorized Google to release account information about this blog and the Sam The Eagle Political Review blog. According to our research, we believe this to be the longest-running 202 petition in the history of Texas jurisprudence:

In the original petition, PRK sought a court order that would have forced Google to release our account information on Operation Kleinwatch and the Sam the Eagle Political Review.
We mandamused Judge Floyd on his original decision to allow an illegal subpoena of this information from Google. After the 9th Court of Appeals upheld Judge Floyd's decision, we filed our mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court.

The high court reversed Judge Floyd's decision and held that releasing this information without an evidentiary hearing on the merits of Klein's arguments was indeed improper. The court rebuked Philip and noted that his allegations and evidence were "sketchy," and with their decision, the court set precedence in Texas on the proper use of these 202 petitions.

The decision is now published in the Southwest Reporter and I'm forever known as John Doe 1. Philip R. Klein now known forever as serial abuser of our state courts.
The order was rescinded and remanded back to Judge Floyd. After repeated attempts by our attorneys and much foot-dragging by Philip R. Klein and his attorney, John S. Morton, Esq., an evidentiary hearing was held on Jan. 17, in which PRK introduced NO evidence to support his claims that we invaded his privacy, stole his copyrighted work, inflicted emotional duress on him and his family, or defamed him.

We did, however, admit that we posted a parody of a dog magazine with Philip on the front cover - the title of the article: "Fat Men Who Love Their Dogs Too Much," as a parody of this piece from MSNBC. Draw your own conclusions, but according to Philip's arguments, he apparently believes we exposed his penchant for dating farm animals.

Special and Important Notes

Firstly, to our attorney, Jeffrey L. Dorrell: You are the best! Your well-executed arguments were spot on and deadly. As we've discussed, watching your filings go by was analagous to watching someone drop pianos on Philip from a 10-story window. I don't have the words (believe it or not) to express the gratitude I feel over your participation.

Thank you, Jeffrey, truly you are the real hero in all of this! I salute your dedication to protecting our First Amendment rights. And, reading your written arguments served as an important intellectual respite from Philip's childish, but mind-numbing gibberish.
To Philip R. Klein: the original thesis of this blog still stands - you are a scurrilous piece of human flotsam. I'm now absolutely sure you're a liar, as our attorneys showed when cross-examining you under oath.

Really, no one believes that new story you concocted about surveiling Brent Coon's office - unless one has X-ray and telescopic vision (which I'm sure you believe you do), no one can read a computer monitor through a window from 100 feet away when the monitor is actually facing away from the window.

Philip, eat my shorts.

To Brent Coon and the other named parties in this suit:
I am sorry that all of you were dragged into this suit, based on Philip's wild and crazy speculations. As I've repeatedly pointed out on this blog, I'm not associated in any way with you, nor do I even know you.

These claims are more representative of Philip's emotional problems and poor self-esteem - he obviously believes he's much too important to be ridiculed by one old man and a free blogger account. I'm truly sorry for the time and emotional energy you've had to expend, but I greatly appreciate your patience and support.

Your attorney Jason Cansler deserves special thanks, too - Jason and Jeffrey gutted Philip on the stand. Thanks!

To my readers:
It's safe to come out again! I can't tell you how much your support meant to me. I've (literally) heard from hundreds of people in the past several years, many with their own stories about Philip. Many have signed their names and some of those truly stunned me. I don't think I realized how many people that Philip has wronged, either through his words or deeds, in the past years. Without that support, this blog couldn't go on - for this I am truly grateful.

I sincerely apologize for letting the blog go dark over the past months. I originally intended this blog as an entertaining hobby. As this suit wore on, I spent way too much of my own personal time and energy fighting Philip in the courts and my interest in keeping this blog up-to-date waned. I really am an old man who enjoys ridiculing idiots who insist upon thrusting themselves into the middle of any debate.

And, I hit a wall - after several years of deconstructing Philip's spurious arguments, exposing his blatant lies, and uncovering his hidden agendas, I discovered that Philip just kept repeating the same tired allegations.

For example, I've lost count of the number of times that Philip has claimed Judge Layne Walker was "under investigation" and that "charges are pending." I suspect that Philip's most recent attack on Judge Walker has more to do with the custody suit brought by John Morgan, Philip's attorney, against his ex-wife, than Philip's silly "investigations."

Roughly 3,000 people followed this blog regularly during it's most active periods, so I have this to say: there is more to come, so check back regularly. I've only just begun - look for an extreme makeover of this blog in the next few months.

As a special preview, I plan to review Philip's forthcoming book on Patrick McDermott's underwear. That is, if the book ever sees print. According to popular rumor, Philip's contract with an Australian publishing firm was canceled after pre-sale orders were so abysmal that the publishers realized no one cared about Philip R. Klein and his paid vacations to Cabo San Lucas and L.A.

And lastly, to my cohort and friend, Sam the Eagle:
Sam, if only we could tell the whole story! Though I had no idea who you were before Philip filed this lawsuit, you've become a close and valued friend in the past 30 months.

Thanks for occasionally saying some things that I felt uncomfortable saying - as you know, I don't use profanity, but sometimes your four-letter words are more devastating than pages of my meanderings.

Job well done, Sam! Should we invite Philip when we offer a toast to the next five years of ridicule and satire?