Mar 21, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Cheese and Whine

Jeffrey Dorrell, the attorney who represents Sam and I, posted an review on the first release by Klein Publishing, Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files). Note this is the digital Kindle edition.

You can read more about Jeffrey’s book report in the article I published on March 19, 2012.

On March 20, 2012, Philip sent a letter via fax and a hard copy via USPS to Jeffrey’s firm, Escamilla, Poneck, and Cruz, LLC. In this letter, he complained about the book report. You can read all of Klein’s whiny letter here.

Among my favorite parts:

Lesson learned: when sending a complaint letter to an office full of attorneys, always spell “litigants” correctly, else the lawyers will think you’re a fool.

Philip also responded with his own review of Jeffrey's review (grammatical train wrecks are italicized):

To The Readers, March 20, 2012
By Philip R. Klein

This review is from: Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files) (Kindle Edition)

To The Reader : Thank you for considering buy our book. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - but in full disclosure - Mr. Dorrell is an attorney that we have a complaint against with the State Bar of Texas. This is his way of retaliation towards me and our team. As unethical as Mr. Dorrell is - and bringing a legal fight to a forum such as this says more about Mr. Dorrell. Along with Mr. Dorrell is his clients that have also written on this page. Again, we hope that you read the book and we hope that you draw your own conclusions. Thank you for considering to buy our book.

Another lesson learned:
when trying to convince potential readers that you're a credible author of a cheesy book, always use a proper infinitive, use proper punctuation, don't write in sentence fragments, and make sure all subjects and verbs agree, else the consumers will think you're a fool. Jeffrey got an A+ for his book report; Philip got an F.

Special note to Philip R. Klein: Regarding the lie that I've also "written on this page," I have not.

Furthermore, I haven't read the book, since you're apparently too cheap to send two autographed copies to Sam and I. You can send them to our attorney's attention at the same address where you sent your whiny letter, but please be sure and spell Jeffrey's name correctly.

You'll know when I leave my review, because I'll use my pen name, Gus Pillsbury.

On a side note, apparently isn't selling too many of the books, since they're now giving it away:

Any comment, Philip?

Mar 19, 2012

PRK: Book Reports and Lobbyists

Philip R. Klein gushes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

And there is a hero on this board and her name is Swati . And folks - this is what we talk about ALL OF THE TIME - IT STARTS WITH ONE HONEST PERSON.

Like Klein, Farhana Swati has a background in the fast food industry as owner of Swati Smoothies, whose corporate tax account with the State of Texas is not in good standing. She was also co-owner and managing director of Pak-Petro, Inc.

She’s also been romantically linked to former County Judge Carl Griffith, ignobly known as the Father of Ford Park and the only politician who ever appeared on Philip’s now-defunct radio show, heard occasionally in Beaumont on the late KOLE-AM when the wind blew from the south.

In the absence of Klein's full disclosure, this background information puts Philip’s sources on another purported "investigation” into the proper perspective:

Swati - who all of our sources and those close to the investigation tell the Review that she may end up being the hero that exposes and prevents one of the biggest attempted cover ups of a government agency in years.

Philip served as Judge Griffith’s rabid attack poodle for years. PRK wrote this shortly before Griffith pushed his boondoggle onto the citizens of Jefferson County without a popular vote:

Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.

My question to Klein is this: are you acting as a mouthpiece for a certain lobbyist and consultant? If so, is Farhana campaigning for Ronnie Linden’s seat?

Book Report

Philip hasn’t sent an autographed copy of his new book, Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott, to either Sam or I. Our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, always volunteers for the tough jobs, so here's his review of the first offering from Klein Publishing:
1.0 out of 5 stars I Want Three Hours of My Life Back, March 17, 2012
By Jeffrey L. Dorrell (Houston, Texas) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott (The Klein Files) (Kindle Edition)

I want the three hours of my life back that I wasted slogging through this drivel before I finally shrieked and threw the book out the window. The tedium of the self-gratulating, first-person narrative is matched only by the author's comic-book reasoning and "evidence" so laughable even Senator Joe McCarthy would have been ashamed to use it.

This book reminded me of an episode of "I Love Lucy" in which Lucy Ricardo, convinced she was a brilliant writer, wrote a mystery novel. Ricky was shocked when a publisher approached Lucy to buy her spectacularly bad work. Lucy preened and gloated for a few days until she learned her book was to be used in a professor's textbook on writing skills--in a chapter entitled, "Don't Let This Happen to You." Like Lucy Ricardo, first-time author Philip Klein is apparently clueless about how jejune his book really is.

Hint No. 1: the publisher dropped it like a steaming horse apple, deleted Klein's contact information from its files, and fled into the Australian Outback. The question is: why didn't I?
Philip, the offer is still open: if you send two personally autographed copies to Jeffrey, Sam and I  promise to frequently mention how bad the book is. Furthermore, we promise to spell your name right.

Mar 17, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Foot in Mouth

On the landing page of the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein wrote:
Maness Opens His Political Mouth On County Security

"Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness told KFDM reporter Lindsey Kovacevich there is evidence the suspect tried and failed to breach courthouse security prior to the shootings. Maness told KFDM that is clear proof of the value of the courthouse security system, which has come under scrutiny in recent years."
Speaking of “political mouths,” Klein has both of his size 16 double-wide Nikes firmly lodged in place.

Before Philip posted this comment, the Beaumont Enterprise wrote:
The man accused in Wednesday's deadly courthouse shooting tried to get inside the courthouse - presumably into a courtroom - on at least two occasions prior to the shooting, Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness said on Friday.

Maness said security cameras show accused gunman Bartholomew Granger arriving at the courthouse before the doors opened, roughly four or five hours before the shootings, which killed one person and injured three others. Cameras also show Granger entering the courthouse and going through a security line.

"If we didn't have any security, he could have brought in a whole arsenal of weapons," Maness said. "That makes it 10 times worse if we didn't have courthouse security… It serves its purpose."
Philip previously commented on the security at the Jefferson County Courthouse:
We believe this courthouse security plan is the most ill deceived plan we have ever seen. In fact, it is embarrassing.
The most embarrassing thing here is that Philip R. Klein could be so insensitive to the safety of courthouse employees and the public.

Mar 15, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Voter Fraud

In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein berates Port Arthur City Councilmember John Beard for expressing his opinion on Facebook.

I looked for the posting, but couldn’t find it. Because of this, I’m not sure if the comments posted by Philip are actually what Councilmember Beard wrote. I’ve previously busted Klein for changing statements and documents.

More importantly, Philip’s hypocrisy is showing again. For someone who purportedly advocates lower taxes, fewer fees, and smaller and less-intrusive government, Philip now supports more laws.

Of course, the state will charge premium fees for voter ID cards with pictures for those citizens who don’t have a drivers license, passport, or concealed handgun license. This is called disenfranchising voters and the Supreme Court rejected poll taxes a long time ago. Fees for voter IDs should be rejected, too.

John Beard, Jr: "It's not a question of citizenship, or location, but one of due process. And I hardly think the so called "shredding of right" was a purely Obama phenomena? But I others your history doesn't go back beyond the last 3, 4 years......Quote figures, and finger point all you like, but where' the hard core "proof" of fraud? "

Philip R. Klein: Huh? What?
As Sam the Eagle and I have frequently pointed out, Philip has a hard time keeping up with big words like “citizenship,” “phenomena,” or “history.”

Let me make this perfectly clear: Since Attorney General Greg Abbott (who wants to be governor in 2014) announced three years ago that an epidemic of voter fraud is sweeping Texas, the AG’s office has prosecuted only 26 cases – all of them Democrats, and all but one a minority.

Surely the state legislature has more important things to consider, like equitably funding our state education system.

John Beard, Jr: "Refugees, political prisoners, criminals and misfits cast out Of England by the King, fleeing religious persecution. A nation founded on immigrants, with a sprinkling of slaves and native Americans.....Yep, dats US!"

Philip Klein: Are you kidding us - an elected official of Jefferson County talks like this?
This question comes from the same person who wrote yesterday: “Rumors ran rampit in the media that a gun had gotten into the courthouse.” John Beard used common slang as a literary device; Philip Klein mangled the English language out of ignorance.

John Beard, Jr: English is not the "official" language. There has been no legislation establishing it as such. As for ID to vote, such measures could be also abused by those wanting to intimidate or suppress voter participation. But if used as a means of registering, verification should be required, but there's the issue of false DL's and other ID cards. As stated, the key is better enforcement of current laws, but that's too politically sensitive to various constituencies."

Philip R. Klein: There are many times we would have something to say - but not this time. We are simply in shock. Real shock folks. We have a sitting city council member that ...... never mind - you fill in the blanks.
Filling in the blanks: Philip R. Klein can’t defend his own position with a valid argument, so he resorted to a fallacy of logic: an appeal to ridicule. Show me a point, Philip

Our point?

1) The United States of America is made of people. Not races, religions or creeds.
This has nothing to do with voter registration, but Philip typically missed the point. The U.S. is made of people of all races, religions, and creeds.  See the next point.

2) To cash a check, buy a beer, to drive, to fly on a plane or to do anything - you must have an ID with a picture.
I flew to Miami a month ago and never showed an ID. I drank a beer while waiting for the return flight home and never showed an ID. I visited the Jefferson County Courthouse last week and never showed an ID.

Airlines, restaurants, and government buildings have figured out ways of accommodating real American citizens without restricting them to single ID cards and as a fundamental constitutional right, so should elections.

The 15th Amendment prohibits voter discrimination, and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was passed to reinforce that amendment.

Cashing checks, buying beer, or flying in airplanes aren’t freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. People who love the Constitution shouldn't equate buying beer with our right to vote.

As our recent lawsuit showed, Philip only supports his own constitutional rights. He apparently believes that others shouldn't have the right to ridicule Philip, and voting should be restricted to fat, white men with multiple divorces and bankruptcies.

Mar 14, 2012

Philip R. Klein on the Courthouse Shooter

Let’s review Philip R. Klein’s multiple postings about the tragedy on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse today. The Southeast Texas Record, the Beaumont Enterprise, KBMT-12, and KFDM-6 all have the real story.

Readers may want to check the Southeast Texas Political Review right now, since I suspect that Philip has often changed his articles in the past after I’ve busted him.

Philip’s has exploited this tragedy for his own vanity and to sensationalize the shooting in the “most corrupt county in Texas.”  His first posting today:

Active Shooter 

These are the facts from officials inside the Jefferson County Courthouse as of this minute.
  1. There is an active shooter in the area of the courthouse.
  2. There are two persons dead.
  3. There are five (possibly more as they to triage and searches) in the area of the courthouse.
Officials are asking that everyone stay away from downtown. Police consider this an active shooting situation at this time as the rule out all possible attackers. Further, all persons inside the courthouse are sheltering in place and are advised not to move.

A command center for EMS and Fire - and police has been established on Milam. EMS Requesting units to the courthouse that are upset and having medical ONLY ISSUES. No others are shot.
In reality, there was only one fatality and three wounded.

I have no idea what Klein meant by “Police consider this an active shooting situation at this time as the rule out all possible attackers.”  Presumably, Philip believed that Beaumont Police were searching for the shooter by interrogating innocent bystanders. During this active shooting, I suspect the BPD found the shooter by following the sound of gunfire.

Next, Philip began a series of so-called updates – these are in the order in which they appeared on the Southeast Texas Political Review (reverse chronological order, with the most recent as the first posting): 

UPDATED: According to law enforcement sources - the shooter has been shot - is critical. His last name is Bartholmeau - and was taken to St. E's hospital. The courthouse area will be locked down for now and employees will be dismissed later this afternoon.
Actually, the last name of the shooter was Granger, and he was wounded slightly by police as he drove away from the courthouse. After taking hostages in a building on Neches street, Granger eventually surrendered without further shooting.

Philip did get part of the name somewhat right – Granger’s first name was Bartholomew.

UPDATE: One law enforcement source tells the Review that the Shooter is down. He is described as a 25 year old male. Trauma alert to St. E's Beaumont. EMS and Fire going on stand down.
Granger was 41 years old and as noted above, he was never down but surrendered to police.

UPDATE: Still considered an active crime scene. Jefferson County Courthouse Shut Down "For the Day." Employees being allowed to go home shortly as soon as area is cleared." All judges secured. The 25 year old male considered "Critical" - possibly the shooter.
In Philip’s last update of the day (the first posted above), employees were not allowed to leave until later in the afternoon. In this second update of the morning, employees were to go home as soon as “the area is cleared.”

UPDATE: A 25 year old male is enroute to St. E's with multi gunshots - one to the head from the area of a warehouse. It is unknown if he was shot by police. The only description is that he is a 25 year old man with multi-gun shots.
Philip’s first update is the only one that references, albeit obliquely, the running gun battle and hostage situation.  However, all of the shootings took place at the courthouse, and the fatality being transported was a 79-year-old female.

Readers can speculate for themselves about the origin of PRK's many mistakes. The only thing he really got right was the location and nature of the incident: a shooter at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

I see four possible explanations for Philip's gibberish: 
  1. Someone fed him a lot of disinformation. 
  2. Philip doesn’t listen very well and missed the salient details.
  3. He didn’t know what the big words meant while pirating content from the web.
  4. He just made the details up.
The shooter never made it inside the courthouse - if so, I suspect the casualty list would have been much higher.

I won’t revisit Philip’s previous comments about the security at the Jefferson County Courthouse (at least in this posting), but in my opinion, Klein owes them a big apology.  I thank the officers of the courthouse security staff, the Beaumont PD, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office for their work today.

LAGNIAPPE: Here’s one of Philip R. Klein’s do-it-yourself videos on how courthouse terrorists can get around the security.

Philip R. Klein: A Brief Musical Interlude

Philip R. Klein wrote (badly) on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Wisdom - Eddins Must Be Sat Now
Gerald Eddins will probably make a great judge - he showed great wisdom by suing Philip in a defamation suit concerning PRK's fictitious story about Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam.

Considering Klein's mastery of the English language, however, here's an appropriate song for Philip.

Mar 12, 2012

Special Notice

While I hardly ever moderate comments (all readers are responsible for their own), I've removed a comment today allegedly left by someone named Brad Bacom.

Instead, I'll post it here with a caveat: this may or may not be the real Brad Bacom:
It amazes me how bold some people are while hiding behind the name "Anonymous". Maybe some people are ashamed of their name. Or maybe they want to make accusations without any evidence or truth so they have to hide their identity and thus not have to stand behind their slurs. That smacks of cowardice.

Brad bacom
I have no way to verify the origin of this comment  and I'm a little skeptical that someone would reference their last name in lower case.

As of 2009, Texas law prohibits impersonating someone else on the internet with the intent to harm, threaten, intimidate, or defraud. Read more about this law here.

One of the fundamental freedoms upon which this country was founded is the right of anonymous criticism without fear of reprisal. This concept is so critical to the nature of our republic that's it's codified in the Bill of Rights as the very First Amendment for a reason.

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed this right in numerous cases, and we've fought our own action in the Texas Supreme Court to preserve this right. Read more about In Re John Does 1 and 2 here.

I'm certainly sensitive to the opinion purportedly expressed by Mr. Bacom.  I've frequently busted Philip for manufacturing quotes from "anonymous sources who wish to remain anonymous."  In other cases, he publishes gossip as fact with a reckless disregard for the truth.

Philip has harassed those who  criticize him under their own names. I've documented several such cases, and in a recent example, he's apparently threatening to sue people who leave negative comments about his poorly written and factually deficient book. Other incidents involve my own readers who left comments under their own name in the past.

Using one's real name doesn't make an argument any more credible. The Federalist Papers provides one such example. A best seller in the last decade, Primary Colors, is another example.

For the best example, though, see the Southeast Texas Political Review. Philip is the idiot who didn't introduce any evidence at his own evidentiary hearing to back up his outlandish claims. 

Since Sam and I have incurred legal costs of approximately $150,000 to preserve your rights to anonymously criticize the town idiot on this blog, please honor the freedoms afforded us by the U.S. Constitution and refrain from using your real names.

However, with freedom comes responsibility when exercising your First Amendment rights. It's entirely okay to say that you think Philip is a liar, but it's illegal to make up something that you know to be false about Philip and post as fact.

The bottom line is that PRK provides so much fodder that one doesn't need to make anything up - when it comes to Philip R. Klein, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


Gus Pillsbury

P.S. to Philip Klein: It's too late to make nice, Philip. We have a list of demands, which you can find posted on the Sam The Eagle Political Review here.

Mar 7, 2012

Philip R. Klein and Emma Jean Hardy


An open letter to PRK

Dear Philip;

I’ve noticed that you’ve not mentioned this arrest in Port Arthur.

In the past, you’ve splashed these stories concerning sex between students and educators across the pages of the Southeast Texas Political Review as evidence of corruption in Jefferson County.  

Some of us would like to know about the nature of your relationship with Emma Jean Hardy and why you haven’t mentioned this – please explain.

From the Houston Press:
57-Year-Old High School Employee Caught Sexing Student in Van

By John Nova Lomax
Tue., Jan. 10 2012 at 7:01 AM

Port Arthur police say they caught Emma Jean Hardy, a 57-year-old employee of the town's Memorial High School, having sex with a 17-year-old student in a van Sunday night.

According to published reports, a Port Arthur cop investigated a suspicious vehicle parked on the city's très romantique seawall near downtown. On looking inside, he claims to have seen Hardy engaging in sexual activities with the student.

Police say that Hardy was not a teacher at the school, and the school's Web site lists a Jean Hardy as its registrar.

Since the student is of legal age, Hardy is not charged with any form of statutory rape. Instead, she is charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. If convicted, she would not have to register as a sex offender.

The student himself was charged with public lewdness and was released after posting $250 bail.

Now that she's been charged with a crime, Hardy's Facebook page seems a little bit creepy.

It displays a woman obsessed with the sports teams at her high school, as well as the continuing careers of Port Arthur's college and pro athletes, and while there's nothing wrong with that, a young woman laughingly chided the content of her folders thusly:

"You and these Butt shots Mrs. Hardy!! I ? THEM! =)"

"Lol," came the registrar's response.

Elsewhere, Hardy can be seen celebrating with Memorial's players on the field after what looked like big wins. In those pics, the jolly-faced redhead looks like nothing so much as the world's oldest cheerleader ready for a post-game date with the star player.

Hardy also has over 1,200 friends, many of whom seem to be either current students or recent graduates at her school. In short, she seems like a woman who wanted a do-over for her high school years, and if police are correct, that includes the lover's lane make-out sessions.

Mar 3, 2012

Philip and the Hand Jive

What is Philip R. Klein doing with his right hand?