Mar 7, 2012

Philip R. Klein and Emma Jean Hardy

An open letter to PRK

Dear Philip;

I’ve noticed that you’ve not mentioned this arrest in Port Arthur.

In the past, you’ve splashed these stories concerning sex between students and educators across the pages of the Southeast Texas Political Review as evidence of corruption in Jefferson County.  

Some of us would like to know about the nature of your relationship with Emma Jean Hardy and why you haven’t mentioned this – please explain.

From the Houston Press:
57-Year-Old High School Employee Caught Sexing Student in Van

By John Nova Lomax
Tue., Jan. 10 2012 at 7:01 AM

Port Arthur police say they caught Emma Jean Hardy, a 57-year-old employee of the town's Memorial High School, having sex with a 17-year-old student in a van Sunday night.

According to published reports, a Port Arthur cop investigated a suspicious vehicle parked on the city's très romantique seawall near downtown. On looking inside, he claims to have seen Hardy engaging in sexual activities with the student.

Police say that Hardy was not a teacher at the school, and the school's Web site lists a Jean Hardy as its registrar.

Since the student is of legal age, Hardy is not charged with any form of statutory rape. Instead, she is charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. If convicted, she would not have to register as a sex offender.

The student himself was charged with public lewdness and was released after posting $250 bail.

Now that she's been charged with a crime, Hardy's Facebook page seems a little bit creepy.

It displays a woman obsessed with the sports teams at her high school, as well as the continuing careers of Port Arthur's college and pro athletes, and while there's nothing wrong with that, a young woman laughingly chided the content of her folders thusly:

"You and these Butt shots Mrs. Hardy!! I ? THEM! =)"

"Lol," came the registrar's response.

Elsewhere, Hardy can be seen celebrating with Memorial's players on the field after what looked like big wins. In those pics, the jolly-faced redhead looks like nothing so much as the world's oldest cheerleader ready for a post-game date with the star player.

Hardy also has over 1,200 friends, many of whom seem to be either current students or recent graduates at her school. In short, she seems like a woman who wanted a do-over for her high school years, and if police are correct, that includes the lover's lane make-out sessions.


Anonymous said...

Old Girlfriend???

Anonymous said...

Too funny...Klein answers own questions submitted to tv station...why anyone would ask about if it is safe to travel to Mexico...unless Klein wanted to brag about being a security guard...what a dumba** is a joke segment for channel 4...keep up to good work keeps everyone laughing at you...

Anonymous said...

makes one wonder why prk didn't mention Emma Jean Alexander Hardy in his tidbits

Anonymous said...

new girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

OMG don't teL me Klyin iz porking DIS cougar

Anonymous said...

Thought she was one of Filup's old GF. She could do better than Filup.

Anonymous said...

Word around the courthouse is she may be an in-law to PK.

Anonymous said...

how she relAtd 2 prk

Brad Bacom said...
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Dr. Freud said...
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Anonymous said...

Has everyone read the story that P.K. posted about Jefferson County having to reimburse the state for funds that he claimed were received through lies and deceit.. I wonder if he will post a story about the state of Texas ( Republican Controlled ) having to reimburse funds to F.E.M.A. in the amount of 9 million dollars.. Lies !! Decit!! Texas the most corrupt state in the state..

Anonymous said...

How come Brad Bacom's company is not in good standing with the Secretary of State?

Anonymous said...

Yea. And one would think after working so hard for so long that he could afford to buy his house instead of rent it.

Anonymous said...

Klein's ex-wife. Damn she ugly.