Mar 14, 2012

Philip R. Klein: A Brief Musical Interlude

Philip R. Klein wrote (badly) on the Southeast Texas Political Review:
Wisdom - Eddins Must Be Sat Now
Gerald Eddins will probably make a great judge - he showed great wisdom by suing Philip in a defamation suit concerning PRK's fictitious story about Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam.

Considering Klein's mastery of the English language, however, here's an appropriate song for Philip.


Anonymous said...

Not to harp on Phil's poor spelling and grammar, but "Eddins must be SAT now"? Really? "Seated" is not that hard a word, phil.
Once again, Phil's idiocy gets in the way of a somewhat good point. If he would just tell the truth (and let someone copy edit his posts) he wouldn't be the laughingstock he is now.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on the Super Sleuth for facts about the courthouse shooter: his bulletins are inaccurate. Go to or, the news sources he so often pans.

Anonymous said...

It is painfully clear that P.K. sources are as dumb as he is.. The shooter is 41 not 25.. 4 people were wounded not 5. The shooters last name is Granger. He was not critically wounded just a flesh wound..Phil's source must be the crackhead that sleeps on the benches in front of the court house.