Mar 15, 2012

Philip R. Klein: Voter Fraud

In this article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein berates Port Arthur City Councilmember John Beard for expressing his opinion on Facebook.

I looked for the posting, but couldn’t find it. Because of this, I’m not sure if the comments posted by Philip are actually what Councilmember Beard wrote. I’ve previously busted Klein for changing statements and documents.

More importantly, Philip’s hypocrisy is showing again. For someone who purportedly advocates lower taxes, fewer fees, and smaller and less-intrusive government, Philip now supports more laws.

Of course, the state will charge premium fees for voter ID cards with pictures for those citizens who don’t have a drivers license, passport, or concealed handgun license. This is called disenfranchising voters and the Supreme Court rejected poll taxes a long time ago. Fees for voter IDs should be rejected, too.

John Beard, Jr: "It's not a question of citizenship, or location, but one of due process. And I hardly think the so called "shredding of right" was a purely Obama phenomena? But I others your history doesn't go back beyond the last 3, 4 years......Quote figures, and finger point all you like, but where' the hard core "proof" of fraud? "

Philip R. Klein: Huh? What?
As Sam the Eagle and I have frequently pointed out, Philip has a hard time keeping up with big words like “citizenship,” “phenomena,” or “history.”

Let me make this perfectly clear: Since Attorney General Greg Abbott (who wants to be governor in 2014) announced three years ago that an epidemic of voter fraud is sweeping Texas, the AG’s office has prosecuted only 26 cases – all of them Democrats, and all but one a minority.

Surely the state legislature has more important things to consider, like equitably funding our state education system.

John Beard, Jr: "Refugees, political prisoners, criminals and misfits cast out Of England by the King, fleeing religious persecution. A nation founded on immigrants, with a sprinkling of slaves and native Americans.....Yep, dats US!"

Philip Klein: Are you kidding us - an elected official of Jefferson County talks like this?
This question comes from the same person who wrote yesterday: “Rumors ran rampit in the media that a gun had gotten into the courthouse.” John Beard used common slang as a literary device; Philip Klein mangled the English language out of ignorance.

John Beard, Jr: English is not the "official" language. There has been no legislation establishing it as such. As for ID to vote, such measures could be also abused by those wanting to intimidate or suppress voter participation. But if used as a means of registering, verification should be required, but there's the issue of false DL's and other ID cards. As stated, the key is better enforcement of current laws, but that's too politically sensitive to various constituencies."

Philip R. Klein: There are many times we would have something to say - but not this time. We are simply in shock. Real shock folks. We have a sitting city council member that ...... never mind - you fill in the blanks.
Filling in the blanks: Philip R. Klein can’t defend his own position with a valid argument, so he resorted to a fallacy of logic: an appeal to ridicule. Show me a point, Philip

Our point?

1) The United States of America is made of people. Not races, religions or creeds.
This has nothing to do with voter registration, but Philip typically missed the point. The U.S. is made of people of all races, religions, and creeds.  See the next point.

2) To cash a check, buy a beer, to drive, to fly on a plane or to do anything - you must have an ID with a picture.
I flew to Miami a month ago and never showed an ID. I drank a beer while waiting for the return flight home and never showed an ID. I visited the Jefferson County Courthouse last week and never showed an ID.

Airlines, restaurants, and government buildings have figured out ways of accommodating real American citizens without restricting them to single ID cards and as a fundamental constitutional right, so should elections.

The 15th Amendment prohibits voter discrimination, and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was passed to reinforce that amendment.

Cashing checks, buying beer, or flying in airplanes aren’t freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. People who love the Constitution shouldn't equate buying beer with our right to vote.

As our recent lawsuit showed, Philip only supports his own constitutional rights. He apparently believes that others shouldn't have the right to ridicule Philip, and voting should be restricted to fat, white men with multiple divorces and bankruptcies.


Anonymous said...

Because of a disability, I don't drive. Can I vote if I show my photo ID card from Veterans Administration?

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm glad your back, Gus.

Anonymous said...

Another TKO for Gus!

Anonymous said...

Showing ones "papers" was required in Nazi Germany

Anonymous said...

klein should be thankful the voting rights act did away with literacy tests, because he'd flunk.

Anonymous said...

WSJ stated that voter ids would be provided for free under plan. With that in place your disenfranchising voters rant is just as ridiculous as what Klein is writing.

Anonymous said...

This website says $15 for a Texas photo ID. Is there a simpler, FREE alternative?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that too. I'm assuming that the "free" option is tied with the new law being put into effect. And it's not as of this point. Other states have the free id option and voter id in place today.

Anonymous said...

The solution is simple. When you register to vote, you get a free voter ID card with photo. But why do I get the feeling that our government is just too stupid to figure this out.

Anonymous said...

$15 bucks and has to be renewed every year? Heck, that's worse than the old poll tax, a gimmick
that kept many poor and elderly from voting.

Gus Pillsbury said...

Hi, Anonymous 8:46;

I'm not sure what the WSJ article said, but the state planned to offer potential voters "free election identification certificates."

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a "free election identification certificate" is to appear in person and wait in line at your local DPS drivers license office.

Since roughly a third of the counties in Texas don't have DPS DL offices, this could mean a 100 mile drive or more. Someone who needs a "free election identification certificate" doesn't have a driver's license by definition, so I'm not sure how our legislators think potential voters are supposed to get to the DPS DL office in these cases.

The problems don't stop there: once the potential voter gets to the DPS DL office, they still have to provide another form of state-recognized picture ID to get a "free election identification certificate." And a driver's license, CHL, or passport isn't free, so we're back to square one.

While this specifically answers your question, that's just one of the problems. For instance, guess how much the state will pay to implement this law? True believers say $2 million, but more realistic estimates start at $10 million.

To me, none of this makes sense to stop approximately 12 or 13 cases of voter fraud each year that the Attorney General actually prosecutes.

And here's the rest of the story: each Texas voter already has a VUID (Voter Unique Identifier). It's found on the left side of your current Voter Registration card. For a lot less money, they could use these to track voter fraud without disenfranchising the poor, elderly, handicapped, or minorities. As I pointed out, buying beer and flying in airplanes shouldn't be confused with a constitutional right.

But most importantly, please don't confuse honest debate with a "rant."



Anonymous said...

When Philip drives, does he have to use a seat belt extender?

Anonymous said...

Gus, from the Houston Chronicle:

In the 2010 general election, the Texas attorney general’s office received 7 allegations of election law violations, according to statistics the office provided to state Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas. Four of those seven cases involved mail-in ballots, which the Voter ID law does not address.

Nearly 5 million ballots were cast in the 2010 general election.

Seems like a waste of taxpayer money to me.

Anonymous said...

when philip p. klein drives, does he have to wear those doofus glasses?

Anonymous said...

hey fil, it looks like the Beaumont Enterprise has run courthouse security straight up your azz! It won't do any good now to spout off "how many times' you made it through because it worked when it should have!