Apr 15, 2012

PRK: Big Update and Lawyers in Love

I have so much ground to cover in this posting that I’ve put up a table of contents to keep track:
  • Sanctions in an unrelated case
  • Our motion on sanctions
  • Philip’s 2nd grievance
  • Jan. 13 full transcript
  • The Media Mikes Interview
  • The Southeast Texas Record Editorial
  • Kleinzilla’s special statement

Sanctions in an unrelated case

Philip R. Klein’s attorney, John S. Morgan, appeared before Judge Layne Walker in the 252nd District court last week. I've posted some of the transcript below, but first, some explanation.

This civil case is not related to Philip and John’s lawsuit against Google, Sam and I, and a number of innocent parties. These parties in our suit were included because of Philip R. Klein's bizarre conspiracy theory regarding our blogs - as such, the allegations are not true.

The particulars of this suit in the 252nd last week are not germane to my blog. For this reason, I’ve not posted the entire transcript to protect those innocents who were dragged into this lawsuit, just as Philip and John dragged other innocents into our lawsuit.

I’ve also redacted any reference to these parties, since the unfounded allegations that Morgan made during the trial are so egregious and inflammatory that they deserve no further mention. I strongly suspect that Philip R. Klein did the investigative work for John Morgan in this proceeding, since it follows PRK’s standard pattern for investigations. 

However, this pattern of deceit, perjury, vague allegations, and unfounded hearsay are common to both cases and the Southeast Texas Political Review.

In our suit, Attorney Brent Coon fought back and nailed Philip to the wall after Klein presented perjurious testimony and pleadings. See my postings here and here for more details. On our behalf, our attorney Jeffrey L. Dorrell filed a mandamus against Judge Donald Floyd, which was eventually decided by the Texas Supreme Court, styled In Re John Does 1 and 2. In the Supreme Court decision, the justices noted that Klein' and Morgan’s evidence was “sketchy” and reversed Judge Floyd’s decision. Read the Texas Supreme Court opinion here.

In the case last week, Judge Walker nobly protected these innocent parties and deserves recognition for a job well done.

Here is the first page of the transcript, where Judge Walker describes this egregious behavior. In this transcript of the Court’s Orders, Judge Walker is referenced as “The Court,” Leah Hayes is the court reporter,  and Pam French and  Ms. Johnson-Todd are opposing counsel.

As noted, Judge Walker referred the matter of Morgan’s grand perjury to Jefferson County District Attorney (DA) Tom Maness for criminal prosecution. According to hearsay and rumor around the courthouse, the DA is already investigating Klein’s testimony and John’s pleadings in our case.

Reiterating, this is hearsay and rumor, and we have no direct knowledge of the details behind the DA’s investigation.  However, this pattern of behavior is obvious – Judge Walker could be referring to almost any article on Philip’s Southeast Texas Political Review.

Judge Walker also ordered Morgan to pay all attorney fees incurred by the opposing counsel within 24 hours:

Philip R. Klein inserted himself when Judge Walker ordered a cell phone belonging to John Morgan seized during the proceedings:

According to rumor, Philip fired off an angry email to Judge Walker, where he threatened to file a grievance if the cell phone was not returned immediately. I’ll have more about Philip’s grievances below, but I wonder what incriminating evidence implicating Philip may be on that phone. 

Our motion for sanctions

This brings us to the hearing in our case, scheduled for this Friday, April 20, 2012, at 2:00 pm in Judge Donald Floyd’s 172nd District Court.

Our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, is seeking sanctions based on perjured filings and testimony in our case.

You can read the documents here:

Our First Amended Motion to Modify the Judgment

As you can see, this motion involves a false certification on a hearing that Morgan and Klein purportedly sent to one of the other innocent parties in our suit.  Our attorney is seeking fees and travel expenses.

The questionable practices here follow the same pattern of behavior that Judge Walker addressed – even though Klein and Morgan contend the respondent was properly noticed, he was not. According to Chapter 37 of the Texas Penal code, falsifying court documents, grand perjury, and tampering with governmental records are frowned upon in a court of law.

By the way, you’re invited to the hearing! We’re anxious to see if Judge Floyd follows Judge Walker’s lead and addresses this pattern of behavior. We may have some other surprises for Philip and John in this hearing, too, so bring a friend!

Philip’s 2nd grievance

As promised, Philip R. Klein did indeed file another grievance against our attorney Jeffrey Dorrell over his review of Philip’s book on Amazon.com. I posted his book report and commentary here, and followed with an update here.

In this review, Jeffrey compared Philip’s writing skills to those of Lucy Ricardo. As noted, Jeffrey got an A+ for his book report, but Philip got an F.

After sending a complaint to our attorney’s law firm at the wrong address (see update linked above), Philip filed a second grievance against our attorney with the State Bar of Texas. True to the pattern of behavior documented by Judge Walker, Philip Klein alleged that Jeffrey’s critical review of his book constituted stalking and is evidence of Jeffrey’s “concerted effort” to “slander” Philip and “further his stalking agenda.”

The State Bar found that Klein’s complaint was groundless and filed it as an “inquiry.”

Read the decision and Klein’s original complaint here.

Full transcript of Jan. 13 hearing

I’ve published a portion of this transcript before that contained Philip’s testimony. You can read that posting here

As noted, Philip apparently perjured himself in this testimony, since his story continues to evolve. 

Read the full transcript here.

The Media Mikes Interview

A relatively unknown website, Media Mikes, published an interview with Philip concerning his new book, Lost In Space: The Hunt for Philip Klein’s Brain. You can read the interview and all comments here.

The site allows comments, so when readers began questioning some of Philip’s conspiracy theories, he typically responded with gibberish to distract readers from the original questions.

One of my readers posted a link to the discussion (many thanks, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous) in my comments section. After I checked the thread, I posted my own comment.

Gus Pillsbury says:
April 13, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Hi, Philip! Someone posted a link to this discussion on my blog today – I’m sure you’ve seen the blog, since you’ve been actively trying to sue Sam and I for almost three years now.

How’s that grand perjury investigation going? I heard your attorney may be facing a grand perjury charge of his own, based on his performance in a Jefferson County courtroom this week. Of course, all of this is just hearsay and rumor at this point, at least until the grand jury meets.

I had to laugh at some of your responses – quite typical, don’t you think? If only these people knew you like those of us in Southeast Texas know you!

I see you’ve apparently invented some new details about your past experience. If there is interest, I’ll post the case numbers to the PRK Enterprises bankruptcies on those Dairy Queens, the defamation suits filed against you, and other litigation to which you’ve been a party. Oh, and there is the Texas Supreme Court decision concerning In Re John Does 1 and 2, where the justices determined that your evidence was “sketchy.” These background items put your responses in proper perspective.

Anyway, I digress. You wrote:

> What you are witnessing is a classic misinformation
> campaign by those that have an agenda.

What I’m witnessing is a classic attempt at changing the subject.

When questioned about several of your book’s central theses concerning the Coast Guard and DNA reports, you either referenced non-existent investigations or documents not available.

When questioned about the documents, you eventually posted some materials that don’t corroborate your claims.

When questioned about that, you now claim you are the victim of a conspiracy and a misinformation campaign.

Back to the original subjects, these are the questions you seem to be avoiding:

1) How did confirm that the original DNA sample sent from Mexico really belonged to Patrick McDermott? As far as I can tell, you took the word of an unidentified person who called you on the phone. This does not constitute a valid chain of evidence and would never stand up in any court of law.

2) The Coast Guard documents produced all agree that McDermott probably disappeared at sea. You even stated that the Coast Guard investigation was ongoing when all of the documents clearly say the investigation was over. If McDermott did indeed fall, slip, or jumped, there would be no body to confirm his death, hence the Coast Guard’s statement that McDermott was probably lost at sea.

3) While you’ve alleged that the motive behind the disappearance is a small 100K insurance policy, you also stated that no claim was ever made on the policy.
Since these are essential to the central theses of your book, you should have some sort of documentation that backs up your claims. On the other hand, you’ve never been big on actually investigating false rumors before publishing. Remember Klein v. Gillem?

Radar Online posted the original documents from the Coast Guard investigation. You can read them here:


As noted, they determined that “the evidence suggests that [McDermott] was lost at sea.”

Philip, I noticed that you didn’t publish that purported fax from “Cacma D.” Radar Online also published that:


Philip has a rather interesting approach to the English language with frequent misspellings and mangled sentence structures, as you can tell by his postings above. Ironically, the syntax of this fax is quite similar to Philip’s odd syntax, too. Draw your own conclusions.

How’s your little dog doing?

Philip immediately posted this response within 35 minutes:

Philip Klein says:
April 13, 2012 at 4:24 pm

To All :

Good afternoon – I am sad to announce that I have been advised by legal counsel that I must stop participating in this blog. We are in litigation with the pen name Gus Pillsbury and it would not be approprate for me to participate under the rules laid out by our new legal counsel. Thanks for the questions – I will not be monitoring this site nor will I be participating any longer. Thank you again.

Philip R. Klein

My response from yesterday:

Gus Pillsbury says:
April 14, 2012 at 9:07 am

Aw, Philip, come back and play. I hope it wasn’t something I said!

But, this is quite typical, too. One of your standard operating procedures when faced with questions you can’t answer is to take your toys and go home, then blame it on your attorney because you’re in a “lawsuit and can’t comment.” We can talk about it and so can you.

By the way, Philip, we’ll meet your new attorney at the hearing this Friday, Apr 20th. That’s the motion on sanctions we’re seeking against you and your former attorney for making up stuff. Will he be there, too, or do you think he may be in jail on that grand perjury charge?

Special note to Philip: We’re still waiting on those autographed copies of the book. You can send them to us in care of our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell. Be sure and send them to the firm’s home office in Houston and not the satellite office in Laredo.

The Southeast Texas Record

The Southeast Texas Record published this editorial last week on related matters in Klein et al. v. Google. et al.:

King Coon versus Kleinzilla
4/10/2012 2:00 PM

It couldn't happen to two more deserving people.

It's kind of like watching King Kong and Godzilla square off. You don't know who to root for because they're both threatening, but you're hoping the battle lasts long enough for the monsters to destroy each other.

They lose, the world wins and it becomes a more pleasant place for ordinary people to live. Fade to black, roll credits.

What happened in this particular scenario was that Philip Klein went Coon-hunting, and now Brett Coon's hunting Klein. With luck, they'll both may be hunted down.

The problem is, Klein and Coon can dish it out, but neither one can take the reverse.
Klein once invoked the First Amendment to defend himself against a defamation suit relating to posts on his Southeast Texas Political Review blog. In a separate incident, he subsequently sued Google, et al. to ascertain the names of anonymous bloggers he claimed were posting defamatory comments about him.

Back in 2007, when we first launched the Southeast Texas Record, Beaumont attorney Coon, unaccustomed to having his legal gamesmanship scrutinized, began a campaign of harassment against us that included frivolous litigation. Now he's accusing Philip Klein of engaging in the very same kind of activity against him.

Priceless, isn't it?

Last May, Klein petitioned the court to have Coon included in his suit against Google, alleging that someone at Coon's firm had emailed the anonymous bloggers who had so infuriated Klein with negative attacks on the immense but shoddy fortress of his self-esteem.

Recently, Coon filed a motion for sanctions against Klein because of that petition, calling the litigation frivolous. He's seeking $6,000 in attorney's fees and court costs, plus $4,000 for inconvenience and harassment, and $257.45 in out-of-pocket expenses. Every penny of that 45 cents is important.

Klein insists the petition is not frivolous.

We will wait patiently to see how it turns out. We're looking forward to the sequels, featuring alleged victims of frivolous lawsuits filed by King Coon and Kleinzilla.

Comparing Philip to a giant lizard with a reptilian sense of morality is indeed priceless – the staff at the Southeast Texas Record have outdone themselves.

As it turned out, Klein approached Coon and the two parties settled out of court. Read more about that here.  You may have noticed that Philip has purged any mention of Brent Coon from the pages of The Southeast Texas Political review.

Kleinzilla’s special statement

Today, Philip posted this special statement on the Southeast Texas Political Review, where he announced that he’s dropping his lawsuit against Sam the Eagle and me. Sam has his own take and I’ll not presume to speak for Sam. You can read Sam’s commentary here on the Sam the Eagle Political Review.

While Philip is dropping this lawsuit, we are not – we fully intend to pursue the sanctions mentioned above and perhaps more. Join us in Judge Floyd’s courtroom on Friday and see for yourself.

I suspect that with the developments over the past two weeks, PRK thinks he can circumvent these investigations into the perjured testimony and forged documents by pulling the suit. 

Special - From The Editor

Over three years ago - myself and the Southeast Texas Political Review began a legal attempt to uncover the persons responsible for two sites being Operation Kleinwatch and Sam The Eagle. Both sites posted pictures, reposted copyrighted photos and articles - as well as attacked my family, took photos of my home, my back yard and suggested other vile things about not only myself - but my family. All because I have a differing opinion in politics.

The facts of the case are simple. We petitioned the court to allow us to give us the IP addresses of the two from Google. And in fact, Google agreed. Then the two blogspots jumped into the suit and blocked it. Thus started an up and down fight in the district courts to the appeals courts and back and forth for three years.

The blogspots hired a good lawyer. In fact, he is a very smart lawyer that we recognize will keep the suit up and down in the justice system for years to come. Why? Well read on. Jeff Dorrell has done a masterful job. But he too has crossed many lines - of which he will answer for some day - not with the state bar - because they are about as useful as a nail in the road. But a larger power than me or this site. Again - as a lawyer he has done a masterful job and should be patted on the back. He has found a way to keep it in court for years to come.

You learn really quickly if you last name is Klein that there are some things that are going happen - and some things that are not.

There are two reasons today that I announce that we will be dismissing our 202 this week as soon as our lawyers can file the paperwork. And I will list them for you without fear :

1) There is no way that myself, my firm, my family or anything associated with me can get a fair trial in Jefferson County Texas under any judge. No way - no how. With the exception of maybe one - who I hold a firm dear respect for - none of them would ever represent themselves fairly towards me. Whether it is political pressure - or whether it is simply a hate of me for exposing what goes on in Jefferson County - I cannot get a fair shake based upon the law. I am friends with many judges around Texas that laugh at what goes on Jefferson County. The Jefferson County justice system is a joke that is about who you know - and NOT the law. Or the law is bent to shape it to you. All I can say is thank God for the 9th.

2) As much as I don't see myself as a public figure - I may in fact be a public person at this point. The web site is now hitting over 5 million page views a year. I am editorial contributor to FOX local, have contacts with CNN and FOX and other national media companies. I have now written a book. This in itself opens the door to a new legal world for me. And opens the door for the two blogsites to say and do what they want. I understand that.

So with that - the end is here. Thanks to John S. Morgan and other lawyers who worked on this case from Austin to Houston. Abberline Group for the internet advice and monitoring. And most of all my family.

As the Klein's got together Saturday and I told everyone the news they all looked down and said : "Oh boy here we go." And I told them "yes" here we go. We will be attacked by two spineless persons that have more to lose by giving their names than they do by being honest. And I told them that many really really get that in the community. They will continue to attack me, the family and our companies and I am told since I am a public figure I am now fair game. So let it begin.

As for the copywrite issues on images - that will be fought in New York upcoming. We will talk about that in a few months.

Lastly, one other announcement.

The justice system does not work for me - being a citizen with a web blog. In another county or state - it would. Even some other countries. So the way I look at it - if the justice system does not work - it is time to fix the justice system. And I will be a part of that in a movement that has begun in the grassroots in Jefferson County with the black community, the tea party and a few other special interest groups that have had enough of the court system (s) in Jefferson County.

There will be more on that later this year. In the meantime - thank you for reading - and as we said when we announced the lawsuit over the years ago - thank you for your support and readership. I cannot say that enough.

As you can see, Klein’s messiah complex and NPD are showing again, but I’d especially like to address a couple of points.

This blog does not exist because I differ with Philip on politics - in fact, there are times that I agree with him. As I have maintained from the very beginning, this blog exists to document the falsehoods and hearsay rumor stated as fact by Philip Klein. A secondary mission is to satirize his statements and ridicule the village idiot. In the time-honored political tradition of anonymous criticism, this is done under my nom de plume, Gus Pillsbury.

Regarding this statement:

Both sites posted pictures, reposted copyrighted photos and articles - as well as attacked my family, took photos of my home, my back yard and suggested other vile things about not only myself - but my family. All because I have a differing opinion in politics.

As noted at the beginning of this long posting, PRK’s statement is another example of a pattern of deceit and vague allegations not supported by evidence. The real reason that Klein’s petition failed is that he could produce no examples whatsoever that we attacked his family, took pictures of his home, and suggested vile things about him and his family.

There are two instances where I referenced Philip’s family.

In the early days of this blog, I posted a disclaimer that I was not associated in any way with Philip, his family, his many legal entities, or any other organizations with whom he is involved.  I listed these individually including his family members, Jacob’s House, and PRK Enterprises. I did this to underscore my lack of involvement with anyone associated with Philip R. Klein. 

When Caroline Klein entered the public arena with an editorial posted to the Southeast Texas Political Review, I responded with an open letter to Caroline (read it here). Readers can decide for themselves whether I attacked Caroline personally, or whether I simply offered a rebuttal from another perspective. I’ve referenced that letter in several other postings and included as evidence in our pleadings concerning Klein et al. v. Google, et al.

On those “vile things” that Philip referenced, the only example he offered during the proceedings had to do with my satire concerning his “Pet Lover” segment on the MSNBC webcast. It’s linked on the sidebar. I originally posted a parody of Dog Fancy magazine with Philip and his little dog on the cover. The caption: “Fat men who love their dogs too much.” Actually, I introduced this as evidence in my original response to his petition to counter Klein’s vague allegations.

I’ve since updated this parody to reflect Philip’s concern. You can see the updated version in the sidebar. I think I captured PRK’s position fairly, but you can decide for yourself.

Readers can freely comment on the rest of Klein’s special statement in the comments section.


Anonymous said...


I thought Klein was going to appeal this "all the way to the Supreme Court."

A source I just made up in the Supreme Court says that even Scalia wasn't buying this crap.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to argue a case before the supremes when your attorney is in jail.

Anonymous said...

Will Philip and his attorney be held in the same cell?

Anonymous said...

Philip is a day late and a dollar short. Judge Floyd already dropped his lawsuit for him.

Annie Wilkes said...

Stop stealing my stuff, Kleinzilla, or I'll sue you for "copywrite" infringement.

Anonymous said...

If he can't get a fair shake in Jefferson County, maybe it's time for Fat Fil to move somewhere else closer to his political views. I hear Myanmar is nice this time of year,

Lindsey said...

My God... I am so glad I decided to read this today! My Sunday has been well and thoroughly made! Klein can't admit the truth even as he stares down the barrel of defeat... go figure! Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

He must be worried with this latest editorial....please push it to the hilt...get that PI, PPO, CHL and EMS license (State of Texas says no license to criminals)... they'll look better hanging on Esq. Dorrell's office wall than a Boone & Crockett 16 point buck. Hell, if Mr. Dorrell can, get his drivers license too, he drives like crap in Nederland.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Attorney Jeffery Dorrell has been subpoenaed to stand before God and explain why he was picking on poor Philip.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I heard about this last week but didn't believe it. Where did you get the transcript from Walker's court?

Anonymous said...

There is a God, but it won't be your lawyer standing there in judgment. Philip wear your flameproof pants.

Anonymous said...

loved the part where p-daddy klein said thank god for the 9th. he said he was appealing, but i guess that didn't work out so well.

Anonymous said...

John, I hope you read this post. This is what you get for defending Philip. He is not your friend. He was ready to turn on you when you and Lindsay got into it and he will turn on you again. Get away from him.

That being said, I am your friend. You need to stop this shit! Let go of all that hate you have and get on with your life. You need to do this or you are going to destroy everything you once held dear.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless, so here's my comment, dedicated to Gus, Sam and their lawyer:


Anonymous said...

Today's Kleinwatch a much better read than a certain self-published "mystery" mildewing on bookstore's shelf.

God said...

Watch out for random lightning bolts, Philip.

Anonymous said...

To all involved in this suit:

I've never left a comment before on this blog, but me and my children were all victimized by Phil Klein on his blog in the past. The entire article was a lie and only served to further Phil's personal agenda.

Gus, you even published a rebuttal article where you noted the conflicting information. For this, I am very grateful and I'm ashamed that I waited until now to thank you.

When this happened, I told my children that one day, Phil will reap what he sowed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for confirming my faith and the faith of my children. I'm glad we're all here to see this joyful day.

Phil, I hope you get everything else coming to you - you are the biggest hypocrite I've ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philip...will you give me my money back on your book? It's only got about half the pages because I've been wiping my ass with it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Klein, don't drag us into this. We've already got enough problems with loose cannons.


The Tea Party

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gus Pillsbury said...

Please do not reference Philip's family. While Philip frequently exploits them to generate sympathy, I generally consider them off limits. Please reread that portion of today's posting for more details.

Because of this, comments regarding his wife or children will be removed as soon as I find them.

Anonymous said...

"Hay" Philip. I already told you, fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

Before Phillip goes to bed tonight, he will write his reader mail. It will go something like this-- Mr. Kline, my wife and I are hooked on your news blog, we love u, we wish you were our son and we hate KFDM and the mean nasty blog people hiding from you. My wife conjured a new jar of anointment oil and it is our pleasure to rub some on your foote.
P.S. you are the smartest man on earth mr. kline

Anonymous said...

Please tell your attorney that he'll have plenty of advocates when the time comes. We're very proud of him.

We're also preparing a special place for Mr. Klein.

Clarence Darrow

Anonymous said...

Phillip should consider a new career as a Maytag repairman.

Anonymous said...

dis ain't gunA l%k gud on filup cv

Anonymous said...

What happened to another of PRK lawsuits?--

Anonymous said...

'Ole Fil must be experiencing his own version of an epiphany! First, he references Deuteronomy in one his self-written "reader mail" (an East Texas Baptist knows how to spell Deuteronomy), then he proclaims Mr. Jeffrey Dorrell will "meet a larger power than me or this site"! Looks like he's finally got it coming, Mr. Pillsbury.

Anonymous said...

What about that lawsuit against the City of Beaumont? Did that one get thrown out, too?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23
you called it. PRK reader mail has it all. PRK is going to write a check to J. Dorrell instead of showing for court. LOL That will not stop the sanctions pending against PRK.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I can't get a fair trial in Jefferson County."

There he goes again.

From Silsbee said...

My girlfriend sent me the link to the Southeast Texas Political Revue blog. The site is very confusing and Klein don't spell well buy he did call you out and said that he can't get a fair trial in Jefferrson County and that you are protected by the democrats and all the lawyers and the mailman and that people are hiding in all of the garbage cans who are out to get him.

Is this true? Why would he keep saying this? He has suggested this many times in my reading of his site. It seems like the 9 Republicans on the Texas Supreme Court was the ones who put a stop to his bullying not the lawyers in Jefferson County.

Anonymous said...

So if Morgan can't use hearsay to manipulate people anymore, doesn't this mean he can no longer represent PR Klein?

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 6:03, Thank the Lord above PRK plans to move to Comal County, not Hardin County. I know you don't want to live in what quickly will become the "most corrupt county in Texas."

Anonymous said...

But Philip, you have the 9th. Poor Philip is over a barrel and no way out. Loser again and always a loser.

Anonymous said...

It's about time sombody put Klein and his flying monkey in their place.

Anonymous said...

Tell your lawyer not to take Philip's check. On the other hand, this could get even funnier if the check bounces.

Anonymous said...

Getting away from Philip Klein could be the best thing ever for John Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Ditto KBMT ditching him before he causes the station more embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36, Very keen foresight!

How will Mr. Klein trash Fox and ASJ when they've had enough and terminated PRK's commentary? Afterall, PRK's lawyer has sued them and PRK is on the cusp of grand perjury problems. The end is nearly certain. Giggle.

Probably he'll anonymously slander ASJ on BU3 or the Bayou and maybe some of the other staff. Publicly, he'll lie to save face and declare that he initiated the departure. It'll be another failed venture for fil.

Anonymous said...

Gus, Philip Klein is a liar! Last week he told people the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear this case in September. I knew it was typical Klein BS.

Anonymous said...

SCOTUS will not grant a writ of certiori on a state procedure. The highest Klein could go is the Texas Supreme Court, and Gus and Sam already cut that one off at the pass. He's just inventing all of this because he's got such poor self-esteem.

You'd think from the whining in the past two days, he's starting a new career as Rodney Dangerfield's replacement.

Anonymous said...

Fellow readers, I highly recommend this clip:



Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how many times Philip was dropped on his head as a baby.

Anonymous said...

From my perspective, the justice system in Jefferson County works when nuts bring frivolous lawsuits against innocent citizens.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Simply Wow. What a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Well he got his wish and set case law, but you guys made him a laughing stock.

Good job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Judge Walker has to hear this case. Could it be that the Family law courts, who are supposed to hear this, were to scared of Morgan and Klein? Why was ths case passed to a criminal district court? I know Judge Walker sure isn't scared or intimidated by these two idiots.

Anonymous said...

PRK says it is worth writing a $2500 check for 10,000 hits. A stupid statement to say the least especially when Kleinwatch supporters read this blog for free and Gus doesn't pay for their support. Keep it up, great job.

Anonymous said...

Love P-Daddy Klein's new article on "Mr. Coon." I guess he'll be working as a thug for Brent for the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

You just can't fix stupid and Klein shows it again. Blasting the setexasrecord for calling his 202 a lawsuit and all along Klein presented on his front page a link to what--drumroll-- "LAWSUIT".

Anon 1:05
Klein is cleaning Brent's swimming pool once a week as part of the settlement agreement.

Anonymous said...

Funny thought: What happens if we discover that Morgan and Klein are participants in "Beaumont Retrogress". That would be too funny. Judge Walker has Morgan's cell phone in evidence. That would be too sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheila Jackson Lee and the New Black Panthers will be visiting these two morons.

Anonymous said...

Matt Woodyard runs Beaumont Retrogress. He use to have the Fraud Park site. He carried alot of the characters to the new site though it appears he has become quite racist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A recent check of facebook reveals Woodyard and Klein are friends.