Apr 3, 2012

A Special Invitation to my Readers!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I had the wrong time in the original version that I posted last night. Philip and his cutthroat attorney, John Morgan, change the times and dates on these hearings more frequently than they change their underwear, so that we'll get confused and miss the hearing. It almost worked this time, but fortunately, our attorney caught the mistake. Note the correct time is 8:45 am.

Sam the Eagle and I cordially invite you to attend a hearing this  Thursday, April 5, 2012, at 8:45 am in the 172nd District Courtroom of the Hon. Judge Donald Floyd.

Philip R. Klein will testify as to how he allegedly tracked an email purportedly sent from Brent Coon’s law offices.

Here’s your official invitation.

In this motion, Brent Coon and his attorney Jason Cansler are seeking sanctions against Philip R. Klein amounting to approximately $10,000 in attorney fees, costs for inconvenience and harassment, and out of pocket expenses. 

Note the evidence concerning the spurious email which formed the basis for Philip’s Third Amended Petition.

After PRK’s attorney, John Morgan, requested more time to prepare, the original hearing date was moved from March 30, 2012, to this Thursday. This afternoon, Philip and Morgan filed this response.

You’ll see misspellings and mangled grammar throughout the document. Philip wrote this, not his attorney. The logical fallacies, circular reasoning, and lack of legal citations corroborate this. Furthermore, after studying PRK's writing technique for years, I'm absolutely certain that Philip was in meltdown mode when he wrote this piece of garbage.

Typically, Philip has changed his story again:
Mr. Klein never alleged that this email originated from Brent Coon & Associates, but instead he alleged that the act of defamation has been traced to the IP address for Brent Coon and Associates.
From Klein’s Third Amended petition:
The petitioners also seek to depose Shon Hodgeston of the Brent Coon & Associates law firm (B.C. Law Firm), who sent undersigned counsel an email stating that he was working on behalf of the "B.C", the man behind the B.C. Bloggers; and he was reporting to B.C. for direction on this matter. This email has been traced directly to the B.C. Law Firm.
From Klein’s sworn testimony during the January 13, 2012, hearing (transcript is here):
I think Mr. Coon needs to explain why e-mails from Operation Klein Watch are coming out of his facility and why one of his employees is working on the Operation Klein Watch site.
Klein has previously alleged that I am Brent Coon, Sam is Michael Harrison, and Shon Hodgeston (sic) uploads all of our blogs.

None of this is true, nor does Brent Coon and his associates have anything whatsoever to do with Operation Kleinwatch and The Sam The Eagle Political Review. Instead, Philip just made all of this up as you will see during this joyful celebration of Klein's stupidity. We also suspect that Philip may have forged this entire email, so don’t miss this hearing - spectators are welcome!

Sam posted a commentary on the nature of grand perjury and what it could mean. Read that here. I’m not sure what a perjury conviction would ultimately mean to Philip’s license as a private investigator, but I’m pretty sure the State of Texas doesn’t like felons who allegedly pass themselves off as FBI agents.

So, please make your plans to attend and bring a friend! I suspect you may see a few more surprises dropped on Philip during this hearing.

Special note to Philip: You’ll soon receive a bill from Jeffrey L. Dorrell, our attorney. We’re waiting to see whether you’ll be stamping license plates to raise the money, but Jeffrey has always wanted to own a seedy, broken-down private detective office in Nederland. He’s a big fan of Raymond Chandler.

Special note to my readers: Regardless of the rumors at the courthouse, neither Brent Coon nor Brian Sutton are involved in any capacity with our blogs. Reiterating, they have nothing to do with either Operation Kleinwatch or the Sam the Eagle Political Review.

Instead, we’re simply two old men who enjoy picking on bullies and fools who try to push themselves onto the public stage to express their vacuous and obtuse opinions.  We do have an edge on Philip, however - both of us  finished our college education and have real degrees.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gus,

If I write a theme about why Klien should go to jail as my homework assignment, will you publish it?

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION PHILLIP KLEIN - Stop Sniveling - Buck Up!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great job all of you!!!! Philip's been sued several times for liable but he always hides behind the 1st Amendment. You guys all found another way to hang his ass from the highest yardarm!!!! If only Patrick McDermott was here to see this!!!!

Sam the Eagle said...

To ANON 9:54:

The Sam The Eagle Political Review does, on occasion, accept for publication unsolicited material. You may send it to jaynobledaggett@yahoo.com. We do reserve the right to edit it for content including but not limited to the insertion of allegations of beastiality.

Sam T. Eagle, editor

Anonymous said...

Jay Noble Dagget? Wasn't that one of Phil's old lawyers? He's been through so many that I lost count!

Anonymous said...

I can see why PRK stopped crowing about this lawsuit on his shitty blog. My how the tide has turned.

Anonymous said...

Klein has been spewing this crap for years with no accountability...it's funny the wheel of karma is about to run him down. (giggle)

Anonymous said...

Gus, what's a "vexatious litigant?"

Anonymous said...

You probably know about this, but another one of John Morgan's defamation cases just went south.


I wonder how KBTV feels about filip's lawyer suing them. That explains why filup went dead on the subject after he accused the hospital of bouncing paychecks last year.

I guess part of filup's mission is keeping Morgan busy with new clients.

Anonymous said...

bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ROTFLMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat Fil sort of reminds me of the cowardly lion...except Fil really is a coward. He won't go head to head with you Gus on his blog because he knows you'll tear him a new asshole.

Anonymous said...

Klein will be writing his next book, "Lost in a jail cell, the Hunt for an escape route", Jailhouse Publishing, a division of Anal Pleasure.

Anonymous said...

He's a moron. He won't mention this, but he stole his story today from The Bayou.


Anonymous said...

Phil does make strange bedfellows...after feeding Angel the Renaissance stories then Phil's lawyer turns around, representing the hospital and sues Angel's station.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looking at Filup's sales rank number from Amazon, he didn't make the top ONE MILLION books. Must be a sorry a$$ book.

Anonymous said...

he's got shit for brains and i hope he gets what's coming to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Klein, the skinny out of the courthouse is that you're gonna need your checkbook.

Anonymous said...

In the scheme of things, I wouldn't put it past Gus and Sam planning the finale just this way. Can't want for the book, "War of the Blogs."

Anonymous said...

I would trully love to be in the courtroom in the morning, but I do have a real job. I don't try to make a living out of suing people like the fat man does. This huge piece of fecal matter needs to pay, but he would just file for bankruptsy .... AGAIN.