Dec 23, 2013

Rock Philip R. Klein's World

Use your cursor to shake the snow globe and Philip's New Jersey Christmas. Flash is required.

Dec 1, 2013

Philip R. Klein: Celebrating 50+ lawsuits!

I've lost count of the lawsuits in which Philip has been a litigant, but I'm pretty sure they number over 50. He filed another lawsuit in Jefferson County's 136th District Court, alleging a conspiracy between the Walker family and special prosecutor Shane Phelps to deprive Philip of his First Amendment rights.

The suit says nothing about those instances where Philip simply made up stories, twisted the facts, published hearsay as fact, or blatantly lied. Perjury and Grand Perjury are not protected forms of speech, nor does the U.S. Constitution protect Klein while stalking and intimidating witnesses.

After reading Philip's filing, I'm as unimpressed with his new attorney, Larry Watts, as I was with John Morgan. Watts referenced Jefferson County District Attorney Tom McManus as "Tony," and then corrected the mistake with a pen. Larry is apparently having a hard time keeping up with all of the actors in PRK's latest conspiracy.

When considering the typos and misspelled words, lack of properly cited precedents, and other grammatical train wrecks, one would think that Philip is again writing his own pleadings.

If you haven't downloaded a copy of the suit from Philip's site, you can download from his site. NOTE: this is not an anonymous download, and Philip can track your IP address.

Here's a copy of Philip's badly worded and poorly written news release:


The Southeast Texas Political Review

A Division of PRK Enterprises, Inc.

Press Release: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nederland Texas :  The following statement is being released by President and Editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review Philip Klein :

“After very careful and thoughtful consideration – and consultation with lawyers and law enforcement officials as well elected officials from outside the Southeast Texas area – I announce today that I have retained the services of civil rights lawyer Larry Watts of Houston, Texas. Today, Mr. Watts has filed a lawsuit on my behalf against Judge Layne Walker, the appointed special prosecutor Shane Phelps and Jefferson County for violations of my civil rights and 1st amendment right to report corruption as well as the political retaliatory behavior of Judge Walker towards me. I am asking the court for an injunction to stop Layne Walker for using his powers granted to him using a special prosecutor for political means.

The suit was filed at 12 noon today and will be heard in Judge Mickey Shuffields court. I have asked for a jury trial.

It is my hope and prayer that over the next months – that you the taxpayers will have the opportunity to see through documents a pattern of behavior by Judge Walker and facilitated by those in Jefferson County.

I want to thank all of you, our readers, our friends in elected office and those that have called us with words of encouragement and prayers. You will never know how much it means to us.”

For any comment – please contact Larry Watts at 281-431-1500.

# # #


If you've ever wanted to retrieve a document from Philip's site after he takes the link down, use this link. You'll find many incriminating documents that Philip has never deleted from his server. Enjoy! 

Nov 25, 2013

Philip R. Klein Licks

Klein may be indicted for intimidating witnesses.

In his Nitwit Tidbits last Friday, Philip R. Klein wrote:

Writing Paper - Brawls on the football field. And now we all write papers on how sportsmanship is better for us? How about five licks with the big paddle and everyone move on down the road? Gezzzz....and we wonder?

That big paddle certainly didn't work for Philip, and I'm sure he would have benefited from more attention to things like grammar, spelling, and comprehension.

Reinforcement in ethical behavior would have helped, too.

Nov 17, 2013

Taterhead Klein: Baldface Liar

According to Philip R. Klein's latest editorial:
And then the calls to me regarding information being leaked on Operationkleinwatch - the question is what did they know - are they involved? I don't read them - but if what I am being told they are saying - they know - they are involved and people who are posting knew months ago? Meaning - is OKW a government blog or connected to the government of Jefferson County in someway?
According to Philip's third amended petition in Klein v. Google, et al, my blog is run by attorney Brent Coon and some of his associates. PRK apparently forgot the sworn affidavit he submitted, in which he purportedly tracked an IP address from this blog to Brent Coon's office.

Unfortunately, Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness chose not to charge Klein with grand perjury in this matter, even though none of Klein's sworn statement is true.

As I've noted before, I am the only person responsible for this blog. Philip still has no clue who I or Sam The Eagle are, despite his clumsy attempts at suppressing our Constitutional right to make fun of the town idiot anonymously. Klein even claimed at one point that Lolita Ramos was behind this blog.

Most importantly, we have nothing to do with the government of Jefferson County.  Let's examine Klein's latest conspiracy theory.

Philip shows his skill at math in the post concerning the alleged spam attack on his poll:
At 9:43 p.m. the poll results were :
  • 89% - Yes
  • 07% - No
  • 06% - Unsure
This equals a total of 102 percent.
At 12:02 a.m. the poll site closed the ISP due to spamming - and the results were :
  • 25% - Yes
  • 71% - No
  • 03% - Unsure
This comes to a total of 99 percent. Does anyone doubt that Philip is simply making up numbers?
We checked the servers as our server security system we had to put in because of another attack weeks before out of Lamar University servers (which were skipped) showed a spam attack from over 1,200 computers from 23 different ISP's in 23 countries around the world. As well, anon ISP attacks.
Similar to Klein's third amended petition, this is gibberish, too. The real internet doesn't work that way and what Philip is describing is a denial of service attack, not a spam attack. Likewise, I sincerely doubt that Layne Walker had (a minimum of) 23 different people in 23 different countries simultaneously launch attacks on Klein's website.

PRK's worldwide conspiracy theory breaks down again in this statement:
According to our web site host - GoWeb ...We checked the servers as our server security system we had to put in...
According to Klein, he apparently paid for a "server security system" at this web host, GoWeb. Not true, rather this is another of Philip's lies. You can call the company and ask at (713)965-6791.

Here's the real punchline, though. The website where Philip claims a "spam attack" occurred is a third party polling site, not Philip's website or any GoWeb hosted website. See for yourself here.

You can even browse through the site on this page and find Philip's older polls. For example, here's the real poll that Philip claims was shut down due to a "spam attack."

As you can see, the poll is still there - Philip simply changed the Southeast Texas Political Review page and made these bizarre claims concerning a "spam attack" when less than 30 people voted against his biased question.

Philip Klein is a bald-face liar.

Nov 11, 2013

Philip R. Klein to get what's coming


Preface: Rumors and more rumors

Before I get to the main posting, here are a couple of unfounded rumors that I've heard about Philip over the past two months. Note these are simply rumors I've heard, and as such may or may not be credible. Make up your own mind!

  1. The real reason that Philip chose not to run for public office was because after appointing a campaign "treasure," he couldn't raise enough donations to pay his filing fee.
  2. PRK is purportedly under the care of John Morgan's girlfriend, Bridgette Bullington, who claims to do healing work through "communication with guides, spirits, higher consciousness, other beings, Emotional Genetic String Cleaning, and adjusting and repairing the physical body through the Etheric Energy field." Read more here, or set up your own appointment at or 409-673-9727. I'm assuming that Bridgette and John are still together.

Today’s Posting: The main event

According to an article by Jerry Jordan on SETINVESTIGATES.COM, a special prosecutor is investigating Philip R. Klein for alleged witness intimidation and perjury. The prosecutor, Shane Phelps, served 10 years as assistant district attorney in Brazos County.

In Texas, witness tampering is a state jail felony punishable by between 180 days to two years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Once convicted of a felony, the State of Texas doesn't allow nuts like Klein to carry a Private Investigator's license or a Concealed Handgun License.

Readers familiar with Klein's earlier lawsuits may remember an affidavit filed by local attorney Mark Faggard, who claimed that Philip pulled his handgun twice while serving simple process to intimidate the people being served.

Regarding the perjury, a simple perjury charge is a Class A misdemeanor, but if the investigator finds that Philip made false statements in connection with an offical proceeding and is material, he could be subject to a Third Degree Felony as Aggravated Perjury.

We know for sure that Klein has perjured himself in the past: we almost busted him during our suit when he claimed that Brent Coon was behind this website, and that he had tracked Coon through the internets to his office.

None of this was true; in fact, it's impossible to track someone in the manner that Klein described in his third amended complaint. He narrowly avoided prosecution by throwing his original attorney, John Morgan, under the bus and seeking protection from Reaud and Associates. The Jefferson County District Attorney, Tom Maness, chose not to pursue, so Philip squirmed out of that one.

In his latest posting, Philip vomits forth multiple pages of badly written gibberish, alleging retaliation and a conspiracy amongst the entire adult population of Jefferson county.

Epilogue: Dear Philip

Philip, now is a good time to move away. You really have no clue as to what's coming and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jun 23, 2013

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...


A special note to my readers:

For those who missed this blog in the past year, I apologize. Despite PRK's many promises to shut us down, both Sam and I are still here, if somewhat inactive.

After Philip R. Klein failed to follow through with his grandiose promises of taking Klein v. Google and In Re John Does 1 and 2 to the U.S. Supreme Court, I took a sabbatical.  My cohort Sam the Eagle, our attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, and I never aspired to become the world's leading authorities on PRK and his unethical behavior.

Philip's lawsuit had ran its course, and he managed to avoid perjury charges by throwing his original attorney, John Morgan, under a bus and seeking refuge behind a  Democratic attorney. Apparently, the water was too deep for local GOP attorneys.

Another reason I took some time away is that refuting Philip just got old. Even the most casual of readers will notice that Klein's imagination, much like his vocabulary and comprehension, is very limited, and he typically recycles old accusations and manufactured charges. 

As just one of many recent examples, PRK claimed that someone had hacked The Southeast Texas Political Review website. Klein's announced that his crack (head) team of investigators had tracked the responsible party through a series of servers in Croatia and other countries back to a computer at Lamar University. Furthermore, Philip claimed the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating over the Memorial Day holiday.

Sound familiar?  We taught Philip that putting this into a court document constitutes Aggravated Perjury, so we won't hear much about this in the future, except when Philip promises that "Federal forces are close to making an arrest at Lamar University."

With recent developments in Klein's new lawsuit against Judge Layne Walker, I've decided to resume occasional postings, if only to throw rocks at Philip from the sidelines.  I'm not sure how often, but I'll occasionally post observations.

During our lawsuit, Philip managed to avoid perjury charges by throwing his attorney, John Morgan, under the bus. In this new suit, I suspect Philip doesn't even see the freight train fast approaching the bus that Philip left parked on the railroad track.

Note to Judge Layne Walker and his attorneys:

I read the Motion to Dismiss in Hartman v. Walker et al. - I wanted to commend you on a job well-done. You've captured Philip's standard operating procedures very well!  I think it's obvious that you've done your homework, but the dog apparently ate John and Philip's assignment.

I especially enjoyed reading about those incidents, such as John Morgan's drunken appearances in court where he urinated on himself, that were previously not the public record.  Sam and I have snickered about them for several years. And, we have some of Morgan's "notes from the doctor," too!

Since your motion to dismiss is now public record and since Klein has already posted the document in its entirety on the SETPR, I may post specific passages to draw attention to Philip's unethical  behavior.

At some point, you'll notice that the facts of the real suit will diverge from the fictional version that Philip describes on the SETPR, so please feel free to include our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, on future filings if we can comment on them!

I sincerely hope this ends with a two-bit private detective agency in Nederland and a low-tech blog,  rife with grammatical trainwrecks written at a fifth grade comprehension level, under new ownership.