Jun 23, 2013

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...


A special note to my readers:

For those who missed this blog in the past year, I apologize. Despite PRK's many promises to shut us down, both Sam and I are still here, if somewhat inactive.

After Philip R. Klein failed to follow through with his grandiose promises of taking Klein v. Google and In Re John Does 1 and 2 to the U.S. Supreme Court, I took a sabbatical.  My cohort Sam the Eagle, our attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, and I never aspired to become the world's leading authorities on PRK and his unethical behavior.

Philip's lawsuit had ran its course, and he managed to avoid perjury charges by throwing his original attorney, John Morgan, under a bus and seeking refuge behind a  Democratic attorney. Apparently, the water was too deep for local GOP attorneys.

Another reason I took some time away is that refuting Philip just got old. Even the most casual of readers will notice that Klein's imagination, much like his vocabulary and comprehension, is very limited, and he typically recycles old accusations and manufactured charges. 

As just one of many recent examples, PRK claimed that someone had hacked The Southeast Texas Political Review website. Klein's announced that his crack (head) team of investigators had tracked the responsible party through a series of servers in Croatia and other countries back to a computer at Lamar University. Furthermore, Philip claimed the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating over the Memorial Day holiday.

Sound familiar?  We taught Philip that putting this into a court document constitutes Aggravated Perjury, so we won't hear much about this in the future, except when Philip promises that "Federal forces are close to making an arrest at Lamar University."

With recent developments in Klein's new lawsuit against Judge Layne Walker, I've decided to resume occasional postings, if only to throw rocks at Philip from the sidelines.  I'm not sure how often, but I'll occasionally post observations.

During our lawsuit, Philip managed to avoid perjury charges by throwing his attorney, John Morgan, under the bus. In this new suit, I suspect Philip doesn't even see the freight train fast approaching the bus that Philip left parked on the railroad track.

Note to Judge Layne Walker and his attorneys:

I read the Motion to Dismiss in Hartman v. Walker et al. - I wanted to commend you on a job well-done. You've captured Philip's standard operating procedures very well!  I think it's obvious that you've done your homework, but the dog apparently ate John and Philip's assignment.

I especially enjoyed reading about those incidents, such as John Morgan's drunken appearances in court where he urinated on himself, that were previously not mentioned.in the public record.  Sam and I have snickered about them for several years. And, we have some of Morgan's "notes from the doctor," too!

Since your motion to dismiss is now public record and since Klein has already posted the document in its entirety on the SETPR, I may post specific passages to draw attention to Philip's unethical  behavior.

At some point, you'll notice that the facts of the real suit will diverge from the fictional version that Philip describes on the SETPR, so please feel free to include our attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, on future filings if we can comment on them!

I sincerely hope this ends with a two-bit private detective agency in Nederland and a low-tech blog,  rife with grammatical trainwrecks written at a fifth grade comprehension level, under new ownership.